Saturday, December 19, 2009


One would think that I am about to write something about my relationship with Robb due to the title above. Well, my life does seem like it only revolves around Robb, which is sadly true in some sense. But no, this does not relate to him.

I'm a person who likes to go places and experience different cultures, lifestyles, and see all the wonderful sceneries that a destination might have. I think most people loves travelling as well. But so far, I have been stuck in KL most of the time. The only two places that I go to a lot is to work and back home. I don't even have much people to hang out with.

One of my classmates during college, is now travelling to most parts of the world. He has been working while travelling all around UK, making the most out of his youth and experiencing all that he can. Deep down inside of me, this is something that I wanted to experience. I kinda feel jealous every time I see pictures of him in different countries.

I'm not dissatisfied with my life with Robb, but I guess there's a small part of me that wanted to do all those things before settling down for good. Having to work different hours and Zuzu waiting for me at home, I guess there isn't much that can be done now. All I can do is to be happy for my friends that are able to go for their dreams no matter how hard their road is.

Guess I'm done being emo for now. Will try to update if anything interesting happens in my life, or if I have the time to hunt down my muse. Goodnitez.

Green eyed monster,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

iPhone 3GS..

This is me, updating this short post using my friend's iPhone. Seems like almost everyone is using either an iPhone or a Blackberry these days. I can see my friends updating their status anytime, anywhere. Makes me feel like getting one too, but too bad, I don't think I can afford one.

The past week had been excruciatingly hard to go through. Time seems endless when Robb is not around. But I survived, and two days later I will finally be able to see the love of my life. I certainly can't wait for the moment where we get to see and feel each other once again. Till then, I guess I will just have to wait.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Without You..

We were hardly ever apart all through our 4 years and 7 days relationship, with the only exception of Chinese New Year and some short days when you went back to Ipoh or when I went back to Penang. So when you left for Singapore to work for 2 weeks, I felt completely lost. It felt like part of my heart and my soul left me, leaving this vessel empty.

I used to go to work with my heart eager to come home, so that I can wait for you or coming home to you waiting for me. Now, I go to work feeling empty inside and time passes by so slowly. Coming home has never felt so lonely as I always have you around me. Even Zuzu felt the loneliness without you. I felt the loneliness more when I go into our room, looking at the empty king sized bed, knowing that I alone would be the only one sleeping on it.

Even though lots of people said that it is only for 2 weeks and time will pass by in a blink of an eye, it felt almost like eternity to me. It is only the second day and I've already felt the effect of being without you, which made me realize how much I love you and can never ever be the same if you left me for good. Am I too dependent on you? Many would say that, but I do not care as you are the world to me. All I want is to be with you, breathe with you, and live with you.

I miss you lots..

Tuesday, October 06, 2009



4th Anniversary

Dearest Zach,

Today, it's the 4th year we've been together. We've gone through a lot of things together, haven't we?

Be it the sweet, tender moments of us being innocently in love with each other or the uncertainty and anxiety I caused you at times, we've been through that thick and thin. Our relationship wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't you who gave in to me.

In fact, it has always been that way since the start, where you gave in to me, by offering a free accommodation along with food for me to come to Penang where we met each other. Since then, it was always you who have been able to give everything to me, be it your care when I'm sick (since my antibody is a little weaker usually) and stood by me whenever I made any decisions. You've also tolerated how dirty/messy me as a person is and remained patient throughout my naughty acts all the time.

All I want to tell you, Zach dear dear is,

Today would be a day always fresh in your memory,
You have completed me rather than a girl;
Our love will burn bright, always eternally,
You are my everything in this world.


Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore Experience

When I was small, me and my family would go to Singapore at least once a year to visit my grandmother, my uncle and his family. But since 12 years ago, we stopped going and I've missed Singapore since then. I don't quite remember the places I've been to but there still are some traces left in my head that I know of, such as Haw Par Villa and the famous Sentosa Island. Having a chance to go there again would be perfect for me to re-live my happy memories with my family there and also create new ones of my own. So if I were to visit Singapore again for only a day, I would have to plan it properly.

I would start off in the morning by visiting the Singapore Zoo, which is home to over 3,200 mammals, birds, reptiles and fishes. Since it's an open zoo, it is perfect for me to experience the rich lushness of the tropical rain forest with its thriving wildlife. Since I'm an animal lover, I would definitely enjoy it as Robb has been there before and he told me that it is nicer than the zoo in Malaysia. I would definitely want to see the white tigers there as I've always loved tigers.

Next up, I would like to head to Sentosa Island, and visit the Underwater World and the Dolphin Lagoon. I'm actually a water person, as in I feel calm and relaxed whenever I'm around watery areas, such as by the sea or even a swimming pool. I would love to watch the pink dolphins demonstrate their charms and skills, and if the timing is right, I would even want to swim with them as they have limited sessions as well. The underwater world would also be a perfect place to see what's it like living in the ocean, surrounded by majestic sea creatures.

Before heading back from Sentosa Island during the evening, I would want to visit the Sentosa Merlion. It is a stretched out 37-metre version of the statue by the Singapore River, which is lit up at night and shoots lasers from its eyes. There's an elevator up into its mouth where I can gaze out over the nearby Port of Singapore. The Merlion is the signature of Singapore, and I would think that one could not be considered to have visited Singapore if he or she did not take at least one picture with the Merlion.

Having spent the entire day outdoors with nature, it is time for some shopping at Orchard Road, the epicenter of Singapore's shopping and entertainment industry. I remember visiting Orchard Road during Christmas when I was small, and it was a very beautiful place. It would be nice to be here during Christmas season again, where the roads and shops will be beautifully lit and decorated. Clarke Quay is not to be missed as well as it is the perfect spot to hang out and chill while enjoying the night life by the river side.

There are many other places in Singapore that is a must-visit, but these would be my dream destinations if I were to visit Singapore for only a day.

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience.


Sunday, October 04, 2009

It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

Life has been dull for me lately, with my work being so routine and not much time to go anywhere else. Lucky for me, Nuffnang is organizing an event on the 23rd of November! The Nuffnang Blog Awards is going to be very happening and Krrunch as bloggers from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Australia will be gathering in Singapore on that very day! Bloggers who send in their blog entries about this stand a chance to be invited to this very exclusive and Krrunch event, so here I am trying my luck to change my boring month into a very Krrunch month!

Zuzu is not very accepting if there's something new or strange that he hasn't seen before. So whenever we buy something new, such as a new toy or a box of something, he'll be curious about it but in the same time act strangely towards that particular item. So when we placed a can of Pringles on the floor, Zuzu was curiously looking at it, and at the same time keeping a distance as if he were afraid of it. But once I opened the lid, he did what he always does when he sensed food.

He'll be all over you and trying his very best to make you feed him! You can ask him to do anything, well anything that he has learned to do, and he'll do it obediently. That was how he was taught to do the tricks that he knows currently, with food as his prize. Zuzu will look at you with his adorable face, practically begging to be fed. We had a very Krrunch time, playing with Zuzu and taking pictures of him while he was chasing after it.

Zuzu was all over the can of Pringles as he already knew that it contains food inside. It was truly a Krrunch night, as we spent precious time together, enjoying the moment. So here it is, my blog post for 'Its Krrunch Time, Get Playful' for the Nuffnang Blog Awards. Hopefully I can get chosen as it would really be Krrunch to be attending such a big event.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What is there to blog when..

..I work six days a week in a place where everything is just routine.

..I don't have anywhere to go after work other than home.

..I don't have my own circle of friends to hang out with. working time clashes with everyone's free time.

..nothing interesting happens at work.

..all I do is stare at my computer screen at home or play with Zuzu.

..the only person I can hang out with is Robb, and we don't go places much.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bad Day..

It all started last night, when I was about to go back from work. My shift yesterday was from 12PM to 8PM. The weather was fine the whole day, until the clock strikes 7PM and it started to go all windy and cloudy, signaling a rainy night. Still, there wasn't a single drop of rain and I was praying for it to stay that way until I reached home as I was riding my 7 year old motorbike to work. When it was time to go, I rushed up to the office and punched out my card. I then opened the door to the car park, and it started to rain. FML.

So I stayed back in the office, logged in to my Facebook and waited for the rain to stop. Since Robb is still in the office, we planned to eat pizza in his office with his colleagues. After 30 minutes, the rain began to subside and it was safe to ride to Robb's office. I was supposed to pick up the pizza in Yellow Cab, nearby Robb's office, before going up. On the way there, there was a part of the road that was flooded with water. I was in front of all the cars as the traffic light was red. When the light went green, I accelerated slowly as there was water around, but the car to my right sped up and splashed the water all over me. FML.

