Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Death Note..

To anyone who is reading this blog..

This is going to be my last post.. As I'm about to jump down from my place which is 16 stories high.. Death shall be quick and painless.. That's what I think it would be.. Since I'm so afraid of heights I would be dead from the shock even before I touch the ground..

Maybe I should just use this instead..

Nah.. Just kidding.. I'm too young to die.. I'm too happy to die.. I'm even too cute to die!! LoLz.. Well ok.. That sentence was too much.. Hehe..

As for the title.. I just watched the movie Death Note last night in KLCC with my hubby.. :P It was a nice show.. Showing us how people can change when they obtain power.. Power to change a person's life.. Power to decide what is good and what is evil.. And kill those who he thinks is evil.. Power to play god..

This is when someone loses control of himself.. Trying to be god.. And kill anyone that comes in his way.. Are humans all that easily manipulated? Temptations.. Lust.. These things are the ones that always make a person lose himself.. Wonder what would happen if I had those powers.. I guess I would get rid of those who betrayed or hurt me before.. Torture them first before finishing them off.. Evil huh? LoL..

Cuties.. :P

Anyway.. It's a movie worth watching.. Better than The Covenant and Departed.. Would search for the anime if there is one.. LoL.. Back to killing.. Chaoz..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield


cibetronic said...

now now dis zach is a veli noti boi. yup n he's up to no gud dis time after watching those mumbo jumbo magik movies.

senaiboy said...

haha yeah there is manga and anime of Death note. try torrenting it ;)