Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What is there to blog when..

..I work six days a week in a place where everything is just routine.

..I don't have anywhere to go after work other than home.

..I don't have my own circle of friends to hang out with.

..my working time clashes with everyone's free time.

..nothing interesting happens at work.

..all I do is stare at my computer screen at home or play with Zuzu.

..the only person I can hang out with is Robb, and we don't go places much.



maRCus said...

oh. this one really like very emo liddat wan. are you ok?

cookiedonut said...

there, u r blogging already, dont u? =.=

- AaRoz - said...

chill up le.. ^^
thngs are nt dat complicated..
u jst need to, u knw.. see thngs in positive ways..
sure theres lots more possibilities in life.. hang in there..

Mira said...

To the D, to the E, to the R-R-I-C-K



Lucas said...

hey zach, u sound a bit down... i dont know what to say to make u cheer up, but i strongly reccomend that u talk to a friend or a family member abt ur feelings... telling someone always helps :)

Zach said...

I'm just bored.. That's all..

Anonymous said...

Sucks to be you. You need to make some effort to get a better life.