I was then all cold and wet, but I still continued to Yellow Cab as it was just nearby. Once I reached the place, I parked my motorbike at the roadside and went in to collect the pizza. It was still drizzling at that time, but it did not make any difference since I was already wet. When I came out, I saw my bike lying sideways beside the road. Apparently it fell down as I just used the side stand and the road was uneven. The front handle for my brake broke, and the side mirror was out of place. Now I have to spend extra money to fix up my motorbike. FML.

Today, there was supposed to be 3 people working during the morning shift, including me. But one of my colleague called in sick when I reached the office, and left 2 of us, one in each tower. And there wasn't anyone else coming in at 12PM, so it was kinda hard for us to go for our break. Lucky for us, our supervisor arrange for one of the part-timer to come in at 12PM, and we can leave for our break one at a time. So I called up my godbro as he was going to Pavilion with his boyfriend, and I wanted to meet up with them. I arranged my break time to be at 1PM so that my colleague can go for his break earlier.

The whole morning was uneventful, which was nice as there wasn't enough people around. By noon, my colleague went for his break when the part timer came. Half an hour later, that's when my bad luck continued to strike, again. I was already very hungry at that time, waiting for my colleague to come back so I can go for my lunch. Out of nowhere, I heard someone shouting from behind the lift area. One of the tenant was grabbing one guy's arm, shouting furiously towards him. I recognized the other guy as one of the real estate agents, and was wondering what had happened.

Apparently, this real estate agent, I'll just call him R, got hold of this tenant's house key, somehow, and went to open his door when the tenant was inside with his family. When R saw that there was someone inside he quickly closed the door and wanted to leave. But the tenant saw him and quickly called out to him, grabbing him in the arm and brought him down to the lobby, where I was working. To cut things short, it involved quite a number of people, things got messy, and my break time got delayed. To make it worse, I had a gastric attack, probably due to the stress and the hunger. It was quite a long time ago when I had gastric and somehow it surfaced again, during this situation. FML.

I walked with the uncomfortable feeling all the way to Pavilion, and had Koay Teow Soup as it was the only thing I could eat, besides porridge. My godbro and his boyfriend was there to accompany me and they were nice enough to hear me rant about my lousy day and bought me some medicine for my gastric. Thankfully, it worked and the pain subsided. We walked around a little and I got to know his boyfriend a bit as this was the first time that I've met him. Though it was just a brief meeting, it was nice and nothing bad has happened since then, hopefully.

I'm working again tomorrow, and the day after, and after, when everyone else is having their holidays. And after what happened today, I rather it be boring than to face such a situation again. Sigh. Got to go to bed now, morning shift again. Chao.

p.s. I just realized that I have a wound on my leg, and I have no idea how it got there. FML -.-


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

09 September 2009..

Today is another one of those special dates that gives people a reason to celebrate! Although 09.09.09 is not really a nice number but you don't get this day every single year. Coincidentally, I asked my housemate how to write 'I love you' in Chinese as I've forgotten how to write it and he thought I wanted to write it to Robb for this occasion when I didn't even notice the date. LoL.

Maybe I should celebrate it with Robb with a bottle of red wine, should I? A perfect excuse for me to open up a bottle and it wouldn't do me much harm as I'm working night shift tomorrow. Robb is working in the morning though, so I guess not. Oh well, I suck in writing happy posts and now I'm out of ideas.

I did change something in my house though. My PC is no longer situated in the living room beside Robb's PC, as it is now in the room beside our bed. The room is kinda crowded now with so many things in it, not to mention our king size bed. But this way, I get to hide in my room and not see anything or anyone that I don't feel like seeing at that moment. I have more privacy as well, if you know what I mean.

Had a brief dinner with my KL uncle's family yesterday and also one of my cousin from Singapore that I have not seen for over 10 years. He looks exactly like a younger version of his father, my uncle from Singapore. He's tanned from work and looks as thin as a stick. We didn't talk much though. As usual, my uncle (he's also the stingy landlord of mine who does not want to replace the faulty and cheap washing machine) keep asking me to leave my job and look for another one. Sigh.

I'm not close to anyone from my family, not even my own brother. There seems to be a barrier around me whenever I'm around them, and I sort of become someone who is not exactly who I am when I'm not with them. Guess it's a habit as I was always keeping everything to myself last time, during my depressed period. I kinda miss some of my old secondary school friends now, those that were the first few who I've told about my sexuality. They were friends that I could really share everything with, as they trust me enough to share their secrets too.

