Monday, November 27, 2006

Midnight Walk..

Few days back.. I went to KLCC to watch Step Up with Justin and Yi Kang.. We're supposed to watch the 7.30pm movie but by the time we got to the counter it was already sold out.. Didn't wanna waste our time coming all the way here for nothing.. So we bought the 11.30pm ticket..

The movie was worth it.. The main actor was so sexy and he really can dance! Makes me feel like dancing again.. Hehe.. The feeling when your body moves with the beat of the music can be very exciting and enjoying..

After the movie.. The time was already 1.30am.. No more LRT! Being the lazy person I am.. I suggested that we take a taxi back and to hell with the price.. But the other two "sohai"s somehow managed to drag me into walking back with them! From KLCC to Genting Klang!

Well.. The walk was not too bad.. Took us only 1 hour to reach home.. Fast huh? We ran awhile thought.. But not for long as I could not keep up.. Hehe.. Halfway home there was a motorbike that came from behind and suddenly came near and shouted at us.. What a shock! Lucky they weren't robbers or snatch thieves.. Wouldn't want to end up pennyless or in the hospital..

That's all about the journey.. Nothing much happened.. Nothing much to see as well.. And now.. I'm just waiting for time to pass by as I wait for Robb to come back from Ipoh.. Miss him so much even though it was just 2 days ago since we last met.. Hopefully his classmate drives careful enough to avoid any accident as it is raining most of the time.. Heck it is even raining now! Nice weather to sleep though.. Just like what Justin and Yi Kang is doing now.. Sleeping like a pig.. :P Anyway.. Gonna find something else to do.. Cyaz..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Death Note..

To anyone who is reading this blog..

This is going to be my last post.. As I'm about to jump down from my place which is 16 stories high.. Death shall be quick and painless.. That's what I think it would be.. Since I'm so afraid of heights I would be dead from the shock even before I touch the ground..

Maybe I should just use this instead..

Nah.. Just kidding.. I'm too young to die.. I'm too happy to die.. I'm even too cute to die!! LoLz.. Well ok.. That sentence was too much.. Hehe..

As for the title.. I just watched the movie Death Note last night in KLCC with my hubby.. :P It was a nice show.. Showing us how people can change when they obtain power.. Power to change a person's life.. Power to decide what is good and what is evil.. And kill those who he thinks is evil.. Power to play god..

This is when someone loses control of himself.. Trying to be god.. And kill anyone that comes in his way.. Are humans all that easily manipulated? Temptations.. Lust.. These things are the ones that always make a person lose himself.. Wonder what would happen if I had those powers.. I guess I would get rid of those who betrayed or hurt me before.. Torture them first before finishing them off.. Evil huh? LoL..

Cuties.. :P

Anyway.. It's a movie worth watching.. Better than The Covenant and Departed.. Would search for the anime if there is one.. LoL.. Back to killing.. Chaoz..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Don't really have an idea of what to write here today.. But just felt like writting something.. So here I am.. Trying to blurt out whatever that comes to my mind.. Hence, the title..

This second semester was kinda dull for a start.. One of my lecturer had been skipping lessons for 3 weeks already.. Wonder where has she gone too.. Hopefully next week we will be able to see her as I do not want to delay our studies.. Would be hectic if everything is being thrown on us during the last few weeks of the semester..

As for my group of friends.. Things seem to feel a little different.. Few of us seem to drift apart and the group wasn't as it was before.. Maybe the holidays had changed everyone a little.. Somehow.. I dunno.. Maybe things will be better in a few days time.. Or did I change? That I need someone else to tell me as I can't judge myself very well..

My relationship with Robb couldn't be any better.. Things are still as wonderful as ever.. We're living in a house with my friends where they know about us.. And we have all the things we needed here.. As for one of my closest friend.. I could not say the same about him.. His relationship is kinda rocky as they hardly ever meet each other.. They even had to pretend being just friends in front of everyone else.. I wonder why would they wanna do that.. The only time I see them communicating to each other is through SMS and I don't think that is enough.. I can only hope for the best for them.. Enough said.. Later they found out that I'm talking too much about them.. Hehe.. Don't tell.. Shhhh..

Results should be out soon.. 10th of November.. I doubt the office would hand out our results on time.. They're always slow.. I wonder how I did in my exams.. Good? Average? Bad? Well for all I know now is that I didn't fail any subjects.. That is something good right? The subjects this semester should be alright too.. I have introduction to accounts and IT which I have done before.. Those papers should be a breeze.. I hope.. And the other papers don't seem that hard.. Well except for 2 subjects where my lecturer had been missing for 3 weeks already.. :P

Rain seems to be falling everyday after the haze made their exit.. Supposed to be a good thing but kinda troublesome for someone like me who doesn't own a car when I need to be at college.. Got wet few times when I was on my way to the college and back.. Lucky I didn't fall sick.. Well.. At least the air is cleaner than before.. Should be glad.. :D

Anyway.. Better be off to sleep.. Its too late to be awake althought I have nothing to do tomorrow morning.. Oh by the way.. I'm gonna be replacing my current class rep as he didn't really do anything for us.. Hehe.. Well.. Goodnitez..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Second Semester..

