Tuesday, March 31, 2009


If one would look at my closet, no one would even suspect that I am gay. The clothes that I have are mostly older than a year, apart from the 3 new shirts that I bought during this year's Chinese New Year. Other than that, everything else is old. Most of the time you could see me wearing the same shirt as there are very few choices.

Because of this, I'm having trouble finding a suitable outfit to wear for this Saturday's event. None of them are fabulous. My shirts are all plain and dull, t-shirts are mostly old and unattractive, long sleeves are kiddish and boring, and my pants are worn out and drained.

On the other hand, I don't have any accessories to go with my clothes. Not that it will help much with the choices of clothing that I have. My hair looks plain, with no style whatsoever. It curls too! Sigh! What kind of celebrity has these sort of problems. Especially a gay one.

Oh and I just realized that I don't even have a belt. My shoe is 3 years old I guess, and that is the only pair of shoes that I have. As for me skin, people might think that I have white, fair skin, but in reality, it is yellow and pale. The only thing good is that I don't look my age.

Cinderella, can you please introduce me to your fairy godmother (it would be better if there's a good looking fairy godfather) and make me look good just for that night? I'm such a sad case for a gay guy that I'm better off being straight. Even my straight housemate is gayer than me in the sense of fashion. (=.=)"


Friday, March 27, 2009

My Love..

It has been awhile since Zuzu made an appearance in here. He has grown quite alot since Robb first brought him home. Still as cute as ever, he likes to bite my hands. He never does that to others though, only me, and I let him. It's more of a habit, since he's been nibbling my fingers ever since he was small and continues to do that even though he has sharp teeth now. It never hurts though as he is always just playing around. He might overdo it once awhile and bite a little harder but I'll call his name and he'll understand that it hurts and start to lick my fingers.

It is always difficult for me to leave the house, as I would feel that he might be lonely. No one else plays with him except for me and Robb, and Robb is working or busy most of the time. One of my housemate, Justin, is rarely at home these days. He's either out feeding on pussies, or somewhere else doing god knows what. The new housemate, Goh, is always hiding in his room and never bothered to get to know us. I've tried asking him to join us for dinner a few times but he kept declining. Oh well.

Anyway, this post is about Zuzu, so the hell with everyone else. He always greets us at the door, jumping excitedly whenever we come home. Even if we just went out for a short time, he'll still be happy to see us home. Somehow he could either smell us or recognize our footsteps as he seems to know that it is us coming back. If it were some other people walking by our place, he wouldn't even move. Sometimes when we're going out, he'll also come running to the door and look at us with his cute eyes begging us to bring him out as well.

He's just so adorable. He has a weird sleeping style though. He tends to sleep on his back just like how most humans sleep. Maybe he got this habit from us. His legs would be wide open at times which makes him look funny yet cute at the same time. I wonder if all dogs are that sensitive. Whenever he's sleeping, and I try to walk to the room or the kitchen, he'll wake up immediately and look at me. He follows me almost everywhere I go, unless if someone else has food to offer him. xD

Zuzu also loves visitors. He jumps excitedly whenever someone new comes to the house. I guess he just loves attention. Hehe. That's all for now. I love you Zuzu!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I’m a Musicon Celebrity Thanks to Maxis Broadband..

There are lots of people who dreams to become a celebrity one day, especially those who likes attention. This time, Nuffnang is giving us a chance to become any celebrity that we want as they are organizing a party called Nuffnang Music Bash 2009!

There will definitely be lots of bloggers dressing up in fancy clothes, pretending to be their favourite celebrity. It's kinda hard for me to decide who I wanna go as, if I ever got invited. First of all, I don't have any nice clothes. Secondly, I am one who prefers to stay away from the spotlight rather than being in one. So I wonder if this party is suitable for me to attend.

Even so, I was asked to write this by someone. If I ever get invited I would most probably be going as a celebrity who is hiding from the media. Cover myself with shades and wear a black jacket while hiding in the corner. LOL. That reminds me of a video that I once saw in YouTube.




This year's birthday was the nicest compared to those previous years. No plans were changed and everything went well. Even though it was simple and I only had one present with no birthday cake, I had a nice time. So nice that I had wine until I was drunk for the 1st time.

It was a very hot day to start with, and I went for a haircut before going out to meet my so called brothers. I just wanted to trim the sides as they were messy and curly. The usual guy who cut my hair in the saloon was no longer working there any more, but I really wanted a trim so I went on ahead anyway.

Went to Pavilion after that and watched the movie Race to Witch Mountain. The movie was just average but was so much nicer compared to Dragonball. As there were still time after the movie, we walked around the place while waiting for the rest to finish their work and head to Jogoya for dinner.

There were 9 people altogether, 4 that I didn't know as they were my brother's friends. The food in Jogoya was not up to my expectations. I've been there before for their Hi-tea and it was better than their Dinner. There weren't much choices, and the food tasted plain. Some of them were not nice as well.

Even so, the company was nice and I drank quite a lot of red wine. Didn't get much of their ice creams though as there was always a long queue. At the end of the night, everyone went back and the few of us went to Coffee Bean for a short yum cha session. I was already feeling very blur at that time and Robb brought me home.

Slept as soon as I went into my room and I think Robb changed my clothes for me. Muacks! Thanks dear for taking care of me. I didn't get to sleep much though as I woke up around 5am feeling uneasy. It felt the same as having carsickness during the time I came back from Cameron Highlands. It was not a nice feeling. Guess that's the last time I'm gonna drink so much. xD


Friday, March 20, 2009

Birthday Present..

My first birthday present this year, and it's from my dearest.

Thank you dear. ^^


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ice Skating..

It has been a very long time since I've last went ice skating. I think it was during my secondary school years, around Form 3, when the skating ring in Complex Bukit Jambul in Penang was still available. It was only one time and since then I've never been skating. One reason was that it is very expensive, and the one in Penang closed down soon after. As for the one in Sunway, it is quite expensive and well and it is damn far from my house!

I went down to Sunway today to go ice skating with my friends as one of them wanted to treat me for my upcoming birthday. It was one of the longest journey I've ever made in KL. It took me almost 2 hours to reach Sunway, which is very tiring. I had to take a bus to Wangsa Maju LRT Station, and then take the LRT to KL Sentral, and switch to KTM all the way to Subang. I would have died from boredom if I didn't have my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic with me.

There were already quite a number of people in the ring even though it was just morning. I wasn't feeling that comfortable with the shoes or whatever it is called as they were very tight and was hurting my feet. Since it has been years since I've last went skating, I was afraid I might fall down and wet my pants (from the ice!). But after taking some time to get used to it, I was ok with it and didn't fall down even though there were few occasions where my friends tried to push me down.

It was very nice to be able to go ice skating again and I would love to go there more often if it weren't that far. Anyone wanna come fetch me there? Hehe. On another note, I saw this really good looking guy there and he was kinda good in skating too! Too bad I don't have Robb's balls to approach someone or I would have tried to get to know him. Oh well, there goes my chance. :)


Sunday, March 15, 2009

DiGi WLM..

DiGi is introducing a new service, DiGi WLM, for online freaks like me to chat on Windows Live Messenger anytime, anywhere just by using my mobile phone!! I was at Friendster Cafe last night for the event organized by DiGi, where they introduced their new service to us.

There were around 30+ bloggers who attended this event and most of them are professional bloggers. One way you can tell is by looking at their huge tool that they carry everywhere. I'm speaking of their cameras of course. Hehe. Me, myself and I only had the new Nokia 5800 XpressMusic as my camera which doesn't work that well under dim light, hence the lack of pictures.

It was quite a hassle getting there as Friendster Cafe is located in Damansara Perdana and I'm staying in Setapak with no own transport. We had to take a cab to Wangsa Maju's LRT Station, the train to Kelana Jaya, and then catch a cab again to the venue. Costs us RM 26 for 2 person but I guess it was worth it as there was free food and free flow of beer.

Me and Robb arrived quite early as there were no other bloggers around yet. Soon after, the cafe was filled with bloggers with huge tools, I mean, cameras. Flashes can be seen all over the place as they took pictures of almost everything on sight. I got to know few of the bloggers there such as Jason, Louis and Clement.

