Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cameron Highlands 2..

The next morning, we went for breakfast at the resort's restaurant. They served Nasi Lemak which tasted ok, but the drinks were terrible. The coffee tasted like condensed milk. After filling our empty stomachs, we went back to our rooms and packed our things.

We went to a nearby dessert shop after checking out from the resort to try their strawberries as they had a big billboard advertisement which looks quite attractive. They had many cakes and other types of desserts to choose from and it really does look nice for those that enjoys strawberries a lot. While the rest of them ordered desserts, I just got myself a small bowl of mushroom soup as I was feeling cold and in need of hot soup.

Once we're done, we headed to the market to buy some vegetables. They things here are really fresh and considered cheap I guess. As the road wasn't that wide, it was quite jammed with so many cars around going to the same destination. We bought quite a lot of stuffs and it was quite hard to arrange it in the car as there were 7 of us. In the end, I got cramped with the most plastic bags under my feet. Sigh.

We stopped by few places on the way down such as the Cactus Point, some bee farm (forgotten the name), some strawberry farm (also forgotten the name), and a tea plantation. We were unlucky though as the strawberry farm and the tea plantation were only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. It was a Monday when we went. Oh well, we still managed to snap some pictures at the tea plantation.

The journey down was not as pleasant as the journey up. I started to feel sick and the lack of space in the car wasn't helping much either. I slept all the way till Ipoh where we had our late lunch at one of the famous beansprout chicken rice/koay teow. Didn't had much appetite though as I was carsick. Even my godbro had carsick.

Had a very long journey back to KL. I was feeling very uncomfortable the whole time. My feet was feeling sore as it was very cramped, and to make things worse, there was a terrible jam along MRR2 due to Thaipusam. Sigh. Stuck there for hours until we managed to change to another route back home. Well, it was a nice trip. Just the journey back was bad. That is all for now, I guess. Bye.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cameron Highlands..

I've been missing from my blog ever since the last post, mostly due to the fact that I don't have a stable internet connection in Penang. It was very frustrating to keep getting disconnected and having the speed of a snail. Thanks to that though, I had a computer-free Chinese New Year and spent my time with my family instead. Now that I'm back, my eyes are glued to my PC once again.

I went to Cameron Highlands last Sunday with my godbro and his friends. It has been more than 5 years since I've last went there. I remembered that I had carsick on the way up last time as the road was very windy, so I bought some sour stuff to ease my suffering. Thankfully, the entire journey up was pleasant enough as I was free from carsickness.

We stopped by Lata Kinjang on the way up. It was really a sight for sore eyes, especially if you have been staying in a city for so long without much nature in sight. The waterfall can be seen from the North-South Highway, but not many people have visited the place as it is not straightforward. I took some pictures and a video clip using the new Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and it was really nice.

After that, we went to Restoran Yau Kee in Kampar for our lunch. My friend said that it was famous for their Curry Chicken Bread. The curry was really thick and spicy, and the bread was fresh as well. We ordered some other dishes as well, some pork, vege and squid. Those extras were not that nice though. It would be better if they improved on all their dishes instead of just focusing on one.

We continued our way up to Cameron Highlands after filling our stomachs. We stayed in Country Lodge Resort in Brinchang. We stayed in a 3 bedroom apartment and I shared a room with my godbro. The place was quite decent and comfortable to sleep in. I got a scare before we went into our rooms though.

It is a custom for some people to knock on hotel room doors before going in, as it is a way to inform anything that lives in there, such as ghosts, that we're going to be staying in for a couple of days. This way, we won't accidentally disturb them so they won't disturb us either.

As I was standing in front, I knocked on the door before opening it. Much to my horror, after I knocked on the door, I heard someone knocking on the door as if it were replying me. I stood there shocked for a moment before turning back to ask if anyone heard that. But as soon as I turn back, I saw my godbro's hand on the door and realized it was him that knocked on the door. Silly me. =.=

Robb always told me that ghosts do not exist, and he will not believe it until he sees it with his own eyes. I rather believe in them rather than having to see it just to believe it. So, ghosts, wherever you are, do not appear in front of me ok?

After unpacking, all of us had a short nap as we were exhausted from having to sit in the car for so long. There is a bathroom in every single room, so it was quite convenient for us. The bathroom was acceptable as it was clean. As for the shower, the water wasn't hot enough for me and it takes some time for it to heat up. The girls in the other room had no problems with that though as they said that their water was very warm.

Feeling refreshed, we went out for a stroll around the area. We could see the pasar malam stalls being set up but there weren't much stalls yet as it was still quite early. We stopped by a temple and the girls went down to pray while me and my godbro camwhored around. I can't read Chinese so I do not know what's the name of the temple.

As the sky was getting dark, we headed back to our rooms for awhile before going for our steamboat dinner at the resort's restaurant. The whole place was practically empty except for our table and it felt like we booked the entire restaurant. We had tomyam and chicken soup as there were small children around and they couldn't take spicy food. If it weren't for the cold weather, the steamboat wouldn't taste nice at all. The soup tasted like those tomyam pastes that you can buy from the supermarket. The vegetables were the only nice ones as they were very fresh. Made me miss the steamboat restaurant near my place. Even my godbro agreed.

After dinner, we walked out to the pasar malam as it was quite near. There were lots of fresh fruits and vegetables sold there. The main attraction were the strawberries. Almost every single stall there sells the same things. The competition must be hard. Even so, my godbro said that there were less stalls compared to the previous year when he came. I didn't buy anything but my godbro bought 2 boxes of strawberries.

We then walked to the town area to get some drinks as there was nothing much to see already. There were so many steamboat restaurants all around town. It was like the only food sold in Cameron Highlands were from steamboat restaurants. Not much of a variety can be seen here. Bought some Heineken and junk food from a grocery store and headed back to the room as there was nothing much to do.

I was reluctant to bathe when we went back as it was very cold and the water wasn't warm enough for me but still I had to. Sigh. Felt tired after my bath, so I rested awhile while waiting for my godbro to clean himself up as well. After that, we had a good talk between the two of us while drinking Heineken and eating strawberries. It was really relaxing and I enjoyed it alot. We both slept after that as we were quite tired and had nothing else to do. It was nice to sleep when it is cold and tucked underneath the comforter.

To be continued..