Friday, September 04, 2009


I had a sudden urge to write something while I was listening to my list of Final Fantasy songs with my Windows Media Player. These songs always put me in a mood which I can't describe. It's like a mixture of happy, yet sad feelings, or something magical and dreamy. One thing for sure is that it makes me feel very relaxed. It brings me to a place where reality does not exist, and anything could happen, exactly as it is in any Final Fantasy series.

Times like this make me regret not learning how to play the piano when I was young. I had the opportunity to learn so many things actually. My mum used to ask me whether I wanted to learn how to play piano, or go for proper swimming lessons, tennis lessons, bowling lessons, or any other activities. But I rejected everything. Every time I get moody, I feel that it would be nice if I just had a piano and play all the songs that can express all my desires, my feelings, my dreams, IF I knew how to play.

People born under the horoscope sign of Pisces are known to be creative and artistic. So far, I haven't found anything creative nor artistic about myself. Maybe I would be one if I knew how to play the piano. I used to be in the music team for my primary school. We were all blowing the Recorder, something which I was quite good at. Maybe that's why I'm gay? LoL. I remember myself enjoying the practice sessions as well as all the performances that my team did. I wasn't good in reading the music notes though, just more to remembering the songs.

Back in Penang, I can go to the beaches at night, listen to the sound of the waves while the sea breeze flows around me, putting me at ease and blows away all my troubles. Here, all I have are my songs, which is not much. I miss how the sea makes my body and my mind melt into nothingness and loosen up. The surroundings in KL just bottles up stress into people, no matter how carefree your life is in KL. I guess I'm not really a city person, although it is enjoyable but too much of it is harmful to the soul.

I can just imagine myself playing the piano, with all the mixed emotions rushing through my body to my fingertips, transforming them into music, which expresses any persons emotions more effectively rather than using words.



Robb said...

watch baywatch more lor~~ can see the sea. :P

pikey said...

Hhhmmm... me enjoy listening to piano music too.. u can download them at

I like the Lin Hai albums.

^^NgOh WiLLY^^ said...

zac zai, playing piano is very relaxing... yes, you should learn when you were young but anyway, you can still learn now if you want. but the price now is few times higher than last time >.<

learn piano songs said...

Nice and great review of the piano. I loved playing piano its much better than guitar, drums and all.