Dinner was buffet style and they even had free flow of beer! There was nothing special about the food though. After everyone filled their hungry stomachs, they started to introduce the new service to us. There were few PSPs and other prizes on the table nearby which caught my attention. Hehe.

They showed us an advertisement of the new service which was quite interesting. After that, few of the DiGi employees went around the place teaching us how to subscribe for their new service and explaining to us about it at the same time. They even showed us how to use it by letting us try chatting using the phones that they had. It was indeed fun.

Apparently, DiGi users would have unlimited chat services for free as part of a promotion over the next two months. They only need to pay a nominal flat rate of RM 3.00 per month with no additional charges after the free trial period. If you ask me, it is definitely a good offer considering the amount of time I spend on Windows Live Messenger. The only fallback is that my phone is not yet compatible with the service. There are only limited models compatible with this service for now. Sigh.

Remember the prizes I mentioned earlier? They were used as prizes for the games and lucky draws later on. I almost won myself a pair of Ray-Ban shades but all I got was a lousy Coca Cola cap. The next number, which was Louis, got the shades. Sigh!!! I didn't bother playing any of the games though as the prices were not attractive enough. There were thumb drives and webcams to be given away but I already have both of them. Those PSPs were for the best blogpost winners, and I'm sure that I'll not be getting it since I'm not good at blogging.

Anyway, after they finished giving away all the prizes, it was time to go home. There were few bloggers who stayed behind to snap more photos and hang out as the free flow of beer was still available. I helped myself with another few glasses as we had to wait for Carol to fetch us back. I had a nice chat with Jason and got to know him better. It was him who recognized me in the first place. I'm always bad with recognizing names and faces. Even Marcus was the one who approached me in Midvalley last time.

It was an enjoyable night and I'm definitely looking forward to use Windows Live Messenger on my phone. I wonder when will they make more phones to be compatible with this cool service. Guess I'll just have to wait. :)


Saturday, March 14, 2009


I finally passed my Japanese paper with a B minus, which is more than what I have expected since I'm very lousy in that language. This means that I can no longer use it as an excuse of not looking for a job anymore. Sigh. I've been browsing through JobStreet and JobsDB at the jobs available and applied for some of them but so far none replied. Not a very effective way for someone who needs a job and I'm still doing it at a very slow pace even though my money supply is running very low.

On another note, the washing machine in my house has broken down, again. Sent for someone to look at it few weeks back and he said it would be better to get a new one. The landlord, which is also my uncle, refused to buy a new one for us as he said he already provided one for us. Cheapskate. =.= My friend told me legal action could actually be done even though it's not written in a contract or anything since he did agree on providing us with all those and we rent it for RM 600. Now that the washing machine is broken down, he should get a new one for us or reduce our rent.

It is kinda hard to talk about these things to a relative and even my father can't do anything bout it. Even the fridge that he gave us were old and not working properly as we need to defrost it very often. Before we moved in, I already asked him to install ceiling fans on all rooms and he agreed. But when we were about to move in, I saw that the only place with a ceiling fan is the living room and the rooms are all provided with wall fans. Cheap ones too! We didn't make a fuss about that but cheap things don't last long, and eventually all 3 broke down soon after. After suffering for few weeks only then did he agree to install ceiling fans. Wtf!

If I had more money I'd move out to a better place. The elevators here break down all the time, it is slow, and sometimes you can even smell pee in it. Not to be racist but the brainless M***y kids here always play with the buttons and press every single floor. My block is 19 stories high, and I'm on the 16th floor. Imagine having to stop at every single floor to reach the ground. Guess I really have to get a job in order to move out of this shithole.

In a few days time I'll turn 18 (plus 72 months ^^). I'm planning to have dinner at Jogoya with few of my close friends and maybe catch a movie later on. Will decide on that night as I'm used to last minute plannings. Hehe. By the way, do I look any different?

Few years back..

This year..

p.s. Watched Dragonball Evolution, sucks big time. Don't even bother downloading it. (=.=)"