Over here, the only person I could really share everything with is Robb. Others might be there to listen, but they're not exactly people you can trust your deep dark secrets with, as they do not share theirs. They tend to wear a mask. No matter how sincere they appear to be, there will always be a thin layer of mask, covering their true self. Honesty is not something that could be gained here.

Bah, enough with all these negative thoughts. Have to sleep earlier to keep my face looking as young as it is now. :P

24 that looks like 18,

Friday, September 04, 2009


I had a sudden urge to write something while I was listening to my list of Final Fantasy songs with my Windows Media Player. These songs always put me in a mood which I can't describe. It's like a mixture of happy, yet sad feelings, or something magical and dreamy. One thing for sure is that it makes me feel very relaxed. It brings me to a place where reality does not exist, and anything could happen, exactly as it is in any Final Fantasy series.

Times like this make me regret not learning how to play the piano when I was young. I had the opportunity to learn so many things actually. My mum used to ask me whether I wanted to learn how to play piano, or go for proper swimming lessons, tennis lessons, bowling lessons, or any other activities. But I rejected everything. Every time I get moody, I feel that it would be nice if I just had a piano and play all the songs that can express all my desires, my feelings, my dreams, IF I knew how to play.

People born under the horoscope sign of Pisces are known to be creative and artistic. So far, I haven't found anything creative nor artistic about myself. Maybe I would be one if I knew how to play the piano. I used to be in the music team for my primary school. We were all blowing the Recorder, something which I was quite good at. Maybe that's why I'm gay? LoL. I remember myself enjoying the practice sessions as well as all the performances that my team did. I wasn't good in reading the music notes though, just more to remembering the songs.

Back in Penang, I can go to the beaches at night, listen to the sound of the waves while the sea breeze flows around me, putting me at ease and blows away all my troubles. Here, all I have are my songs, which is not much. I miss how the sea makes my body and my mind melt into nothingness and loosen up. The surroundings in KL just bottles up stress into people, no matter how carefree your life is in KL. I guess I'm not really a city person, although it is enjoyable but too much of it is harmful to the soul.

I can just imagine myself playing the piano, with all the mixed emotions rushing through my body to my fingertips, transforming them into music, which expresses any persons emotions more effectively rather than using words.


Thursday, September 03, 2009


This might not be the nicest sight of me but yeah, this picture is the most recent one that I have. The intervals between my posts seem to grow wider by time, and I'm not sure whether it is a good thing or a bad thing as the only time that I can write is when I'm feeling emotional. This picture was taken during Merdeka eve in Mist Club, where I met up with Mira after 7 years of absence. I'm glad she still remembers me after all those years and she still looks as pretty as ever. After partying a little and having free supply of booze, I sort of got too high and had too much to drink. I was actually drunk for the first time and puked! Wasn't a nice experience though. A lesson well learned.

Life has been pretty much the same, working six days a week, having different shifts, going to movie screenings whenever possible and etc. Nothing much happens at work. The only thing that I look forward to are the series that one of my colleague transferred to the PC there. So far I've watched Brothers and Sisters, Gossip Girl, Pushing Daisies, True Blood, and Mental, all from the first episode to the latest one. If it weren't for her I think I would be bored to death by now. It's not exactly a good thing to look forward to in a job though.

As for movie screenings, the recent ones were Up, Orphan and Final Destination 4. Up was entertaining, but didn't leave much of an impression to me. I liked Orphan though, very twisted and unpredictable. As for Final Destination 4, it was quite a waste of time. The 3D version might be better though but the story line, well, there wasn't much of a story line. Attended one event from Ogawa as well and got to know BubblyWen, a bubbly girl. Haha. We tried out Ogawa's Smartaire and the feeling was great! Would want one for myself and my parents if I could afford it.

People seem to know who I am whenever I attend Nuffnang events. It feels kinda awkward to be spoken to and them having know my name when I don't even know who they are. It is usually them who speaks to me first as I'm not very good at socializing with people, unlike Robb. I guess people know my name through Robb's blog as I don't think I would have people waiting to see if I have updated my dead blog. LoL. I got to know few of the bloggers though. Just recently, me and Robb went to Yuen's Buffet Steamboat with CookieDonut, Zues, Jack and Simon (all Nuffnang bloggers). It was nice to have a group of people to hang out with once awhile as most of the time it is only me and Robb.

