Monday, November 27, 2006

Midnight Walk..

Few days back.. I went to KLCC to watch Step Up with Justin and Yi Kang.. We're supposed to watch the 7.30pm movie but by the time we got to the counter it was already sold out.. Didn't wanna waste our time coming all the way here for nothing.. So we bought the 11.30pm ticket..

The movie was worth it.. The main actor was so sexy and he really can dance! Makes me feel like dancing again.. Hehe.. The feeling when your body moves with the beat of the music can be very exciting and enjoying..

After the movie.. The time was already 1.30am.. No more LRT! Being the lazy person I am.. I suggested that we take a taxi back and to hell with the price.. But the other two "sohai"s somehow managed to drag me into walking back with them! From KLCC to Genting Klang!

Well.. The walk was not too bad.. Took us only 1 hour to reach home.. Fast huh? We ran awhile thought.. But not for long as I could not keep up.. Hehe.. Halfway home there was a motorbike that came from behind and suddenly came near and shouted at us.. What a shock! Lucky they weren't robbers or snatch thieves.. Wouldn't want to end up pennyless or in the hospital..

That's all about the journey.. Nothing much happened.. Nothing much to see as well.. And now.. I'm just waiting for time to pass by as I wait for Robb to come back from Ipoh.. Miss him so much even though it was just 2 days ago since we last met.. Hopefully his classmate drives careful enough to avoid any accident as it is raining most of the time.. Heck it is even raining now! Nice weather to sleep though.. Just like what Justin and Yi Kang is doing now.. Sleeping like a pig.. :P Anyway.. Gonna find something else to do.. Cyaz..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Death Note..

To anyone who is reading this blog..

This is going to be my last post.. As I'm about to jump down from my place which is 16 stories high.. Death shall be quick and painless.. That's what I think it would be.. Since I'm so afraid of heights I would be dead from the shock even before I touch the ground..

Maybe I should just use this instead..

Nah.. Just kidding.. I'm too young to die.. I'm too happy to die.. I'm even too cute to die!! LoLz.. Well ok.. That sentence was too much.. Hehe..

As for the title.. I just watched the movie Death Note last night in KLCC with my hubby.. :P It was a nice show.. Showing us how people can change when they obtain power.. Power to change a person's life.. Power to decide what is good and what is evil.. And kill those who he thinks is evil.. Power to play god..

This is when someone loses control of himself.. Trying to be god.. And kill anyone that comes in his way.. Are humans all that easily manipulated? Temptations.. Lust.. These things are the ones that always make a person lose himself.. Wonder what would happen if I had those powers.. I guess I would get rid of those who betrayed or hurt me before.. Torture them first before finishing them off.. Evil huh? LoL..

Cuties.. :P

Anyway.. It's a movie worth watching.. Better than The Covenant and Departed.. Would search for the anime if there is one.. LoL.. Back to killing.. Chaoz..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Don't really have an idea of what to write here today.. But just felt like writting something.. So here I am.. Trying to blurt out whatever that comes to my mind.. Hence, the title..

This second semester was kinda dull for a start.. One of my lecturer had been skipping lessons for 3 weeks already.. Wonder where has she gone too.. Hopefully next week we will be able to see her as I do not want to delay our studies.. Would be hectic if everything is being thrown on us during the last few weeks of the semester..

As for my group of friends.. Things seem to feel a little different.. Few of us seem to drift apart and the group wasn't as it was before.. Maybe the holidays had changed everyone a little.. Somehow.. I dunno.. Maybe things will be better in a few days time.. Or did I change? That I need someone else to tell me as I can't judge myself very well..

My relationship with Robb couldn't be any better.. Things are still as wonderful as ever.. We're living in a house with my friends where they know about us.. And we have all the things we needed here.. As for one of my closest friend.. I could not say the same about him.. His relationship is kinda rocky as they hardly ever meet each other.. They even had to pretend being just friends in front of everyone else.. I wonder why would they wanna do that.. The only time I see them communicating to each other is through SMS and I don't think that is enough.. I can only hope for the best for them.. Enough said.. Later they found out that I'm talking too much about them.. Hehe.. Don't tell.. Shhhh..

Results should be out soon.. 10th of November.. I doubt the office would hand out our results on time.. They're always slow.. I wonder how I did in my exams.. Good? Average? Bad? Well for all I know now is that I didn't fail any subjects.. That is something good right? The subjects this semester should be alright too.. I have introduction to accounts and IT which I have done before.. Those papers should be a breeze.. I hope.. And the other papers don't seem that hard.. Well except for 2 subjects where my lecturer had been missing for 3 weeks already.. :P

Rain seems to be falling everyday after the haze made their exit.. Supposed to be a good thing but kinda troublesome for someone like me who doesn't own a car when I need to be at college.. Got wet few times when I was on my way to the college and back.. Lucky I didn't fall sick.. Well.. At least the air is cleaner than before.. Should be glad.. :D

Anyway.. Better be off to sleep.. Its too late to be awake althought I have nothing to do tomorrow morning.. Oh by the way.. I'm gonna be replacing my current class rep as he didn't really do anything for us.. Hehe.. Well.. Goodnitez..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield