Monday, June 30, 2008

Port Dickson..

As I mentioned previously, I went to Port Dickson with my ex-colleagues. I went to look for them in the office as they were departing straight after work and I needed to follow their car. They had already arranged the seatings previously and I was in the same car as Yi Kang and Yee Mun. Apparently, Mei Leng was going as well and we went to KLIA to fetch her as she just came back from Taiwan. There were a total of 5 fully loaded cars all together.

It was quite boring along the way as the journey was long. There weren't any jokers as well and everyone was just staring out of the window or sleeping. Being the quiet me, I just took some pictures along the way and did some small talk with my ex-colleague who was driving. We started to talk more when Mei Leng came in the car as we were interested with her trip to Taiwan. Seems like she enjoyed herself alot and she brought back quite a number of things as well. I wonder when will I be able to travel overseas again. Been more than 10 years since I've last left Malaysia.

They booked 2 units in an resort called Ancasa Resort Allsuits (Apartments). It is located at the popular beachfront along the eight and a half mile of Pantai Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson. We separated the 2 units accordingly, 1 for those with families, 1 for the rest of us. It was quite a big place as there were 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. As soon as everyone reached, we took everything up and started to prepare for dinner since they bought lots of stuff for steamboat and BBQ.

Me and few of my colleagues went down to the beach for a walk while some of them stayed in the apartment gambling or preparing dinner. It wasn't that nice as the beach was full of stones. There weren't any Chinese there as everyone around us were very dark skinned. Anyway, the view there was nice as the sun began to set. I took quite a number of pictures but they're all unavailable now. Will post it up as soon as I get my hands on it. Went to play in the sea and cam-whored with them as well. ^^

Dinner was very filling as I had to finish up most of the food there. Later during the night, we went out to another beach further down the road. Seven of us cramped into a single car as the others were gambling and didn't want to go out. The beach was wonderful! The sand was so soft and clean compared to the ones beside the apartment we were staying in. I just laid there and looked upon the cloudy skies. Been awhile since I've had the chance to just lay on the sand, looking up to the skies and listening to the sound of waves.

On the way back, we were stopped by a road block as the car was over loaded with people. My friend who was driving went down and after awhile, we were able to leave. He told us the police officer just gave us a warning and let us go. Wonder what they discussed about around the corner as he told us no "duit kopi" was given. Hmm. Well, who cares, as long as we get to go home. Hehe. After that, few of us chatted till the next morning. I went to sleep around 6 as I was kinda tired, and woke up 4 hours later.

Went home after lunch and dropped dead as I was very sleepy. The trip was kinda fun as it was the 1st time I went out with so many of them. Hopefully there is more to come. Oh and the best thing about this trip was that I didn't have to pay a single cent! Kekeke. Adios for now, will be posting the pictures as soon as I have them. ^^


Saturday, June 28, 2008



No Me Ames..


Updates Part 3..

Been hanging around the house doing nothing but playing games ever since I've finished my training. I'm not exactly sure how long has it been but I guess I've been useless for around 2 months now.

Been back to Penang few weeks back, catching up with my parents and hunting for my favorite dishes. Life in Penang is definitely so much more relaxing than in KL, and whenever I'm feeling moody like I am now, I can always go to the seaside and listen to the sound of waves. In KL, I have nowhere to go whenever I'm feeling moody, except for blogging.

Things went wrong as soon as me and Robb came back to KL. He dropped his LG Viewty in the bus, and I dropped my wallet in the taxi. Seems to me that I've lost quite a number of precious things during my stay in KL. My friends, my handphone, my MP3 player, my laptop, my 21st birthday present from my mum, and now my wallet. Sigh.

But not everything is bad for me, as I have been living happily with Robb for around 2 years now, and to top it up I have a lovely son to love. Although he has grown a habit of biting things, especially me, he is still a good boy and very lovable. Can't make myself to hit him whenever he did something wrong and Robb has to be the bad guy.

Things aren't all that good at home though. My new housemates are cool, it's just that since there are so many people at home now, the internet is getting slower and slower each day. Especially when they are all downloading stuffs 24/7. Now I can't do my things smoothly online without having to restart the modem or going to a cyber cafe. It sucks =.=!

A trip to the seaside would really do me good at such a time. Hopefully my trip to Port Dickson tomorrow with my ex-colleagues would be enjoyable. I haven't even packed my things. No idea what to bring as I don't know what are their plans. Can't wait to lie down on the beach at night, just listening to the sound of waves and enjoying the sea breeze. I always feel better when I'm around somewhere with lots of water. Do all Pisceans feel the same?