The holidays are finally over.. Was back in Penang for few weeks during the holidays.. Ate alot.. Played alot.. Slept alot.. Haha.. Not much difference from the life here in KL huh? A friend of mine came to Penang to visit during the hols so I met up with him and drove him around to look for food.. Well.. That is the only thing I can think of doing in Penang.. Island of Cheap and Nice Food.. Few days after he left.. Robb arrived.. Was so happy to see him! Been missing him since he went back to Ipoh and me still stuck in KL.. I think we were apart for 2 or 3 weeks if I'm not mistaken.. That night after dinner.. We went out to get a haircut but the saloon was closed.. So having nothing to do.. And missing each other so much.. We drove to somewhere dark.. Somewhere secluded.. And *censored*.. LOLz.. Use your own imagination.. :P

Came back to KL 10 days before our 2nd semester starts to move our belongings from one place to another.. Yes.. I moved again.. Seems like I've been shifting houses every semester huh? Hopefully this one is permanent.. Now I'm staying in a flat.. No longer a condominium.. The unit is owned by my uncle and my other housemates are my classmates.. Supposely we had 6 people all together.. But 2 of the girls who were supposed to move in told me that they can't anymore.. And to think that they were the one who asked me to move here in the 1st place.. What "nice and considerate" friends they are.. Well.. To hell with them.. I have Robb staying with me and that is fine enough.. Me and Robb have already settled down in our new place.. With all our stuffs.. And an additional 3 seater sofa with a 25" TV.. Not to forget a PlayStation2.. Kekek.. No pictures for now.. Wait till I've arranged the things properly and I shall post up my beautiful home.. :P

Well.. My timetable is a little depressing this semester.. We have a class on Wednesday which ends at 9pm.. ZzZzz.. Hopefully the course rep will do something about it and arrange it to be held on other days.. And most of my classmates are not even back yet.. They are too lazy to come back due to the Hari Raya holidays next week.. Well listen to this.. IT IS NOT A GOOD EXCUSE! Once you start skipping class.. There will be a next time.. It will become a habit.. And then you will ruin yourself.. I know.. Been there done that.. :D To think that our photostat manager for the course is also coming back after the Raya holidays.. How "responsible" of her.. Well.. She is one of the girl who stood me down after all.. Could have guessed.. Its their life.. Not mine to interfere.. :)

Well.. Guess thats all for now.. The haze is killing me.. Someone should really do something about all those open burnings that affects us.. This haze is really making everyone sick.. Oh before I forgot.. I already bought a new phone! Not Nokia's N80 though.. I bought Sony Ericsson's W810i.. Its cool and has everything that I need.. ^^ Costs me a fortune too.. Cleared up 90% my savings.. Hehe.. Anyway.. Hopefully I don't disappear for too long again.. Chaoz..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Worst Day Ever..

Last Saturday was my Econs paper.. Was quite nervous at first.. But after going through the paper.. It was quite easy.. And I managed to finish everything.. Hopefully I can get an A this time.. After the exam was over.. I walked out of the room happily and went to take my bag.. To my horror.. It can't be found anywhere! I started to panic and asked my friends not to play a prank on me as my handphone, my MP3 player and 2 of my other friend's handphone were all in my bag! None of them took it though.. And I quickly went down to ask the guard.. He was so blur! After some worthless conversation with him he asked me to go to the guard house to report about the incident.. Went there.. Told them what happened.. And it seems like it wasn't only me who got their stuff stolen.. Lots of other similar cases were happening all around college..

Fucking thieves.. Hope they get knocked down by a trailer so badly that no one would even recognise them.. Or better still.. Let them experience some freaking accident that makes them paralyse from waist down and not be able to walk or even pee at their own will for the rest of their lives..

Been without a handphone for 4 days already.. The feeling is so weird.. Like a part of my body is missing.. I think most people would feel the same if their handphones are not with them.. Sigh.. Somehow I miss my old handphone.. Can't even afford to get one new one now.. Have to just live with it then.. T_T What a day.. What a day..

My old sweetheart..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Monday, September 04, 2006

My Absence..

Hm.. Been away from here for almost 2 months.. Was going around KL searching for hotels and travel agencies for my assignment.. Kinda fun though.. Asking them questions regarding their work and the tourism industry.. Learned quite a lot from them.. :P Seems like the travel industry is quite fun.. But need to work hard.. And won't get rich from what I see.. Hehe.. But who cares.. Its the lifestyle that I like.. We get to meet alot of people.. Not all good I guess.. But still.. The world is so big.. Not everyone is nice.. =D

Not much happening these few weeks.. Got addicted to sushi though.. But the service provided by Sushi King in Low Yat is kinda sad.. The 1st time I went there, their aircon was down.. They said it was just temporary so we went in and ordered 1st.. It was so hot!! Even after we finished eating the aircon was still not working.. Haih.. 2nd experience there was not that good as well.. There was hair in my sushi! Argh.. Won't be going there again.. Even my lecturer complained that the Sushi King in MidValley had extra slow service.. Wonder how they gain their franchisee's licence..

