Wednesday, September 09, 2009

09 September 2009..

Today is another one of those special dates that gives people a reason to celebrate! Although 09.09.09 is not really a nice number but you don't get this day every single year. Coincidentally, I asked my housemate how to write 'I love you' in Chinese as I've forgotten how to write it and he thought I wanted to write it to Robb for this occasion when I didn't even notice the date. LoL.

Maybe I should celebrate it with Robb with a bottle of red wine, should I? A perfect excuse for me to open up a bottle and it wouldn't do me much harm as I'm working night shift tomorrow. Robb is working in the morning though, so I guess not. Oh well, I suck in writing happy posts and now I'm out of ideas.

I did change something in my house though. My PC is no longer situated in the living room beside Robb's PC, as it is now in the room beside our bed. The room is kinda crowded now with so many things in it, not to mention our king size bed. But this way, I get to hide in my room and not see anything or anyone that I don't feel like seeing at that moment. I have more privacy as well, if you know what I mean.

Had a brief dinner with my KL uncle's family yesterday and also one of my cousin from Singapore that I have not seen for over 10 years. He looks exactly like a younger version of his father, my uncle from Singapore. He's tanned from work and looks as thin as a stick. We didn't talk much though. As usual, my uncle (he's also the stingy landlord of mine who does not want to replace the faulty and cheap washing machine) keep asking me to leave my job and look for another one. Sigh.

I'm not close to anyone from my family, not even my own brother. There seems to be a barrier around me whenever I'm around them, and I sort of become someone who is not exactly who I am when I'm not with them. Guess it's a habit as I was always keeping everything to myself last time, during my depressed period. I kinda miss some of my old secondary school friends now, those that were the first few who I've told about my sexuality. They were friends that I could really share everything with, as they trust me enough to share their secrets too.

Over here, the only person I could really share everything with is Robb. Others might be there to listen, but they're not exactly people you can trust your deep dark secrets with, as they do not share theirs. They tend to wear a mask. No matter how sincere they appear to be, there will always be a thin layer of mask, covering their true self. Honesty is not something that could be gained here.

Bah, enough with all these negative thoughts. Have to sleep earlier to keep my face looking as young as it is now. :P

24 that looks like 18,


Mira said...

ehem...what about me? I can teach you how to say " I love you" in mandarin... ehem ehem..... 7 years friendship...ehem ehem....

maRCus said...

me? me?!

yet to be 24, but looks Form 6-ish!
*beat tht!* lol

Joshua said...

090909 is a good day wor!

dheepan said...

Have a nice late supper and go to bed cuddling each other..

Shiuji said...

090909... wat a dissapointing date... hate it... byebye and never come back gain...=.=

Joshua said...
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Joshua said...

human is like tat, they will wear mask to live.

It's hard to find someone that u really can trust and to share. U r so lucky to have Robb.

Think positive, stay positive to allow you stay happy. Cheers!

Shahnon said...

One thing I've noticed is it gets harder to find true friends as you get older. The friends you make later on in life just aren't quite the same as those you made earlier on, such as in high school.

I agree with the mask thing, experiencing it daily, with all the fake smiles and fake attitudes. Makes me miss my childhood. I'm sure you miss yours too.