Thursday, October 19, 2006

Second Semester..

The holidays are finally over.. Was back in Penang for few weeks during the holidays.. Ate alot.. Played alot.. Slept alot.. Haha.. Not much difference from the life here in KL huh? A friend of mine came to Penang to visit during the hols so I met up with him and drove him around to look for food.. Well.. That is the only thing I can think of doing in Penang.. Island of Cheap and Nice Food.. Few days after he left.. Robb arrived.. Was so happy to see him! Been missing him since he went back to Ipoh and me still stuck in KL.. I think we were apart for 2 or 3 weeks if I'm not mistaken.. That night after dinner.. We went out to get a haircut but the saloon was closed.. So having nothing to do.. And missing each other so much.. We drove to somewhere dark.. Somewhere secluded.. And *censored*.. LOLz.. Use your own imagination.. :P

Came back to KL 10 days before our 2nd semester starts to move our belongings from one place to another.. Yes.. I moved again.. Seems like I've been shifting houses every semester huh? Hopefully this one is permanent.. Now I'm staying in a flat.. No longer a condominium.. The unit is owned by my uncle and my other housemates are my classmates.. Supposely we had 6 people all together.. But 2 of the girls who were supposed to move in told me that they can't anymore.. And to think that they were the one who asked me to move here in the 1st place.. What "nice and considerate" friends they are.. Well.. To hell with them.. I have Robb staying with me and that is fine enough.. Me and Robb have already settled down in our new place.. With all our stuffs.. And an additional 3 seater sofa with a 25" TV.. Not to forget a PlayStation2.. Kekek.. No pictures for now.. Wait till I've arranged the things properly and I shall post up my beautiful home.. :P

Well.. My timetable is a little depressing this semester.. We have a class on Wednesday which ends at 9pm.. ZzZzz.. Hopefully the course rep will do something about it and arrange it to be held on other days.. And most of my classmates are not even back yet.. They are too lazy to come back due to the Hari Raya holidays next week.. Well listen to this.. IT IS NOT A GOOD EXCUSE! Once you start skipping class.. There will be a next time.. It will become a habit.. And then you will ruin yourself.. I know.. Been there done that.. :D To think that our photostat manager for the course is also coming back after the Raya holidays.. How "responsible" of her.. Well.. She is one of the girl who stood me down after all.. Could have guessed.. Its their life.. Not mine to interfere.. :)

Well.. Guess thats all for now.. The haze is killing me.. Someone should really do something about all those open burnings that affects us.. This haze is really making everyone sick.. Oh before I forgot.. I already bought a new phone! Not Nokia's N80 though.. I bought Sony Ericsson's W810i.. Its cool and has everything that I need.. ^^ Costs me a fortune too.. Cleared up 90% my savings.. Hehe.. Anyway.. Hopefully I don't disappear for too long again.. Chaoz..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield