Friday, November 16, 2007


It has been raining these few days and the weather is simply comfortable and nice to sleep in. It makes people want to stay home and cancel their plans for the day. As for me and Robb, it means we get to skip classes. :P Talking about sleep, I have a habit of taking pictures of my friends when they are sleeping. It feels as if all pretence is lifted and all you could see and feel is serenity. But no one likes to have their pictures taken while they are asleep, especially girls. Even so, I managed to snap few pictures of them in slumber land. XD

This picture was taken during our course trip to Cherating. It was kinda boring as the journey was 4 to 5 hours long. As we need to wake up early and gather before departing, most people are still half awake. Half the people in the bus were sleeping throughout the entire journey. I stayed awake as I was too excited. Snap snap! :P

This is one of my classmate, asleep during lecture. I can't remember which lecture was it but I'm sure it was not a boring one. The early class and cold environment must have contributed to this act of his. Well not to judge but if he continues to sleep in classes he would have to work 10 times harder than anyone else as he's not really good in his grades. Oh well.

The picture on top is my housemate, taken before my attemp to wake him up. The one below it was taken during my trip to genting with a group of friends. Guess he's too tired from playing around the whole day. :)

I don't seem to have any picture of myself sleeping though. I couldn't snap a picture of myself when I'm sleeping right? Unless I was sleep walking or something. This picture should be the closest thing I have as I had stayed awake the whole night and felt like a zombie. Looked like one too. :P Oh well, I'm off to doing nothing again. Boring boring day.


Friday, November 09, 2007

Food.. Food.. And More Food..

How should I start. Appetizers? Hehe. Robb and I got invited to eat in T.G.I. Friday's by Clayton last Wednesday. Somehow he got us a reservation to eat at Pavilion's soon to open T.G.I. Friday's for free! Can't remember the name of the dishes though. But I shall arrange them from the dish which I love best to the one's which are just so-so.

Well, after a very satisfying and filling dinner, we went for a little walk around Pavilion. Took this chance to look for a present for Jason as well since the intended present was not attainable. After awhile Clayton had to go so me and Robb continued our search. Didn't really know what to buy as I'm really bad in looking for presents. Found something for him a little while later but still not really sure whether he would like it or not. Oh well.

Had to stay back as a friend of mine is sleeping over at my place and he needs me to give him directions. So while waiting for him, we walked around again. Bought six donuts of different flavour from Big Apple Donuts & Coffee. They tasted ok, nothing special about it. After that, we went to McDonald's. While waiting I bought a cup of Coke and 4 pieces of nuggets which turn out to be 6 pieces! Lucky me. Hehe.

Waited till around 11.00pm before he arrived. Finally! Was getting kinda tired and thought of sleeping as soon as we reached home. But we got caught in traffic for quite some time, and made a wrong turning. So by the time we reached back home it was already midnight. Went for 3 hours of DOTA as well before sleeping. =.=

Woke up around 9.00am the next day. I practically had to drag myself out of bed into the shower as I was still very very tired. Well, we left to Jason's suprise potluck birthday party as soon as we finished preparing ourselves. Slept in the LRT all the way from Wangsa Maju till Kelana Jaya and then took a cab to Eric's place. Made my spaghetti over there but I don't think it went quite well. Oh well.

Had a short nap in his room after that as I was still quite tired. We practically spent our whole day over there and only came back around 8.00pm. Baby was already very hungry as no one was at home the whole day. Pity him. His owner went back to her hometown and left him all alone. After feeding him and online awhile, I slept straight away until this morning. And now I'm not feeling that well, running nose, dry lips and slight coughing. Guess I'll just stay home these few days.

Skipped gym for a week. Should I go today? Sigh. Lazy lazy.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Paw Paw..

Started off early today to my Japanese class. Had to wake up around 7.00am as the class starts at 8.00am. After 4 long hours in college, I was finally able to come home. My stomach was already growling like a lion as I did not had any breakfast. The bus that I came back with didn't help much. It waited at the bus stop in front of my college for nearly 30 minutes before it moved. This situation is nothing new for Tar College students as we were all used to the lousy service and timing from Metorbus. But there is nothing that we can do about it. :)

Everyone was kinda drousy as we all had to wake up early. One of my friend slept in the bus on the way back and I took a picture without him knowing. Hehe. Will ask him to look at my blog later on. The weather today feels nice. Not too hot and not too cold. Took a picture of the flat where I'm staying as well. Can anyone guess which one is my unit? XD

Came back home and ate my brunch. Nothing much to do after that so I went to read my book, The Heritage of Shannara. Around 3.00pm, me and my housemate went downstairs as it was about time to bring her baby home. No we're not referring to a human baby. She's not even married or pregnant. LoL. Behold..

Tada~ Isn't he adorable? Yes he's a he and he's just less than 2 months old. Baby is already getting used to us as he's been following us all around the house. No barks were heard from him yet. It's good though as we wouldn't want the neighbours to be complaining. It is nice to have a pet dog around the house. Wonder if Baby would be afraid of my Boi Boi. Hehe.

Anyway, still no sign of Justin. Wonder if he will torture Baby or not. Hopefully not. Oh well, got to go for dinner now. Chao.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Black Again..

Ah, I feel much more comfortable surrounded by a black background. Not that I don't like the previous layout. It's just that I feel much more at home with this colour and it suits my blog more. I took the picture above from Yahoo! where they were talking on a newly found black hole somehwere far far away.

Been bored almost to death these few days with no online games to play and not having Robb around till late at night. Felt kinda empty. Even my 2 inch thingy is not enough to satisfy myself. Don't get me wrong. I'm talking about a book. LoLz. I bought another one of Terry Brook's book few days back, The Heritage of Shannara, and have been reading it till now. I'm just halfway through though.

Took this picture few days back when I was walking to the bus stop with Robb. I kinda like clouds. At times they could mesmerise you with their unique shapes which are ever changing. But sometimes they're just plain dull. They can take whichever form that our mind makes us see, depending on our imagination. Sometimes you see it to be a shape of a cat, sometimes a car, or it might even look like a dick, depending on how you see it. Hehe.

My housemate is going to get herself a puppy this Saturday. A real puppy, not a soft toy like my Boi Boi. The thing is, she didn't mention anything about it to Justin, which is the one doing the sweeping and mopping most of the time. I wonder what would he feel about having another dog to mess up the place. Hmm. Anyway, nothing much happened today. Nothing much happens in my life anyway. Except for having Robb, which is the best thing tht has ever happened to me. XD

These are just random pictures that I have just uploaded from my handphone to my 2 years old laptop. The picture on top was took this afternoon on my way back from college. The bus was kinda empty so my friend made himself as comfortable as possible. LoLz. The steamboat was few weeks back in Sunway together with Robb, Eric, Jason, William, Frankie, and another Jason. Oh well, nothing much to talk about now. Just wanted to spare some of my free time while waiting for Robb to come back. Miss him so. ^^ Till then, さようなら(sayounara)。