During Yi Kang's birthday, we went to Red Box to celebrate.. The photos are still with Stef though.. Didn't reach my hand yet.. Christy can sing really good!! So jealous of her.. If only I can sing a little better.. Only few of us went though.. Not a big crowd.. So it was just some sort of a small party.. Sorry bout that bro.. :P Well.. At least its better than nothing right? Hopefully you had fun like me..

Exams exams exams.. Waiting for me just around the corner.. And I'm still wasting time online and playing games.. Maybe I'm not that worried bout the subjects.. Only one.. Japanese! Never really did memorise the words and vocabs.. Serve me right.. Haha.. Never mind.. Now I'm looking forward to the holidays.. Going back to Penang after so long.. My parents must be missing me so much.. ^^ Before that.. Hopefully I can go to Sunway Lagoon with my classmates.. Been a long time since I've been there.. Can't remember how old..

Gonna move soon.. Yes, again! Seems like I've been moving places every semester.. Becoming a habit huh? This time I'm moving to a smaller place.. No more living in a condominium.. Demoted to a flat.. Haha.. Why? Because it is cheap! And I get to stay with my dear and my classmates.. :P Will be having problems moving my stuffs though.. Big and heavy.. Not talking bout my body hor! My furnitures.. Ah.. That one later only worry.. Maybe need to spend a little bit to ask for a lorry.. T_T Will miss the spacious room I'm enjoying right now though, in exchange for a environment where there will be more people around.. :D

My room..

My living room..

My table..

Well.. I guess thats all for now.. Hopefully my next update won't be for another 2 months.. Hehe.. Sorry Fansu for the delay.. :P All the best to everyone who is having exams now.. And enjoy all you can for those on holidays.. Cya!

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Eyes On Robb..

Eyes On Me
(Faye Wong)

Whenever sang my songs
On the stage, on my own
Whenever said my words
Wishing they would be heard
I saw you smiling at me
Was it real or just my fantasy
You'd always be there in the corner
Of this tiny little bar
My last night here for you
Same old songs, just once more
My last night here with you?
Maybe yes, maybe no
I kind of liked it your way
How you shyly placed your eyes on me
Oh, did you ever know?
That I had mine on you

Darling, so there you are
With that look on your face
As if you're never hurt
As if you're never down
Shall I be the one for you
Who pinches you softly but sure
If frown is shown then
I will know that you are no dreamer

So let me come to you
Close as I wanna be
Close enough for me
To feel your heart beating fast
And stay there as I whisper
How I loved your peaceful eyes on me
Did you ever know
That I had mine on you

Darling, so share with me
Your love if you have enough
You're tears if you're holding back
Or pain if that's what it is
How can I let you know
I'm more than the dress and the voice
Just reach me out then
You will know that you're not dreaming

Darling, so there you are
With that look on your face
As if you're never hurt
As if you're never down
Shall I be the one for you
Who pinches you softly but sure
If frown is shown then
I will know that you are no dreamer

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Friday, July 07, 2006

A Baby Is Born!!


Don't you just love babies? They're so innocent yet adorable.. Makes you wanna carry and hug them 24/7.. ^^ Just for your info.. I'm not having a baby.. What I'm about to write has nothing to do with babies too.. Just thought that it was cute so I posted the picture here.. Kekeke.. Alright.. Just kidding.. It has some relations to this post of mine.. Today.. On the 6th of July 2006.. Marks the 9th month of my relationship with Robb.. Hence the baby! (I love you dear!!) And no.. I'm not about to give birth.. I'm not a girl.. Never a woman!!

Enough with that.. Few days ago I wrote something about having spaghetti for lunch in my classmate's house.. Remember? I just had the pictures transfered to my laptop.. And no.. None of us ended up in the hospital.. Kekeke.. We had a great cook and not to forget the helpers in the kitchen.. And guess what.. All of us are boys!! The girls sat in the living room and waited for lunch to be served.. Weird? Seems like the roles have turned around.. Haha.. Well.. Girls do deserve to sit back and relax once a while and let he guys handle household chores.. :P

Forgot doing what already..

Our chef!

Well.. I don't know how long we took to get it cooked.. But it definitely was hot in the kitchen.. Glad when it was done.. Everyone was hungry and eager to taste our home made spaghetti.. Hehe.. I was made to finish it though.. As we overcooked and none of them could eat anymore.. Or maybe it was just my big mouth saying that I could finish it up.. Kekeke.. Serves me right..



Pity me.. T_T

Everyone was watching at me while I finished up the remaining spaghetti.. It was akward.. What to do.. Just let them watch me with my ugly face while I'm eating.. Hehe.. It was fun though.. And the spaghetti was nice.. ^^ Thanks Adrian.. Next time make cabonara for us.. Kekeke..

Ahhh.. Group photo at last!! These are some of the people that I mix with.. My "pig group".. We have a pig head, pig brain, pig tail (me!!), pig leg, pig dick (-_-") and lots more!! Crazy group of people.. But nice to mix with.. I dunno how will the course be without them.. Eh.. Wait a minute.. I think I know how.. It would be just like my previous accounting classmates.. Boring and dull.. Kekeke..

Tada!! Eh.. Where are the girls??

Ooooh.. Here they are.. ^^

I guess that's all for now.. Can't be flooding this place with pictures.. Guys.. You're the best!!! Kekeke.. Oh ya.. Dear!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Muaks!!! =P Chao..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Another Day.. Another Story..

