Monday, September 04, 2006

My Absence..

Hm.. Been away from here for almost 2 months.. Was going around KL searching for hotels and travel agencies for my assignment.. Kinda fun though.. Asking them questions regarding their work and the tourism industry.. Learned quite a lot from them.. :P Seems like the travel industry is quite fun.. But need to work hard.. And won't get rich from what I see.. Hehe.. But who cares.. Its the lifestyle that I like.. We get to meet alot of people.. Not all good I guess.. But still.. The world is so big.. Not everyone is nice.. =D

Not much happening these few weeks.. Got addicted to sushi though.. But the service provided by Sushi King in Low Yat is kinda sad.. The 1st time I went there, their aircon was down.. They said it was just temporary so we went in and ordered 1st.. It was so hot!! Even after we finished eating the aircon was still not working.. Haih.. 2nd experience there was not that good as well.. There was hair in my sushi! Argh.. Won't be going there again.. Even my lecturer complained that the Sushi King in MidValley had extra slow service.. Wonder how they gain their franchisee's licence..

During Yi Kang's birthday, we went to Red Box to celebrate.. The photos are still with Stef though.. Didn't reach my hand yet.. Christy can sing really good!! So jealous of her.. If only I can sing a little better.. Only few of us went though.. Not a big crowd.. So it was just some sort of a small party.. Sorry bout that bro.. :P Well.. At least its better than nothing right? Hopefully you had fun like me..

Exams exams exams.. Waiting for me just around the corner.. And I'm still wasting time online and playing games.. Maybe I'm not that worried bout the subjects.. Only one.. Japanese! Never really did memorise the words and vocabs.. Serve me right.. Haha.. Never mind.. Now I'm looking forward to the holidays.. Going back to Penang after so long.. My parents must be missing me so much.. ^^ Before that.. Hopefully I can go to Sunway Lagoon with my classmates.. Been a long time since I've been there.. Can't remember how old..

Gonna move soon.. Yes, again! Seems like I've been moving places every semester.. Becoming a habit huh? This time I'm moving to a smaller place.. No more living in a condominium.. Demoted to a flat.. Haha.. Why? Because it is cheap! And I get to stay with my dear and my classmates.. :P Will be having problems moving my stuffs though.. Big and heavy.. Not talking bout my body hor! My furnitures.. Ah.. That one later only worry.. Maybe need to spend a little bit to ask for a lorry.. T_T Will miss the spacious room I'm enjoying right now though, in exchange for a environment where there will be more people around.. :D

My room..

My living room..

My table..

Well.. I guess thats all for now.. Hopefully my next update won't be for another 2 months.. Hehe.. Sorry Fansu for the delay.. :P All the best to everyone who is having exams now.. And enjoy all you can for those on holidays.. Cya!

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

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senaiboy said...

cool calendar! =P where'd u get that? hehe