Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cameron Highlands 2..

The next morning, we went for breakfast at the resort's restaurant. They served Nasi Lemak which tasted ok, but the drinks were terrible. The coffee tasted like condensed milk. After filling our empty stomachs, we went back to our rooms and packed our things.

We went to a nearby dessert shop after checking out from the resort to try their strawberries as they had a big billboard advertisement which looks quite attractive. They had many cakes and other types of desserts to choose from and it really does look nice for those that enjoys strawberries a lot. While the rest of them ordered desserts, I just got myself a small bowl of mushroom soup as I was feeling cold and in need of hot soup.

Once we're done, we headed to the market to buy some vegetables. They things here are really fresh and considered cheap I guess. As the road wasn't that wide, it was quite jammed with so many cars around going to the same destination. We bought quite a lot of stuffs and it was quite hard to arrange it in the car as there were 7 of us. In the end, I got cramped with the most plastic bags under my feet. Sigh.

We stopped by few places on the way down such as the Cactus Point, some bee farm (forgotten the name), some strawberry farm (also forgotten the name), and a tea plantation. We were unlucky though as the strawberry farm and the tea plantation were only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. It was a Monday when we went. Oh well, we still managed to snap some pictures at the tea plantation.

The journey down was not as pleasant as the journey up. I started to feel sick and the lack of space in the car wasn't helping much either. I slept all the way till Ipoh where we had our late lunch at one of the famous beansprout chicken rice/koay teow. Didn't had much appetite though as I was carsick. Even my godbro had carsick.

Had a very long journey back to KL. I was feeling very uncomfortable the whole time. My feet was feeling sore as it was very cramped, and to make things worse, there was a terrible jam along MRR2 due to Thaipusam. Sigh. Stuck there for hours until we managed to change to another route back home. Well, it was a nice trip. Just the journey back was bad. That is all for now, I guess. Bye.



Shiuji said...

cameron is a nice place.. how long have i ever been there...

should we have a blogger trip to cameron... hahaha...
wait a second... this is during chinese new year de wo... now just only u post...=.=

cookiedonut said...

while you're at the strawberry moment cafe, try their "strawberry ice baby"!~ the best dessert i've ever had!

Zach said...

Shiuji: it's after cny lar.. but also few weeks back.. lol

cookiedonut: i'm not so into strawberries actually.. :P