*Yawnzzz*.. Another day of college life.. No worries.. No troubles.. No stress.. Or is it just me? Nah.. Went to my Japanese Language class this afternoon.. I'm glad I was transfered to the 3rd tutorial group with my friends as the previous Japanese Language Lecturer was a Malay.. And worse of all.. No one understands him and dislikes the way he teaches.. Poor poor students of his.. The new lecturer we had might be a little "cheong hei" but he's a good sensei as far as we know so far.. Well.. I've learned few phrases that will be usefull in class for the future use.. Or shall I say for everyday usage.. Hehe.. Never mind..

See what see? Nah!!

After our class.. We headed for Jaya Jusco in Wangsa Maju.. As soon as we walked out of the college we spotted a bus on the opposite lane and went in straight away.. Guess what? It turned right from the traffic light and headed for Genting Klang instead of Wangsa Maju.. What a case of blurness (is there such word?).. We got down on the next bus stop straight away and had to walk all the way there.. Pity us.. :-/

Nostalgic eh?

They looked so sad.. Would be better if there were leaves flying around.. Hehe..

After the usuall time wasting-asking one another of what to have for dinner we ended up in McDonald's.. Had Chicken McDeluxe as usuall.. Love it alot!! Tried to snap some pics again but no one wanted to join in.. So I ended up with few pictures of the burgers that we bought and also a smiley face made by me.. Sigh.. Was thinking of getting a picture of my gang in McD but as usuall.. They covered their faces or turned away.. Sad..


Girlz!! Grab your very own Malaysian made Justin Timberlake!! Kekeke..

Talking about McD.. I wonder why children love Ronald McDonald so much.. For me.. He seems kinda scary at times.. Reminds me of the clown IT a.k.a. Pennywise.. Flashbacks anyone? I think you see the resemblence.. Hehe..

Peekaboo! I see you! Muahahahaha..

Went shopping for ingrediants after dinner.. Spaghetti for tomorrow's lunch!! Huhuhu.. I wonder who will be the one cooking.. And I better remember to get some onions and garlics tomorrow morning before going to college.. Been quite some time since I've made my own spaghetti.. Would love to cook it when I have my own kitchen utilities.. Too bad till now the stove in my kitchen is left to rust..

Hopefully we won't be needing this..

Took few pictures of the new place I'm living in now.. Nothing interesting though.. Well.. I guess that's all for tonight.. Will update you guys about the spaghetti tomorrow.. Kekeke.. Hopefully it is edible.. And hopefully I have pictures of it.. ^^ Night night..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Monday, June 26, 2006

Chau Taufu.. Yueks!!

Never in my life did I ever think of trying out something as smelly as chau taufu.. And yet tonight I had a bite on that smelly thing people call food.. Argh!! Wonder how long will the memory of taking the first bite of it disappear..

Well.. Yi Kang came with his friend to fetch me and two other pretty girls (classmates) out to have dinner as planned.. We were suppose to eat somewhere nearby but halfway through the car ran out of battery.. It was still movable but it would be safer to bring the car back to Ah Chuan's (Yi Kang's friend) area in case anything happens.. And that happen to be in Kepong!

We drove all the way there and Dai Lou (Yi Kang) pointed out few places as this was his hometown.. We stopped by a cyber cafe and changed to another car (I have no idea whose car it was) before moving on.. It so happen that Justin is also nearby so we went to look for him.. After reuniting.. We went to a place which sells Prawn Mee (some place called Wai Sek Kai.. Dunno correct or not).. The place was nicely decorated but the inner part was humid so we sat outside.. Right beside the road and it was so much more cooling.. The Prawn Mee was nice but I forgot to tell the waiter that I didn't want any "tauge".. So I ended up picking it up one by one.. Hehe.. Serves me right for being picky..

After dinner.. We took a stroll at a night market nearby.. It was not as packed as the night market in Sri Rampai but still it was enjoyable.. The company was great!! =P As we were walking.. There was this smell that caught everyone's attention.. It was not a pleasent smell though.. It was the smell of chau taufu!! Well.. Mixing with a group of adventurous friends.. I bought 4 pieces of that smelly thing people call food.. The 1st bite goes to me and Stef.. Yuks!!! Ok maybe my expression was too much.. It didn't taste that bad but as I swallow it there is this smell that keeps bugging me.. Just not my type..

They should have put this for their sign board instead..

Cut things short.. All of us went back after the trip to the night market and now here I am.. =D It really is fun to be with those guys.. I wonder if they will be the same if they knew who I really was.. Hahaha.. That would be another post for another time.. Oh ya.. Thanks Ah Chuan for all the trouble driving us here and there.. I doubt he will be able to see this but still.. Thanks!!

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Boring To Interesting..

It's been months again since I've updated anything.. Well.. One main reason is that I don't have internet at home and I don't feel like writting anything in the cyber cafe.. So here I am few months after the last post.. My hair is now starting to curl up like instant noodles.. Bad huh.. Can't wait to make it into bee hoon again.. Lolz.. No pics!!

