Sunday, June 21, 2009

Idle Life..

My blog has been dead for quite some time now. That just shows how dull my life is with nothing much going on. Most of the days it is just waking up, going to work, going home and sleep. Whenever I'm free, everyone else is busy, especially when my off day is on a Thursday. When everyone else is free on weekends, I have to go to work. Sigh.

It does not help that I have responsibilities at home, mainly Zuzu. I'm not complaining about having Zuzu around as I love him a lot but his welfare has to be taken into consideration in whatever plans that I might have. Someone has to be around to feed him, to make sure that he has enough water to drink, to play with him and so on. It's not easy being a father, especially when I'm working while wondering how bored he is by being alone at home.

Having a dog does not mean that we should only play with it when we're bored and neglect it when we're not. We have to remember that while we might have our family, friends and career, our dog only has us. A dog needs companionship from us much more than we need him. 10 Promises To My Dog is a movie that I would advice someone to watch if he or she is thinking of getting a dog. It is impossible to find a link to download it, so I went to Timesquare and bought the DVD.

Recently, I found a primary school friend of mine through Facebook and started chatting with him. I wasn't that close to him before but I had a nice chat with him. People really do change a lot, especially in appearance. I noticed that most of my friends that I had known a long time ago, looked different from how they were. Most of them had turned quite attractive. As for me, I still look the same as I was before.

Oh well, guess I'll disappear for god knows how long again before I have something else to write here. Have to sleep now as I'm working morning shift tomorrow and Robb is waiting for me with Zuzu in the room. Goodnight.


Friday, June 05, 2009

Short Updates..

19/05 - Mother called to inform that my uncle had passed away. Took three days unpaid leave and went back to Penang right after work.

20/05 - Went to uncle's funeral and got to know that I was their godson. "Sent him away" together with their only daughter.

22/05 - Came back to KL. Unpacked, had a short rest, packed again, and headed to Genting Highlands for Robb's belated birthday. Stayed for a night.

24/05 - Back to work as usual. Brother came to KL to study.

03/06 - Watched Terminator with Jason and Marcus in Pavilion after work. Felt that Pavilion has degraded to Timesquare's status.

04/06 - Off day. Moody as I didn't get to spend much time with Robb because he's very busy with work. Slept early.

05/06 - Still moody. Didn't message me the whole day. Sent him a "I miss you.." message but only received a "Very busy.." reply. He'll be home late again today so had dinner with brother. Going to sleep early again.