Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What is there to blog when..

..I work six days a week in a place where everything is just routine.

..I don't have anywhere to go after work other than home.

..I don't have my own circle of friends to hang out with.

..my working time clashes with everyone's free time.

..nothing interesting happens at work.

..all I do is stare at my computer screen at home or play with Zuzu.

..the only person I can hang out with is Robb, and we don't go places much.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bad Day..

It all started last night, when I was about to go back from work. My shift yesterday was from 12PM to 8PM. The weather was fine the whole day, until the clock strikes 7PM and it started to go all windy and cloudy, signaling a rainy night. Still, there wasn't a single drop of rain and I was praying for it to stay that way until I reached home as I was riding my 7 year old motorbike to work. When it was time to go, I rushed up to the office and punched out my card. I then opened the door to the car park, and it started to rain. FML.

So I stayed back in the office, logged in to my Facebook and waited for the rain to stop. Since Robb is still in the office, we planned to eat pizza in his office with his colleagues. After 30 minutes, the rain began to subside and it was safe to ride to Robb's office. I was supposed to pick up the pizza in Yellow Cab, nearby Robb's office, before going up. On the way there, there was a part of the road that was flooded with water. I was in front of all the cars as the traffic light was red. When the light went green, I accelerated slowly as there was water around, but the car to my right sped up and splashed the water all over me. FML.

I was then all cold and wet, but I still continued to Yellow Cab as it was just nearby. Once I reached the place, I parked my motorbike at the roadside and went in to collect the pizza. It was still drizzling at that time, but it did not make any difference since I was already wet. When I came out, I saw my bike lying sideways beside the road. Apparently it fell down as I just used the side stand and the road was uneven. The front handle for my brake broke, and the side mirror was out of place. Now I have to spend extra money to fix up my motorbike. FML.

Today, there was supposed to be 3 people working during the morning shift, including me. But one of my colleague called in sick when I reached the office, and left 2 of us, one in each tower. And there wasn't anyone else coming in at 12PM, so it was kinda hard for us to go for our break. Lucky for us, our supervisor arrange for one of the part-timer to come in at 12PM, and we can leave for our break one at a time. So I called up my godbro as he was going to Pavilion with his boyfriend, and I wanted to meet up with them. I arranged my break time to be at 1PM so that my colleague can go for his break earlier.

The whole morning was uneventful, which was nice as there wasn't enough people around. By noon, my colleague went for his break when the part timer came. Half an hour later, that's when my bad luck continued to strike, again. I was already very hungry at that time, waiting for my colleague to come back so I can go for my lunch. Out of nowhere, I heard someone shouting from behind the lift area. One of the tenant was grabbing one guy's arm, shouting furiously towards him. I recognized the other guy as one of the real estate agents, and was wondering what had happened.

Apparently, this real estate agent, I'll just call him R, got hold of this tenant's house key, somehow, and went to open his door when the tenant was inside with his family. When R saw that there was someone inside he quickly closed the door and wanted to leave. But the tenant saw him and quickly called out to him, grabbing him in the arm and brought him down to the lobby, where I was working. To cut things short, it involved quite a number of people, things got messy, and my break time got delayed. To make it worse, I had a gastric attack, probably due to the stress and the hunger. It was quite a long time ago when I had gastric and somehow it surfaced again, during this situation. FML.

I walked with the uncomfortable feeling all the way to Pavilion, and had Koay Teow Soup as it was the only thing I could eat, besides porridge. My godbro and his boyfriend was there to accompany me and they were nice enough to hear me rant about my lousy day and bought me some medicine for my gastric. Thankfully, it worked and the pain subsided. We walked around a little and I got to know his boyfriend a bit as this was the first time that I've met him. Though it was just a brief meeting, it was nice and nothing bad has happened since then, hopefully.

I'm working again tomorrow, and the day after, and after, when everyone else is having their holidays. And after what happened today, I rather it be boring than to face such a situation again. Sigh. Got to go to bed now, morning shift again. Chao.

p.s. I just realized that I have a wound on my leg, and I have no idea how it got there. FML -.-


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

09 September 2009..

Today is another one of those special dates that gives people a reason to celebrate! Although 09.09.09 is not really a nice number but you don't get this day every single year. Coincidentally, I asked my housemate how to write 'I love you' in Chinese as I've forgotten how to write it and he thought I wanted to write it to Robb for this occasion when I didn't even notice the date. LoL.

Maybe I should celebrate it with Robb with a bottle of red wine, should I? A perfect excuse for me to open up a bottle and it wouldn't do me much harm as I'm working night shift tomorrow. Robb is working in the morning though, so I guess not. Oh well, I suck in writing happy posts and now I'm out of ideas.

I did change something in my house though. My PC is no longer situated in the living room beside Robb's PC, as it is now in the room beside our bed. The room is kinda crowded now with so many things in it, not to mention our king size bed. But this way, I get to hide in my room and not see anything or anyone that I don't feel like seeing at that moment. I have more privacy as well, if you know what I mean.

Had a brief dinner with my KL uncle's family yesterday and also one of my cousin from Singapore that I have not seen for over 10 years. He looks exactly like a younger version of his father, my uncle from Singapore. He's tanned from work and looks as thin as a stick. We didn't talk much though. As usual, my uncle (he's also the stingy landlord of mine who does not want to replace the faulty and cheap washing machine) keep asking me to leave my job and look for another one. Sigh.