I can't remember if I've mentioned this before.. I'm no longer taking Accounts!! Instead of that boring, lifeless course, I'm in Tourism.. Where work relates to travel.. Or holidays.. Hm.. Sounds nice? =P So far the classes are interesting and I'm even learning Japanese Language now.. Ohayo gozaimasu! Hehe.. My classmates are interesting.. All of them are younger than me.. They know my age.. But we mix like water and ribena.. Weird thing to say.. Don't mind that.. It is definitely more enjoyable than being with those group of people I called classmates in my previous course.. Hopefully with this new social group I will have a better determination to study.. Bleh..

Wouldn't you want to go to Dubai? Hehe..

Lets see.. What else.. I've moved into another new unit for more than 1 month already.. Same place.. Different block.. Been living together with Robb and it is great.. I couldn't ask for more.. Well.. Maybe some furnitures to deco the place.. But that is not important.. =D The landlord works in Shangri-La and might be some help to me next time when I finish studying.. Cool huh? The whole house is only occupied by 4 people including me and Robb.. The owner in the master room.. Me and Robb in one room.. The other guy, William, in another room.. Most of the time the landlord, Andy, is not around as his working hours are long.. So we have the whole house to ourselves.. Life is great!

Me and Robb had our ups and downs but most of the time we just end up saying sorry to each other and hugging each other.. I really hope this would last and prove to whoever that said that PLU relationships won't last.. Wahahaha.. One thing though.. I still don't have a digi cam or a camera phone to take more pics of me, Robb, the house, or anything else that matters.. Anyone wanna donate one to me? Lolz.. Just kidding..

I don't mind having one of this.. :P

As for my connection now.. I'm using Jaring's Wireless Broadband.. It does not need to go through a phone line unlike Streamyx.. But the price of the modem is expensive.. Now I'm still under a 3 day trial for this broadband.. If I'm not satisfied I am able to return everything without paying a single cent.. Hopefully I don't have to do that as I do not want to wait for Tmnet's Streamyx as I've lost all faith in them.. They're slow.. Not helpfull.. And yet they promote their products in such a way that their real quality is not even half of what they mentioned.. Lets just see..

Well.. I guess that's it.. Will have more to write soon I suppose.. Now I'm just waiting to go for dinner with Robb, my housemate and few of my friends.. So.. Hopefully I don't die of hunger till they realised it.. Haha.. Cyas!!

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Friday, April 28, 2006

Short Hair!!!!

Boo!! Me and my ugly pics.. Kekeke.. Nice? Cut my hair recently when I was back in Penang.. Had the sudden urge to be impulsive so I ended up with less hair and kinda regret it.. Anyway.. Those pictures above were taken out of boredom.. Had nothing to do so I went to blow dry my hair after bathing to make it straight.. With hopes of making it nicer than it was when I just woke up.. Hehe.. And this is what I ended up with.. Comments??

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My 21st Birthday..

Honestly.. It wasn't as nice as I thought it would be.. There were no pictures.. Not much things to do.. The only one who accompanied me all the way was Robb.. Edi gor came.. But he was so busy with his friends that I somehow felt that his trip here was spent more on other things than with me.. The only thing nice about yesterday was the movie with Robb in Midvalley.. Together with Eyrique and Joshie of course.. We watched "I'm Not Stupid Too".. It was a very touching movie as it revolves around a life of a teenager.. Not to mention those good looking actors too.. Hehe.. Well.. Not that my past few birthdays were very memorable anyway.. Just had my hopes up high since it was my 21st birthday afterall.. And to think some of my so called close friends didn't even send me a sms wishing me happy birthday.. What to do.. Already over.. No use fretting about it anymore.. There's no turning back.. Still.. That feeling still lurks around like an invisible force around me.. Sigh.. This blog is really a sad place to be.. Nothing nice comes out if you see a new post here.. Nothing..
Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Angel Of Music

Angel Of Music
(The Phantom Of The Opera)

PHANTOM'S VOICE: Brava, brava, bravissima . . .

Christine, Christine...
(Phantom: Christine...)

Where in the world
have you been hiding?
Really, you were perfect!

I only wish
I knew your secret!
Who is your great tutor?

Father once spoke of an angel
I used to dream he'd appear
Now as I sing, I can sense him
And I know he's here

Here in this room
he calls me softly
somewhere inside hiding

Somehow I know
he's always with me
he - the unseen genius

Christine, you must have been dreaming, stories like this can't come true

Christine, you're talking in riddles, and it's not like you!

Angel of Music!
Guide and guardian!
Grant to me your glory!

MEG(to herself):
Who is this angel? This...

Angel of Music!
Hide no longer!
Secret and strange angel

He's with me, even now...

Your hands are cold...

All around me...

Your face, Christine, it's white...

It frightens me...

Don't be frightened...

Zach a.k.a. Garfield


Hm.. Just checked my results on the internet.. And guess what? I failed all my subjects! Except for english of course.. Well.. I should have expected this long time ago.. Why frown over it? People ask me to work harder.. Study harder.. Prepare earlier.. Etc.. But do they even know how I felt over it? If only they could be in my shoes.. They would know how confused I am right know.. I don't even know what I'm doing these days..

