Saturday, May 12, 2007


I'm home~!! Just came back from my 4 days trip to Langkawi.. It was quite a last minute plan when my friend Kenny suddenly asked me to visit him since I was on holiday.. So the indecisive me took few days to decide and finally agreed just one day before I head out to Langkawi.. :P So I packed my stuff and went to the Jetty on the following day..

Lucky the tickets were still available.. It was quite expensive though.. RM50.00 for a one way ticket and RM95.00 for a two way ticket.. My father then bought me the two way ticket and the date of return was left opened as I was not sure when I would be back.. I then parted ways with my father and head towards the boat.. It was just 8.00 in the morning.. Zzz..

The boat was neither big nor small.. It was not fully crowded as there were plenty of seats available.. Most of the passengers were tourists.. Only few of them were locals such as myself.. As I waited for the boat to sail.. I managed to take a picture of the sun rising up.. It was quite a sight.. Would be better if I had my sunglasses with me.. Hehe..

It had been quite some time since I've been on a ship so I was feeling a little sick from the waves outside.. Or maybe it was just because I didn't had any breakfast and was reading The Sword of Shannary Trilogy which I brought along.. Well.. The journey was not that bad.. Felt better after awhile.. Bored though.. Took some pics of clouds along the way.. No idea why but I seem to be facinated by them these days..

I reached my destination 3 hours later.. Sent a brief SMS to my mum to inform her that I've arrived.. Called up my friend Kenny who stays in Langkawi as well.. I had to wait until he finishes school before he can come over and fetch me.. That would be another 3 hours.. My tummy called out to me.. "Feed me!! Feed me!!" it said.. LoL.. I then followed the map which I got for free at the jetty and took a slow walk towards Langkawi Fair which is said to be Langkawi's largest mall.. I was like =.=" when I saw the building.. Took some pics along the way as well..

Had my breakfast in Langkawi Fair's McDonalds.. Seems like the price here differs from the McD's in other places.. Still cheaper than the ones in Genting Highlands though.. Hehe.. Had lots of time to spare before Kenny meets up with me so I took a walk around the mall.. Boring place.. =.= I headed out to the streets and took a walk to a nearby park.. Kenny arrived around 2.00pm.. That was the 1st time that I met him.. :)

Despite having to go to school everyday (he's just 16 year old) and helping out in his father's shop.. He willingly spent his remaining time showing me around the island.. It is an island full of beautiful sceneries.. A perfect place to relax and get away from the hectic life of KL.. The beaches clean.. The mountains tall and green with trees.. It has been awhile since I've enjoyed nature that much.. Especially the sound of the waves.. I won't write much about the places I've been though.. As I felt this trip of mine is more to visiting Kenny than to visiting the island..

Through the 4 days in Langkawi.. I've lived part of Kenny's life.. When he's out to school.. I would most probably be sleeping.. And after he comes back.. We would either go to his shop and help out if needed.. Or he would bring me out to beaches, waterfalls and also to look for his friends.. Sometimes I felt like I was disturbing his daily routine but he assured me that he enjoyed my company.. And I enjoyed his as well.. He's a nice friend..

I've got to know and understand him more as we chat quite alot.. He told me alot about himself as well.. Putting faith and trust in me like he would with his closest friend.. For that I am honoured.. Somehow he felt like a younger brother to me.. Well.. Enough about him.. Lets all wish him good luck for his coming exams.. ^^

Somehow I felt like I've strayed from my title.. Haha.. Doesn't matter.. It had been an enjoyable trip there.. The company.. The sceneries.. The lifestyle.. I wouldn't mind going there again to stay with him.. Hehe.. Hope he won't mind though.. XD Hard to find such a friend these days.. Especially in college where everyone wears a mask and strive to survive on his or her own.. Sigh..

There were more pics than those that I have posted above.. But I guess it's more than enough having so many pictures flooding my blog.. Would just keep it in my laptop and enjoy it myself.. Keke.. Anyway.. That's all for now.. Hope you guys like the pictures.. Oh one more thing.. I miss you dear.. ^^


Monday, May 07, 2007

I'm Home~!!!

I'm finally home.. Mum's cooking.. Curry mee.. Laksa.. Char koay teow.. Ahhh~!! So many things to eat.. Feels like heaven.. I love Penang~!!