I'm not close to anyone from my family, not even my own brother. There seems to be a barrier around me whenever I'm around them, and I sort of become someone who is not exactly who I am when I'm not with them. Guess it's a habit as I was always keeping everything to myself last time, during my depressed period. I kinda miss some of my old secondary school friends now, those that were the first few who I've told about my sexuality. They were friends that I could really share everything with, as they trust me enough to share their secrets too.

Over here, the only person I could really share everything with is Robb. Others might be there to listen, but they're not exactly people you can trust your deep dark secrets with, as they do not share theirs. They tend to wear a mask. No matter how sincere they appear to be, there will always be a thin layer of mask, covering their true self. Honesty is not something that could be gained here.

Bah, enough with all these negative thoughts. Have to sleep earlier to keep my face looking as young as it is now. :P

24 that looks like 18,

Friday, September 04, 2009


I had a sudden urge to write something while I was listening to my list of Final Fantasy songs with my Windows Media Player. These songs always put me in a mood which I can't describe. It's like a mixture of happy, yet sad feelings, or something magical and dreamy. One thing for sure is that it makes me feel very relaxed. It brings me to a place where reality does not exist, and anything could happen, exactly as it is in any Final Fantasy series.

Times like this make me regret not learning how to play the piano when I was young. I had the opportunity to learn so many things actually. My mum used to ask me whether I wanted to learn how to play piano, or go for proper swimming lessons, tennis lessons, bowling lessons, or any other activities. But I rejected everything. Every time I get moody, I feel that it would be nice if I just had a piano and play all the songs that can express all my desires, my feelings, my dreams, IF I knew how to play.

People born under the horoscope sign of Pisces are known to be creative and artistic. So far, I haven't found anything creative nor artistic about myself. Maybe I would be one if I knew how to play the piano. I used to be in the music team for my primary school. We were all blowing the Recorder, something which I was quite good at. Maybe that's why I'm gay? LoL. I remember myself enjoying the practice sessions as well as all the performances that my team did. I wasn't good in reading the music notes though, just more to remembering the songs.

Back in Penang, I can go to the beaches at night, listen to the sound of the waves while the sea breeze flows around me, putting me at ease and blows away all my troubles. Here, all I have are my songs, which is not much. I miss how the sea makes my body and my mind melt into nothingness and loosen up. The surroundings in KL just bottles up stress into people, no matter how carefree your life is in KL. I guess I'm not really a city person, although it is enjoyable but too much of it is harmful to the soul.

I can just imagine myself playing the piano, with all the mixed emotions rushing through my body to my fingertips, transforming them into music, which expresses any persons emotions more effectively rather than using words.


Thursday, September 03, 2009


This might not be the nicest sight of me but yeah, this picture is the most recent one that I have. The intervals between my posts seem to grow wider by time, and I'm not sure whether it is a good thing or a bad thing as the only time that I can write is when I'm feeling emotional. This picture was taken during Merdeka eve in Mist Club, where I met up with Mira after 7 years of absence. I'm glad she still remembers me after all those years and she still looks as pretty as ever. After partying a little and having free supply of booze, I sort of got too high and had too much to drink. I was actually drunk for the first time and puked! Wasn't a nice experience though. A lesson well learned.

Life has been pretty much the same, working six days a week, having different shifts, going to movie screenings whenever possible and etc. Nothing much happens at work. The only thing that I look forward to are the series that one of my colleague transferred to the PC there. So far I've watched Brothers and Sisters, Gossip Girl, Pushing Daisies, True Blood, and Mental, all from the first episode to the latest one. If it weren't for her I think I would be bored to death by now. It's not exactly a good thing to look forward to in a job though.

As for movie screenings, the recent ones were Up, Orphan and Final Destination 4. Up was entertaining, but didn't leave much of an impression to me. I liked Orphan though, very twisted and unpredictable. As for Final Destination 4, it was quite a waste of time. The 3D version might be better though but the story line, well, there wasn't much of a story line. Attended one event from Ogawa as well and got to know BubblyWen, a bubbly girl. Haha. We tried out Ogawa's Smartaire and the feeling was great! Would want one for myself and my parents if I could afford it.

People seem to know who I am whenever I attend Nuffnang events. It feels kinda awkward to be spoken to and them having know my name when I don't even know who they are. It is usually them who speaks to me first as I'm not very good at socializing with people, unlike Robb. I guess people know my name through Robb's blog as I don't think I would have people waiting to see if I have updated my dead blog. LoL. I got to know few of the bloggers though. Just recently, me and Robb went to Yuen's Buffet Steamboat with CookieDonut, Zues, Jack and Simon (all Nuffnang bloggers). It was nice to have a group of people to hang out with once awhile as most of the time it is only me and Robb.

I have two new housemates and the previous guy already moved out. This time, both of them are gay, which makes my house 80% gay! The only straight one left now is Justin, although he looks more gay than me. The two new housemates seemed fine, but time will tell whether or not we're compatible. One thing for sure is they're much friendlier than the previous bloke who only hide in his room and do god knows what. They even love Zuzu and plays with him. The previous guy gave me less than 1 month's notice and did not help in looking for someone new to move in. Oh well, glad that he's gone.

Sigh, I really feel that I write so much better when I'm emo. Words seem to flow out effortlessly and there's more feeling to the post. When I'm not emo and I write a blog post like this one, it seems so plain and lack of feelings. Sometimes I wonder whether or not it is a good thing that I don't have any inspiration to write as I did before. But whatever it is, sorry for the long wait to read something so plain and boring. Wonder when would it be next when I update again.