Besides spending time with my boyfriend.. I'm just wasting my time in KL doing nothing but eat, sleep and go to the cyber cafe to online.. Well.. Now that my results are out.. Should I study as much as I can to resit for those 4 papers in 1 month's time? Or should I just let go and start finding a job.. Or figuring out what the hell my life is all about? (Like that would happen).. I think I can say that I've wasted all my time.. Since after Form5 till now.. Been lost since then.. I don't work.. I don't study.. What the hell am I doing? Nothing.. And what do I do to change that situation of mine? Nothing.. Why is that? I don't know! Then why not do something about it? Try making me.. Even I can't move my own body.. Confused? So am I..

Maybe someone should just hypnotise me and make me a better person.. Might work.. Who knows? =P When will I wake from from this never ending dream of mine! Argh!! Few more days till my birthday.. A 21 year old man.. No longer a boy.. Yet still act like a child.. Ignoring responsibilities.. Ignoring life.. Just enjoying whatever that is given to him at that very moment.. Hm.. Nothing good comes out whenever I start to write.. And times like this makes me feel so out of place from the real world.. Living in fantasy land where everything is perfect and nice.. Can't even think of a person to have breakfast with me.. How lame..

I thought back about that thing that I might like to do in life.. I think I've mentioned it before.. Last year perhaps.. Travel around.. Visiting new places.. How about that for a job? So I went looking around Singapore Airlines website.. Hoping there might be something there for me.. Maybe join the cabin crew? Too bad.. The site's empty.. Even if they were looking for new crews there.. Am I ready to take this chance? I have no idea.. I keeping thinking and thinking and thinking.. But never did anything.. No wonder I feel like this all the time.. All thoughts and no action.. Brain filled with thoughts and nothing done to release the pressure out of it..

Someone told me I am a smart guy.. Am I? If I'm so smart why can't I do more for myself in this pityful life of mine.. =D Food for thought..

Ahh.. Enough.. Don't wanna write anymore for now.. One thing for sure.. I have a very loving boyfriend who supports me in whatever I do.. Hopefully I can be a better person for him.. ^^ Adioz..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Year 2006 For Pisceans

One of the things that matters most to you is keeping your promises. That will go double in early 2006, as a friend will undoubtedly rely on you for something quite important. You've reassured them for months now that they have nothing to worry about, but as soon as the year begins, you'll have a chance to prove that your word truly is your bond.

At the same time -- and straight through mid-March -- you'll also find that several high-ranking, influential coworkers and authority figures will be looking to you to follow through on your word. They may even need a bit more of a commitment from you. Not to worry though. The heavens will be more than happy to help you keep on task, and you'll be rewarded for your honesty, integrity and hard work in a very big way. Sit tight, do everything exactly as you know you should and prepare to experience a wonderful feeling: well-earned, justified pride in yourself.

Obviously, after all that hard work and discipline, you'll be more than ready to have some serious fun -- and the universe has some of that in mind for you too. You'll have all kinds of chances to do some long-distance traveling this year, and if there's any way at all that you can make a reality of one of those trips, don't pass it up. You've probably been itching either to go home for a visit or to return to a place you've always loved. Do it now, and take your favorite travel buddy along. (Just be sure to carry everything you need right on your person, in case of luggage delays or other annoyances.)

If you feel like a relationship is changing -- and not for the worse, so don't worry -- you could well be 100 percent right. Things between you and a certain someone will deepen considerably by the end of the year, if not before. If you don't already have someone in mind, a family member may introduce you to a potential sweetie -- someone they've been telling you is 'just perfect' for you -- around the end of July. You may have to put up with an I-told-you-so after a few weeks, but if things are going along that well, grin and bear it. It will be well worth it when you take a look around you by New Year's and realize that you've got everything you could possibly wish for!

Cupid will reward you for this year of personal discovery and good behavior -- you've been paying all your dues and working hard! In all, your pride in your work will give you a sense of calm assurance that will be extremely appealing to that special someone. The universe will be tossing you opportunities for fun all year long, leaving you laughing and full of quirky stories that will keep anyone intrigued.

If you are single in the midst of swimsuit season, be open to blind dates set up by those you trust, because it's quite likely that one of those awkward moments could turn into a deep and joyful relationship. Sure, you'd have to put yourself on the line -- but with the rest of your life going so swimmingly, it's a small thing to risk! Besides, your success at work and your loving friends will keep you busy and make you even more desirable.

If you are already in a relationship, your radar will start to pick up some interesting changes between the two of you. Don't be afraid, even if you like how things stand. By the end of the year, if you embrace those changes, you could find that a good relationship has ripened into something truly terrific.

Whether you're single or committed or somewhere in between, this year will bring self-confidence and wildly attractive relationship opportunities. You may even get to travel and send lovelorn letters to your sweetie from exotic locales. That is, if you aren't traveling together, which is also a possibility. In that case, you may find that hunting for sunblock and trying out strange new foods gives you both a serious case of lovesickness. And far from home, you'll feel uninhibited about expressing your devotion or enjoying your partner's high praise. So let yourself be rewarded as you deserve.

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Monday, February 27, 2006

Chronicles Of Zachnia.. Narnia? Lolz..

