Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Worst Day Ever..

Last Saturday was my Econs paper.. Was quite nervous at first.. But after going through the paper.. It was quite easy.. And I managed to finish everything.. Hopefully I can get an A this time.. After the exam was over.. I walked out of the room happily and went to take my bag.. To my horror.. It can't be found anywhere! I started to panic and asked my friends not to play a prank on me as my handphone, my MP3 player and 2 of my other friend's handphone were all in my bag! None of them took it though.. And I quickly went down to ask the guard.. He was so blur! After some worthless conversation with him he asked me to go to the guard house to report about the incident.. Went there.. Told them what happened.. And it seems like it wasn't only me who got their stuff stolen.. Lots of other similar cases were happening all around college..

Fucking thieves.. Hope they get knocked down by a trailer so badly that no one would even recognise them.. Or better still.. Let them experience some freaking accident that makes them paralyse from waist down and not be able to walk or even pee at their own will for the rest of their lives..

Been without a handphone for 4 days already.. The feeling is so weird.. Like a part of my body is missing.. I think most people would feel the same if their handphones are not with them.. Sigh.. Somehow I miss my old handphone.. Can't even afford to get one new one now.. Have to just live with it then.. T_T What a day.. What a day..

My old sweetheart..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

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