Sunday, October 21, 2007

Random Craps..

It has been awhile since I've updated my blog. I guess by having Robb around, my time is spent either with him or doing something else. Now that he's back in Ipoh, I have time to spend on my blog as well as on other things.

I've been feeling so bored for the past few days as the server for a game I was playing was temporary closed. Since I had nothing else to do, I took out my book on Services Marketing, one of my subjects for this semester, and made notes!! This is only the 2nd week of my semester and I've already started making notes. It's unusual as never in my life have I been so hardworking, especially when it is just the beginning of the semester. Can't wait for Perfect World's server to open. :P

Remember the title of the post I wrote where I went to have my tooth pulled out? Wisdom minus one? I just remembered that in an episode in South Park, Eric Cartman has a Christian rock band named Faith +1. LoLz. Similar? Maybe I unconsciously got the idea from South Park.

As for college, life has been the same. But our course treasurer has been acting like a bitch over some small problem. Don't know what is fucking problem. He has been collecting RM30 from each person for every semester since the starting of our course. The money is used for our photostated notes. No one has ever asked him whether there were any amount left over each semester and he didn't even bother to do a report for us on the money spent. So for this semester, which can be considered our last semester, he still insisted on collecting RM30, which is quite a huge amount.

To cut things short, I somehow challenged his decision, pulling in other people to talk some sense in him, and now he's pissed off and wants to quit. He even changed his MSN's nickname, cursing about how cheapskate of us, spending lots of money outside but making noise on the RM30. HELLO!! It's our money, we spend the way we want, and not into your fucking pocket!! And who do you think you are telling us how to spend our money? We don't fucking print money like you. You're one lousy treasurer I tell you. Thinking only for yourself. Quit as you wish to, no one would care. It's your lost, not ours.

Enough about him. Sigh. I think I will go spend my time in Infinity playing DOTA since I've nothing to do. Till next time. ^^


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

2 Years Anniversary..

It has been 2 long years together with Robb and last Saturday marks our anniversay.. Both of us have been thinking of going to Chilis to eat for quite some time but never managed to do so until that night..

It was definitely a nice place to celebrate our anniversary as we had a very nice table beside the window.. We can see the park beside KLCC with its water fountain and the lights from the buildings around it.. It was a beautiful night.. Who could have asked for more.. Good looking companion.. Nice scenery.. Nice food.. Hehe..

Well.. Won't be writing much about it.. Took some pictures of the food that we ordered.. And this is the 1st time that I cannot finish such delicious food as the portion was huge.. The chocolate cake was simply delicious.. But too bad I cannot finish it.. Such a waste.. Sigh.. Oh well.. Will try to go there with more people next time so that we can share..

It's not like we get to eat there everyday.. Can't afford it.. Even for that meal of two it costs more than RM100.. If only we are richer.. Or some kind soul out there can treat us for a meal there again.. Hehe.. Oh well.. One could only dream.. And I guess its time for me to go dream now as well.. Goodnitez.. Love you Robb!


Monday, October 01, 2007

Wisdom Minus One..

Remember the visit from Akasha the Queen of Pain? Seems like one of the medicine that the doctor gave me was not only useless.. But gave me rashes all over my body as well.. Allergy most probably.. Got me scratching non stop for few days.. So uncomfortable.. Back to the point.. I went to the dentist and found out that it was my wisdom tooth that is causing all this trouble.. It seemed to be half decayed.. SwT~ So I made an appointment which is today to get it extracted.. It hurts like hell when it is being pulled out although the dentist had already put something to make my mouth numb.. It stayed numb till now.. Overflowing with thick slimy saliva.. (=.=)" Wonder how am I going to eat later.. Sigh..

Been missing out in my blog for a week.. Was kinda busy.. Robb came for 3 days and we went around eating delicious Penang food and watched Hair Spray.. A nice movie for those who haven't watch it yet.. Miss spending those wonderful time with him.. Now he's back in Ipoh and I will only meet him back in KL few days later.. ^^ After he went back.. I was stuck with reading a book that I bought in Borders for few days.. Another one of Terry Brooks' Shannara trilogy.. Got addicted to those stories since the The Sword of Shannara.. Hehe.. Gonna go look for more of them when I'm back in KL..

Anyway.. Went to Flame to eat steamboat with my family last night.. For those that enjoy seafood they should try it out.. It's very nice but expensive.. Not so worth it for me though as I don't eat much seafood.. I'm better off in some buffet steamboat where I can choose the food that I eat.. Hehe.. Talking bout buffet steamboat.. Looks like I can't go to Little Shanghai for my favourite BBQ steamboat since I will be back to KL this week and I don't think my gums will close up that fast for me to be eating such food.. *Sob*

Oh well.. I can come back anytime later.. Penang won't run away from me.. ^^ For you guys out there.. Remember to reach deep into your mouth to clean that wisdom tooth of yours if you have it.. Or just get it removed.. Especially those on the top side of your mouth as it is quite hard to see compared to the bottom ones.. Even the dentist says that those are useless.. Hard to clean as well.. Oh well.. Learned my lesson.. Painfully.. And to think my upper left wisdom tooth might need to be pulled out as well.. Not now though.. I had enough for now.. Love you dear! Muaks..