Ok.. Lets see.. Been gone for a very long time now.. Lots of missing pieces in this so called blog of mine.. But where do I start? Chinese New Year? Well.. Nothing much happened during that time.. Like everyone else.. Was busy collecting ang pow.. Gambling.. Playing.. Visiting.. Hehehe.. I hardly gamble though.. Only time that I did I think was during the 3rd day of Chinese New Year.. My secondary school group of friends have this gathering at a certain friend's house every year during the 3rd day of Chinese New Year.. We would gamble there and catch up on all the things we missed as most of us are studying in different places now.. Well like every year.. I never win.. Hehe.. Maybe that is why I don't like to gamble that much.. I prefer to drink.. Had few glasses of red wine at my uncle's house when I was back in Penang.. Broke one of his glasses too.. Didn't really know what happen though.. LoL.. Did lots of Dota-ing with my friends too.. Won some lost some.. It was fun.. Still.. All the time back in Penang.. My heart did not stop missing someone important.. Someone back in Ipoh.. ^^

Went back to KL few days before Valentine's Day.. Did nothing much back in KL.. On the day before Valentine's Day.. I went up to Genting Highlands with Robb, Ben and Casper.. ^^ My 1st Valentine's outing with someone I love.. Although we did nothing much and didn't get to play at the outdoor theme park.. But the time spent together with Robb was nice.. Especially during the night.. Hehehe.. Details not gonna be spilled here.. =P Wanna know ask me yourself.. *Evil grinz* Stayed for one night only.. Went back to KL the next afternoon after having lunch at Pizza Hut.. Everything is so expensive up there!! Kinda reluctant to spend a single cent there.. But then.. Not everyday is Valentine's Day.. So.. What the heck.. ^^

Back in KL.. Again.. Wasted my time doing nothing.. But spent quite alot of time with Robb.. Even finished watching the Hong Kong series "War And Beauty".. That series was nice.. Watching how the women fight among themselves for power and vengeance.. Evil.. Never mess with women or make them angry.. You'll never know what hit you next.. Hehe.. Well.. Things are going well among me and Robb.. Its been more than 4 months since the day we got together.. Really glad that this relationship of ours is working now.. I can't say the same thing for my own life though.. Don't know what am I doing wasting my time in KL.. Waiting results? Hehe.. Expected to fail alot.. Robb asked me to go work part-time with him.. Well.. This might seem like nothing for most people.. But it should be a very huge step for me.. I'm still a child inside.. Afraid to grow up.. Afraid to meet the real world.. But physically.. I'm reaching 21 soon.. Sigh.. Lets just see what happens next..

Birthday is near.. Few more weeks and I will be considered an independant young adult.. Lots of people will be here in KL to celebrate with me.. Even Ben wants to celebrate his birthday together with mine although his was much earlier.. My godbro Edi from Johor will be here to meet me too! Can't wait to see him.. Too bad Matt gor won't be able to make it as he is very busy with work now.. Doctor wor!! Hehe.. Nvmle.. Wait till he is free..

Got to know quite a lot of new people in ChinesePlu.. Also spent quite alot of time in Maple Story with some of my friends.. Made a level 33 Cleric.. Healer again.. ^^ And now.. I'm wide awake writing this useless piece of my so-called life without any sleep since yesterday.. Wonder what will become of me.. Robb.. Where are you? Missed you so much although its just been 3 days since you've went back to Ipoh.. Sigh.. Addicted to you..

Nothing much to say now.. Oh yea.. Had some stupid pictures taken while waiting for my Naruto to download finish.. =P Kinda liked my hair today.. Hehe.. Enjoy.. Chaoz..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Song For My Darling..

If I Ain't Got You
(Alicia Keys)

Some people live for the fortune
Some people live just for the fame
Some people live for the power yeah
Some people live just to play the game
Some people think that the physical things
Define what's within
And I've been there before
But that life's a bore
So full of the superficial

Some people want it all
But I don't want nothing at all
If it ain't you baby
If I ain't got you baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain't got you

Some people search for a fountain
The promises forever young
Some people need three dozen roses
And that's the only way to prove you love them

Hand me a world on a silver platter
And what good would it be?
With no one to share, with no one who truly cares for me

Some people want it all
But I don't want nothing at all
If it ain't you baby
If I ain't got you baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain't got you, you, you

Some people want it all
But I don't want nothing at all
If it ain't you baby
If I ain't got you baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain't got you

If I ain't got you with me baby
Nothing in this whole wide world don't mean a thing
If I ain't got you with me baby

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Memories of 2005.. Beginning of 2006

A year has passed.. Lots have happened.. People come.. People go.. But I'm still the same old me.. Its been a while since I've updated this blog.. There were a few memorable events that happened during the previous year.. Which was just few days ago.. Hehe.. So now I will try to fill in those happenings from 2005 which I have missed out from this blog.. Hopefully my memory serves me well and let me write all of it down here.. In this place where I spill all my happiness and sorrow.

Before 2005's Christmas, I was back in Penang for few days.. With Yaoi of course.. There was this gathering with my old schoolmates.. SUPLEX.. I can't exactly remember what it stands for.. Bad memory of mine.. =) He arrived in Penang earlier than me as I missed my bus in KL.. Got stuck in the traffic jam and for the 1st time.. The bus left early.. Usually it reaches late or leaves late.. Wonder why this time so unlucky.. My friend who drove me there bought new tickets as he felt it was his fault we arrived late.. Called Yaoi and told him about it.. Luckily Adrian is free and met up with Yaoi when he arrived in Penang.. They went to play few games of DOTA before I arrived..

