Saturday, March 14, 2009


I finally passed my Japanese paper with a B minus, which is more than what I have expected since I'm very lousy in that language. This means that I can no longer use it as an excuse of not looking for a job anymore. Sigh. I've been browsing through JobStreet and JobsDB at the jobs available and applied for some of them but so far none replied. Not a very effective way for someone who needs a job and I'm still doing it at a very slow pace even though my money supply is running very low.

On another note, the washing machine in my house has broken down, again. Sent for someone to look at it few weeks back and he said it would be better to get a new one. The landlord, which is also my uncle, refused to buy a new one for us as he said he already provided one for us. Cheapskate. =.= My friend told me legal action could actually be done even though it's not written in a contract or anything since he did agree on providing us with all those and we rent it for RM 600. Now that the washing machine is broken down, he should get a new one for us or reduce our rent.

It is kinda hard to talk about these things to a relative and even my father can't do anything bout it. Even the fridge that he gave us were old and not working properly as we need to defrost it very often. Before we moved in, I already asked him to install ceiling fans on all rooms and he agreed. But when we were about to move in, I saw that the only place with a ceiling fan is the living room and the rooms are all provided with wall fans. Cheap ones too! We didn't make a fuss about that but cheap things don't last long, and eventually all 3 broke down soon after. After suffering for few weeks only then did he agree to install ceiling fans. Wtf!

If I had more money I'd move out to a better place. The elevators here break down all the time, it is slow, and sometimes you can even smell pee in it. Not to be racist but the brainless M***y kids here always play with the buttons and press every single floor. My block is 19 stories high, and I'm on the 16th floor. Imagine having to stop at every single floor to reach the ground. Guess I really have to get a job in order to move out of this shithole.

In a few days time I'll turn 18 (plus 72 months ^^). I'm planning to have dinner at Jogoya with few of my close friends and maybe catch a movie later on. Will decide on that night as I'm used to last minute plannings. Hehe. By the way, do I look any different?

Few years back..

This year..

p.s. Watched Dragonball Evolution, sucks big time. Don't even bother downloading it. (=.=)"



Anonymous said...

last time pic looks cuter lah u...^_^

ichimaru akira said...

Zach san,genki desu?

maRCus said...

heys... CONGRATS!!! now go find a job! XD

Zach said...

Genki desu, arigatou gozaimasu~ :P

Shiuji said...

look mature and sexy.... hahahhaha...

Anonymous said...

you majored in what? what sort of job u looking for