Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Late Comers..

You're Late

It is very frustrating to have colleagues that is ALWAYS late for work, especially if you’re working shift hours. I mean, they should know how the traffic is like from their house to the work place especially since they’ve been working here for so long, so why can’t they come out earlier instead of giving excuses such as getting stuck in the jam? And if they have to work in the morning, for gods sake why do they even think of going out late at night and come to work feeling like a zombie and then complain about it? If it happens once awhile then it is understandable, but if it happens all the time then it has already become a bad habit.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010



I don’t think I can ever get enough of this, for now. I just had steamboat last Saturday, and now I’m craving for it again. Have to control myself from having an overdose of it as I might get sick of it someday, which I don’t want to. It’s just like how I used to love the cookies from Famous Amos until Robb gave me an overdose as he keeps on buying it for me, and he does not want to eat it with me so I had to finish them all by myself. Now I can’t even stand the smell of it. =.=”

Steamboat tonight anyone?


Asus Eee PC 1015 PEM Netbook..

Asus Eee PC 1015PEM Netbook

I bought this new toy last Saturday before heading for steamboat in Sunway with Robb, Jason and few other bloggers. I was quite indecisive at first as there were lots of different offers in Low Yat, and the salesmen were all giving me different information. I had to go there three times before I finally decided to buy it.

I got it for RM 1199.00, after changing the RAM to a 2GB DDR3. The specs are quite good for the price that I’m paying for I guess, and most of all, I love the colour! It kinda replaces my obsession for the white iPhone4, as I heard that it won’t be coming out, so I’m quite happy with this purchase.

I’m currently writing using my new toy, but sadly I’m stationed to work in one of the towers that does not have internet connectivity. I’ll be stuck here most of the week, so I can’t use my netbook much to online. Guess I’ll just chuck in some movie series for now, or slowly update my blog since I don’t have much distractions from FB or MSN.

Till next time,