I have two new housemates and the previous guy already moved out. This time, both of them are gay, which makes my house 80% gay! The only straight one left now is Justin, although he looks more gay than me. The two new housemates seemed fine, but time will tell whether or not we're compatible. One thing for sure is they're much friendlier than the previous bloke who only hide in his room and do god knows what. They even love Zuzu and plays with him. The previous guy gave me less than 1 month's notice and did not help in looking for someone new to move in. Oh well, glad that he's gone.

Sigh, I really feel that I write so much better when I'm emo. Words seem to flow out effortlessly and there's more feeling to the post. When I'm not emo and I write a blog post like this one, it seems so plain and lack of feelings. Sometimes I wonder whether or not it is a good thing that I don't have any inspiration to write as I did before. But whatever it is, sorry for the long wait to read something so plain and boring. Wonder when would it be next when I update again.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Idle Life..

My blog has been dead for quite some time now. That just shows how dull my life is with nothing much going on. Most of the days it is just waking up, going to work, going home and sleep. Whenever I'm free, everyone else is busy, especially when my off day is on a Thursday. When everyone else is free on weekends, I have to go to work. Sigh.

It does not help that I have responsibilities at home, mainly Zuzu. I'm not complaining about having Zuzu around as I love him a lot but his welfare has to be taken into consideration in whatever plans that I might have. Someone has to be around to feed him, to make sure that he has enough water to drink, to play with him and so on. It's not easy being a father, especially when I'm working while wondering how bored he is by being alone at home.

Having a dog does not mean that we should only play with it when we're bored and neglect it when we're not. We have to remember that while we might have our family, friends and career, our dog only has us. A dog needs companionship from us much more than we need him. 10 Promises To My Dog is a movie that I would advice someone to watch if he or she is thinking of getting a dog. It is impossible to find a link to download it, so I went to Timesquare and bought the DVD.

Recently, I found a primary school friend of mine through Facebook and started chatting with him. I wasn't that close to him before but I had a nice chat with him. People really do change a lot, especially in appearance. I noticed that most of my friends that I had known a long time ago, looked different from how they were. Most of them had turned quite attractive. As for me, I still look the same as I was before.

Oh well, guess I'll disappear for god knows how long again before I have something else to write here. Have to sleep now as I'm working morning shift tomorrow and Robb is waiting for me with Zuzu in the room. Goodnight.


Friday, June 05, 2009

Short Updates..

19/05 - Mother called to inform that my uncle had passed away. Took three days unpaid leave and went back to Penang right after work.

20/05 - Went to uncle's funeral and got to know that I was their godson. "Sent him away" together with their only daughter.

22/05 - Came back to KL. Unpacked, had a short rest, packed again, and headed to Genting Highlands for Robb's belated birthday. Stayed for a night.

24/05 - Back to work as usual. Brother came to KL to study.

03/06 - Watched Terminator with Jason and Marcus in Pavilion after work. Felt that Pavilion has degraded to Timesquare's status.

04/06 - Off day. Moody as I didn't get to spend much time with Robb because he's very busy with work. Slept early.

05/06 - Still moody. Didn't message me the whole day. Sent him a "I miss you.." message but only received a "Very busy.." reply. He'll be home late again today so had dinner with brother. Going to sleep early again.


Monday, May 18, 2009

I Miss You So..

It has been years since I've last met you. You don't know how much I've been dreaming of meeting you ever since the last time we were together in Penang. I remembered the first time when I met you in the shopping complex, it was love at first sight. You might not be as presentable as everyone else nor as famous as they are, but to me, you're the most handsome one of all. Every single part of you spelled "yummy" in my head. I couldn't resist myself from drooling every time I see you.

Then one day I brought you home with me. I couldn't stop myself from stripping you bare naked and tasting you inside me. It was heaven! Never have I been so satisfied and it was pleasuring in every single way. After that day I just needed more and more of you. You were like a drug to me, and I was a very serious drug addict and I just can't live a day without you.

Having you with me just spices up my life. Nothing has ever made me feel so. But after awhile, you seemed to disappear and I could not find you anywhere. You left me without even saying goodbye. I was devastated. I was lost. How could you just leave without a trace? I went all over to look for you but you just seemed to vanish into thin air. It was a very hard time for me as I was so into you. There is nothing that could replace you no matter how hard I tried.

