Sunday, February 07, 2010

End of the World..

Last night, I had a very disturbing dream. I can't quite remember the details but it was sort of the end of the world, and I was somehow apart from Robb. We were anxiously looking for each other as there wasn't any means of communication. I remembered feeling very depressed and sad, not wanting to be apart from him till the very last moment of my breath. Soon after, a miracle happened and we managed to find each other. We ran into each other's arms and I hugged him tightly. I woke up in tears.

There were few other occasions where I dreamt of Robb leaving me, and me waking up crying and hugging him tightly. These kinda dreams always make me realize how much I cannot live without him, and I don't think I could ever be apart from him for a long period of time. If the earth is really dying, I would want to spend my remaining time with him, right till our very last breath. There's nothing I wouldn't give to be with him till the very end.

Dear dear, please don't ever leave me. I need you just like our earth needs the sun. You shine your love upon me and warm me up from within. Without you, I'll be covered in darkness just as I was lost before knowing you. Without you, coldness will creep up and freeze me from within just as loneliness did before you appeared in my life. So, know that I will always love you with all my heart and soul. Muaks!


Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Tiger Run..

There was no real tiger involved in this run, maybe just bloggers drunk with Tiger Beer in their belly. It was another one of Nuffnang's events and I was helping out as usual, but this was the first time I got paid for it!

Anyway, today was supposed to be my off day and I was supposed to be able to sleep as much as I can. But since I was working in the event, we had to be there early for some briefing as well as setting up the place. The part-timers were supposed to reach Jaya One around 12pm for the briefing so we left around 11am and reached in half hour's time. Apparently, all of them were late. Some even arrived at 1.30pm. =.=

The weather was crazy as usual, scorching hot during the morning, cloudy during the afternoon, and rained in the evening. Lucky for the bloggers as they had already finished running, unlucky for the part-timers as we had to clear up the cones all along the road. Not all of us though as some of them were hiding under the shelter, chatting away while leaving some boxes outside to get soaked under the rain. How useful of them.

One of the part-timers is quite cute actually, and he got wet along with me as we were the only ones loading the cones back into the truck. I can't remember his name though, have to ask my housemate tomorrow and stalk him in Facebook. LoL. After spending one whole day sweating, standing, carrying stuff and getting wet, our job is finally done. Since me and the cute guy was the only ones who got wet, we each had a 'I Love Tiger' t-shirt from Robb to change.

The rest of the part-timers left soon after we got paid (Yay!), and I lingered around taking pictures, drinking Tiger Beer and savaging their chicken wings. Wasn't really feeling comfortable though as my feet were still soaking wet, and so is my head as I was wearing a cap. There was a lion tiger dance performance before they gave out the prizes to the winners, not quite sure who won though as I wasn't paying any attention. After everything is done, me, Robb and Fresh were one of the last who left the place. Had to take a cab outside as none of us drove. 

It was a productive day for me and fun as well even though it was quite tiring. I even managed to earn RM100 on my day off! Well, hopefully I can sleep tonight as it has been a long and tiring day for me. Gonna be heading to the gym tomorrow after work (hopefully!) as I've already skipped three days. Need to tone up a little before heading back to Penang and gain fats. 

Oh and before I forget, Sixth Seal grabbed fondled touched my butt! LoL.


Friday, February 05, 2010


I've been feeling sick since last week, having flu and coughing on and off. It has been disturbing my gym routine somehow and it is quite annoying to be working when my nose is always blocked. Went to see a doctor this morning to get some medication and also a medical certificate for my absence from work today. It wasn't necessary but I was feeling lazy and needed some rest at home since I didn't get any sleep the night before and have been working the entire week. 

The weather has been acting up real bad lately. One moment it is raining..

No not this Rain. This rain..

And before you realize it, the sun is shining..

Been hearing that quite a lot of people are falling sick lately as well. I thought it was only me as I usually fall sick before Chinese New Year but I guess this time it's due to the weather. Hopefully everyone recovers soon so we can all enjoy our holidays back with our family. I'll be heading back to Penang this coming Friday, and will be eating like mad since it has been a very long time since I've went back. There goes my 3 weeks of gym sessions. But what the heck, I live to eat. xD


Year of the Tiger..

Since it's a new year, I should try to write in a different style and a different pace. I used to write whenever I'm feeling emotional or down. I would say it is more of a habit, since I started this blog with that type of writing. There's no harm in it but it would be better if I could write when I'm feeling happy as well, instead of having a writer's block. So, I would like to try out with this first post of the year, although it is a little too late since it's already February.

Been working for almost a year now, and although I'm heading nowhere, it's been quite a nice experience as all my co-workers are nice people. There's no not much backstabbing and politics as you can find in bigger companies, and I get extra tips once awhile. Even though some people might be unreasonable and being a bitch at times, that's just expected as I'm in the service line. Some tenants are very nice and might make your day a little better, even with just a word of appreciation.

Even so, I wonder if I would be changing jobs any time soon this year. I'm always uncertain of what I could do, and never make any efforts of changing my routine, especially when I'm used to it. But hopefully there will be a change of job someday as I can't be staying there forever. Maybe I could start applying to the Ministry of Tourism like my uncle advised me to.

Lately I have been craving to buy stuffs for myself as it has been a very long time since I've done so. Spent almost RM500 on things such as a pair of shoes, 2 t-shirts, 1 shirt, and 2 short pants. Thinking of getting myself a pair of jeans as well as mine are all worn out as I've been wearing them for years. My wardrobe is as plain as a straight guy's wardrobe, which is something that I'm trying to change as well as I've been wanting to look better these days.

I even joined a gym, Celebrity Fitness in Lot10, 3 weeks back. Been trying to go every single day since then. I did that on the first 2 weeks, but lately I've been going on alternate days as I'm not feeling that well and my shifts are changing all the time. I guess age is catching up, hence the feeling of wanting to keep my young looks. :P My body and health have to be in good shape as well, if not I wouldn't be able to keep Robb's attention all to myself. Hehe.

I guess having changes once awhile would do me good, since I've been saying that my life has been dull. I even bought tickets to Bangkok on July, but there aren't any proper plans yet so far. Would be nice if there were other people to go with, the more the merrier. The only problem is that we don't have much friends that we are close with, as we're mostly all by ourselves. But anyhow, it doesn't matter. July is still months away. xD

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and as usual I am starting to fall sick, like I do every single year. I wonder why. Now I'm having flu and coughing on and off. The unpredictable weather is not helping as well as it always changes from raining and cold, to hot and humid. Hopefully I'll recover soon so I can enjoy my CNY back in Penang. Will be taking the whole week off and enjoy as much as I can back home since it has been a very long time since I've went back. Won't have access to my PC though, only way is to go to the cyber cafe.

Anyway, I'll try to update as frequent as I can, even on minor stuffs. I'll try to get more pictures on as well but for now it'll just be only words as it's quite late at night and I'm supposed to be working at 7am. Having a hard time sleeping as it's quite humid tonight, and I'm coughing non stop while having to blow my nose all the time. Would be taking leave tomorrow and visit the doctor as soon as possible. おやすみなさい。