Tuesday, March 31, 2009


If one would look at my closet, no one would even suspect that I am gay. The clothes that I have are mostly older than a year, apart from the 3 new shirts that I bought during this year's Chinese New Year. Other than that, everything else is old. Most of the time you could see me wearing the same shirt as there are very few choices.

Because of this, I'm having trouble finding a suitable outfit to wear for this Saturday's event. None of them are fabulous. My shirts are all plain and dull, t-shirts are mostly old and unattractive, long sleeves are kiddish and boring, and my pants are worn out and drained.

On the other hand, I don't have any accessories to go with my clothes. Not that it will help much with the choices of clothing that I have. My hair looks plain, with no style whatsoever. It curls too! Sigh! What kind of celebrity has these sort of problems. Especially a gay one.

Oh and I just realized that I don't even have a belt. My shoe is 3 years old I guess, and that is the only pair of shoes that I have. As for me skin, people might think that I have white, fair skin, but in reality, it is yellow and pale. The only thing good is that I don't look my age.

Cinderella, can you please introduce me to your fairy godmother (it would be better if there's a good looking fairy godfather) and make me look good just for that night? I'm such a sad case for a gay guy that I'm better off being straight. Even my straight housemate is gayer than me in the sense of fashion. (=.=)"



cookiedonut said...


Really so cham mer...

Roz./Ed said...

lol.. this post actually tingle me to comment..

words of wisdom.. :

" Go shopping... ^^ "

Joshua said...

Let's shopping!!!!!

Zach said...

cookie: very cham..

Roz./Ed: i've a very bad sense of fashion.. lol.. and cash is another problem..

Joshua: come lets go! you pay.. haha.. just kidding..

Ben , Yu Song said...


same situation for me except my parents will buy alot of clothes for me.. (i hardly buy anything =x)

i suppose its good cuz it sets u free from having to always think and choose what u wear :) its a sense of freedom also.

After all, clothes are just used to cover ur body :) giving it more value than it deserves sometimes brings more trouble!!

anone the plu said...

okie...i'm the fairy godfather u looking for...:p
but i only give words of wisdom...
1st advice:borrow robb's cloth
2nd advice:eat more meat and veggies for your yellow pale skin.