After being apart for so many years, I started to live happily. Time made me forget about you. You become nothing but a fragment of my life as I knew I would never see you again. But life is just full of surprises. As I was on the way home after work today, I stopped by at Jusco Wangsa Maju to get some snacks for my beloved Zuzu. Guess what? I saw you again. At first I didn't believe that it was you that I saw. I went closer and I recognized you even when you've changed your outlook a little. You were still the same, as irresistible as ever.

I wanted to turn around and walk away, but the demon inside me stopped me from doing so. I have longed to see you after so many years, and finally you appeared before me. Even though I have moved on, part of me still lusts for you, wanting you inside me, feeling the same satisfying sensation as I felt few years back. My inner desires overcame my logic to just walk away and I ended up confronting you.

In the end, I brought you home, just like how I did back in Penang. No one else knows about this yet, and they would definitely disapprove of me doing so as it would just add salt to my wound. But I don't care, it was a chance of a lifetime for me and if I let you go again, I wouldn't know whether you would disappear again like before. I had to have you. I want you. I needed you. Please do not leave me again. Please stay.



Saturday, May 16, 2009

Money Money Money..

It has been quite some time since I've updated my blog and this was actually written in a notebook when I was working this morning. It has been quite a tough month for me as I was low on cash. Even though I had my first salary at the end of April, it was just enough to cover my fixed expenses and left me with little to spare. Not to mention Robb's birthday is coming soon. Sigh.

I can't blame anyone but myself for being idle for so long, surviving on nothing but my own savings. I was quite dry when I started to work as I had depleted most of my savings. Even so, I needed to spend on some necessary things before I started work. This job of mine requires me to wear a white shirt everyday. Sadly, I only had one white shirt, and it was quite old. It wasn't even bought by myself as some guy gave it to me after I helped him out few years back. I tried to look for a cheap one but ended up buying two from Seed as the ones in Jusco were either too bad in quality or too big for me. I managed to get a black slacks and a belt in Jusco which was quite cheap though.

The food around my work place ain't cheap either. One meal alone would cost nearly RM 10.00 and for someone who has a big appetite like me it is always not filling. I had to bring my own bread most of the time as I was really low on cash that time. Around two weeks after I started working, the sole of my shoes came off when I was on night shift. Had to spend again to get it mended.

When I was about to get my pay, there was a one day warehouse sales by L'oreal and Justin was working part-time there. They were selling Armani Diamonds for Men at only RM 150.00 for a 75ml bottle and the deodorant at only RM 30.00. As I kinda like the smell and it was very cheap considering the normal price for a 75ml bottle is at RM 240.00, I asked Justin to buy it for me. There goes a part of my salary.

Right after I get my paycheck, I sort of did a budget for the month of May. After deducting my rental, water and electric bill, phone bill, internet as well as estimated transportation costs, I was left with around RM 300.00 to survive the month. To make things worse, my upper left wisdom tooth went rebellious and gave me a hard time during work. I had no choice but to go see a dentist to have it exracted and sent to obedience camp. Due to this, I missed out on a day of triple pay at work as the dentist was fully booked for the week.

A sudden thought came to my mind on how I might be able to make my financial situation a little better. I remembered that TAR College students can claim back the RM 100.00 caution money that we paid when we enrolled into the college. So I went to the college yesterday to enquire about it as it was my off day. From my previous experiences with the School of Social Science and Humanities(SSH) office, I knew that their management was very bad as our school was always the last to receive our results, bills, timetables or anything that has to go through them. But what I found out yesterday was even worst! They told me that it would take one year for them to process the caution money. WTF? If they told me that they needed like two months or something then it is acceptable but one year? Why the fuck would they need that long? Zzz.

On another note from work, there was this couple who came by the counter few days back, asking us to waive her parking ticket as she is a resident here. The problem is, all residents here have their own car transponder for them to enter the parking lots without having to take the parking ticket, which she had forgotten to bring. Once the ticket is issued, they are bound to pay it and we have no say in this as it is under the developers jurisdiction and not us from the management. Her ticket was just RM 3.00 anyway but still she keeps on repeating that she's a resident and shouldn't be paying for it. Come on, you're staying in a service residence that costs around RM 1,200.00 per square foot and you make a fuss over a parking ticket that costs less than RM 10.00? How cheap can you be?

I really don't understand these people. Are all rich people so stingy? I wouldn't know. I'm neither rich nor do I have any rich friends. Don't think I would get rich next time either. Guess I'll never know.