Saturday, October 23, 2010

Relaxing Day Off..

Being the only day off for my entire week, it was quite nice as I get to sleep until 2PM. Didn't go anywhere as Robb was out playing MTG, and I needed to get some rest and play with ZuZi at home. They missed me a lot as I didn't get to spend much time with them lately. Zizi is becoming more and more attention seeking, as she always try to come and manja with me whenever I'm playing with Zuzu. She is also quite an actress, as whenever I'm not looking, she'll be playing roughly with Zuzu all over the house, and when I'm near her, she would be so quiet and act as if Zuzu is bullying her. Wonder where and whom she learnt that from. Hehe.

My ex-boyfriend's brother, Kenny, just came to KL few days ago to further his studies. Been hanging out with him recently (well only twice as he just reached KL last Tuesday night) and it was nice to catch up with him as I didn't see him for few years already. He's a very nice guy and he's like a brother to me as well. He didn't know about me dating his brother previously, and only knew after I broke up with his brother as I told him during my trip to Langkawi to visit him. Even so, he was alright with it and didn't treat me any differently. I guess he even treats me as a brother as he still calls me 'gor'.

Next week would be a lousy week for me, as my off day would temporarily be switched to Wednesday as there's not enough people working during the weekends. No idea what to do, as most people would be working, unless I ask someone who is still studying to go out with me, or I could just stay at home. Oh well, this is another reason why working shift sucks. It would be nice if I could find a 5 day week job and get my off days every weekend, instead of having to change my schedule every single week. I'm tired.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random Call..

Me: Good morning, Marc Residence.
Caller: Pass me to Eva.
Me: One moment please.
*passes the call*........*no one answered*
Me: I'm sorry, Ms Eva is not available at the moment.
Caller: Do you know where is she/what is she doing?
Me: Sorry sir, I'm not sure as she is up in the office and I'm at the front desk below.
Caller: Monkey la you. *hangs up*
Me: ...........


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Friend's 21st Birthday Party..

Few days back, I went to Kulai (Johor) with Robb to celebrate our friend's 21st birthday party. Although it was quite a rush, it was worth it as he did came down to KL to visit us on some occasions. So it was our turn to return the favor to go celebrate his big day with him and his friends and family. It was a tiring weekend for us as we went there right after work on Friday, and came back on Sunday. 

There was an accident along the North-South Expressway on Sunday, the very same day that we came back from Johor. The Delima Express bus crashed and killed 12 people while the rest of it's passengers barely survived. There is a video posted in YouTube and also shared in FaceBook showing the aftermath of the accident, and it was not a pleasant one. 

I'm not sure when or where is the exact time and location of the accident but it was around the evening, which would be around the same time when I was travelling back to KL from Johor. It is quite scary when I think of it, as it could have been my bus which was involved in that accident. Reading the news about the deaths of so many young passengers, as well as some being deeply wounded and paralyzed, I somehow feel sad and frightened at the same time. 

I don't want to die, not now.


Thursday, October 07, 2010

1825 Days Together..

Yesterday was my anniversary with Robb, and it's our fifth year together! I am really glad that we made it this far, even though it wasn't smooth sailing all the time but we made it through. We went for a simple dinner in Jogoya with Cookie Donut, Robb's younger sister and two of her friends. There were few others that I asked to tag along, but seems like we don't have much close friends to hang out with. Oh well, at least there's still one or two that we can count on to have a good time together.

It was quite packed in Jogoya last night, as they were having a 50% discount promotion for the ladies. I wonder when will they do a promotion for guys instead, so sexist. All of us met up in front of Jogoya at 6pm, as Robb was working on that day. I managed to skip my night shift, as no one wanted to swap with me and there's enough people to cover that night thanks to two of my colleagues. xD

We were placed quite far behind, beside the window, looking down on the streets of Starhill. There wasn't much to look at though as they were building something right in front of Starhill's entrance. So much for having a window view. The food was quite alright last night, despite the fact that people keep mentioning that the food quality have dropped a lot. Most importantly, they still serve red wine! I used to grab as much as I can, and my record was 12 glasses, but surprisingly I only had 2 last night. Didn't had the urge to gobble down wine, and had free flow of slurries instead. LOL.

Few days before that, I went to shop around for a gift, as I did not give him anything for our previous anniversaries. I had very few ideas at that time, but mostly was getting him and myself similar watches. I would say he's in a quite good position in his company at this moment, so it would be nice if he had a proper watch, just as a status. I was also looking for one myself all this while, just that it's hard to find one that I like and is within my budget. Lucky for me, I found one which is quite nice and yet affordable for me to buy in a pair! I managed to keep it a secret until last night when I gave it to him during the dinner. 

My life might seem dull and not very progressive at times, having the same routine everyday, but I guess having Robb with me completes my life. I love you dear, hopefully we can go through unlimited anniversaries till death do us part. ^_^

p.s. Pics were taken from previous Bangkok trip, too busy eating to take any pictures in Jogoya xD