The next morning we went to KOMTAR to meet up with my friends.. From there we sat a public bus to Teluk Bahang where some of us hike there while the rest sit a boat with all our stuffs for BBQ in Pantai Kerachut.. Yaoi felt out of place I suppose.. As everyone was speaking in Hokkien.. But he said its ok as long as I'm with him.. So sweet.. =P So we sat on the boat and enjoyed the scenery.. I always feel at ease whenever I'm near the sea.. No idea why.. So we reached Pantai Kerachut.. Arranged our stuffs and cleaned the place.. It was beautiful.. The beach.. The sky.. The sea.. Well.. After that just lazed around till dinner.. It was fun.. BBQ-ing on the beach.. Under the stars.. With the sea breeze.. Hehe.. Near midnite we went to lie down at the jetty.. The sky was so beautiful.. Can see stars all over.. We just stayed there and stare at the sky.. Went back the next day..

These are few of the pictures taken from Genting Highlands.. The mists were scary though when we came back down to KL.. Can't see the road in front of us.. Hehe.. Can't remember when I went there.. But was sometime around December.. =P Enjoy..

As for Christmas.. I went to Ipoh to look for Yaoi to celebrate with him.. Not to forget BenBen and my god bro Matthew.. Wanted to reach a day before Christmas but the bus tickets were all sold out.. So I had to go on the next day.. Met up with a friend of his near afternoon and watched a movie in Jusco.. A Chinese Tall Story.. Quite lame.. After the movie we went back and had a quick bath before heading out again for dinner.. Had steak for dinner.. Wasn't that nice.. Still prefer the steak at The Ship and Victoria Station.. Hehe.. Went for few rounds of DOTA after that.. Lost at the last round.. Sigh.. Well.. Went to Friends Cafe and met up with Ben there.. Few other people were there too but I can't remember their names.. Hehe.. Forgetfull me.. =P Nothing much happened on that day.. Just sat there and chat with them.. There were few fireworks as well.. Matt kor came around midnight.. He looked so exhausted.. Must be tiring to work in the hospital.. Went to supper and then back home to sleep..

New Year's eve!! Yaoi's turn to come to KL.. Met a lot of ChinesePlu gang in Green Lotus that night.. Didn't expect to see so many people there.. Even Fansu was there.. Hehe.. Let me see.. Nic83, Smiling-Baby, Pepsi, Mention, Maxboi, Feiyu, Ah Kin and few others were there too.. The food there was ok.. But was abit pricey.. After dinner we went out of the restaurant.. Oh yea.. We were in Bukit Bintang that time.. It was so packed with people.. We can hardly move around in that crowd.. Lots of spraying and laughing all over the place.. Found a spot between Maybank and McDonalds and we stood there while waiting for the fireworks to start.. Saw more spraying and honking around that area.. Hehe.. The fireworks started as soon as the clock reached 12.00.. Happy New Year!!! The fireworks were beautiful.. Too bad I don't have any camera or I would have taken some pictures of them.. Well.. After everything finished we headed back to the carpark.. The traffic was bad.. Wanted to go to LQ that night but had to cancel our plan since we arrived late.. No point wasting our money.. Had late supper and went back to Nic's house to overnight.. Took some pictures with his doggy on the next morning too.. =P

The night after that we went to LQ.. Was quite empty though.. The top section of LQ was closed.. No idea why.. So we just hanged out at the bottom section.. There were few big sized girls dancing on the dance floor.. We joined them after getting bored from just sitting there and chatting.. Hehe.. Done some stupid things and took photos of it but I won't be posting it here.. Too shy.. Bleh..

Quite a year for me.. As for the beginning of 2006.. It wasn't that nice.. Had conjunctivitis last week.. Irritated my eye for quite long.. Itchy and watery.. Sigh.. Got better after taking some medication from the doctor.. Still.. 2 days ago I had food poisoning.. Argh.. Diarrhea all day long.. Bloated stomach.. Lost of appetite.. T_T So tiring.. My whole body was aching.. And there was no one to take me to the clinic.. Had to walk down all by myself with the aching tummy and body.. The assistant at the counter recognised me as I just went to the same clinic 2 days before that.. What a year.. I wonder what is going to happen next..

Today is the 3rd month anniversary of me and Yaoi.. 1st good news of the year.. Hehe.. He will be coming to KL's Tar college to study.. Although he can't stay with me but still he's closer to me now.. Rather than having him in Ipoh and me in KL.. Have to appreciate this chance.. Well.. Chinese New Year is near too.. And so are my exams.. Haven't done any shopping for my clothes yet.. Same goes for my studies.. Hm.. Lazy me.. ><"

I guess this sums up to what I have not written for the past few weeks.. Sorry for not updating my blog that often.. Sometimes I just don't know how to write.. =D Those were just summaries of what had happened so far.. Hopefully this year will be a better year after having such a bad start.. Cya.. Chaoz..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield