Friday, November 16, 2007


It has been raining these few days and the weather is simply comfortable and nice to sleep in. It makes people want to stay home and cancel their plans for the day. As for me and Robb, it means we get to skip classes. :P Talking about sleep, I have a habit of taking pictures of my friends when they are sleeping. It feels as if all pretence is lifted and all you could see and feel is serenity. But no one likes to have their pictures taken while they are asleep, especially girls. Even so, I managed to snap few pictures of them in slumber land. XD

This picture was taken during our course trip to Cherating. It was kinda boring as the journey was 4 to 5 hours long. As we need to wake up early and gather before departing, most people are still half awake. Half the people in the bus were sleeping throughout the entire journey. I stayed awake as I was too excited. Snap snap! :P

This is one of my classmate, asleep during lecture. I can't remember which lecture was it but I'm sure it was not a boring one. The early class and cold environment must have contributed to this act of his. Well not to judge but if he continues to sleep in classes he would have to work 10 times harder than anyone else as he's not really good in his grades. Oh well.

The picture on top is my housemate, taken before my attemp to wake him up. The one below it was taken during my trip to genting with a group of friends. Guess he's too tired from playing around the whole day. :)

I don't seem to have any picture of myself sleeping though. I couldn't snap a picture of myself when I'm sleeping right? Unless I was sleep walking or something. This picture should be the closest thing I have as I had stayed awake the whole night and felt like a zombie. Looked like one too. :P Oh well, I'm off to doing nothing again. Boring boring day.


Friday, November 09, 2007

Food.. Food.. And More Food..

How should I start. Appetizers? Hehe. Robb and I got invited to eat in T.G.I. Friday's by Clayton last Wednesday. Somehow he got us a reservation to eat at Pavilion's soon to open T.G.I. Friday's for free! Can't remember the name of the dishes though. But I shall arrange them from the dish which I love best to the one's which are just so-so.

Well, after a very satisfying and filling dinner, we went for a little walk around Pavilion. Took this chance to look for a present for Jason as well since the intended present was not attainable. After awhile Clayton had to go so me and Robb continued our search. Didn't really know what to buy as I'm really bad in looking for presents. Found something for him a little while later but still not really sure whether he would like it or not. Oh well.

Had to stay back as a friend of mine is sleeping over at my place and he needs me to give him directions. So while waiting for him, we walked around again. Bought six donuts of different flavour from Big Apple Donuts & Coffee. They tasted ok, nothing special about it. After that, we went to McDonald's. While waiting I bought a cup of Coke and 4 pieces of nuggets which turn out to be 6 pieces! Lucky me. Hehe.

Waited till around 11.00pm before he arrived. Finally! Was getting kinda tired and thought of sleeping as soon as we reached home. But we got caught in traffic for quite some time, and made a wrong turning. So by the time we reached back home it was already midnight. Went for 3 hours of DOTA as well before sleeping. =.=

Woke up around 9.00am the next day. I practically had to drag myself out of bed into the shower as I was still very very tired. Well, we left to Jason's suprise potluck birthday party as soon as we finished preparing ourselves. Slept in the LRT all the way from Wangsa Maju till Kelana Jaya and then took a cab to Eric's place. Made my spaghetti over there but I don't think it went quite well. Oh well.

Had a short nap in his room after that as I was still quite tired. We practically spent our whole day over there and only came back around 8.00pm. Baby was already very hungry as no one was at home the whole day. Pity him. His owner went back to her hometown and left him all alone. After feeding him and online awhile, I slept straight away until this morning. And now I'm not feeling that well, running nose, dry lips and slight coughing. Guess I'll just stay home these few days.

Skipped gym for a week. Should I go today? Sigh. Lazy lazy.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Paw Paw..

Started off early today to my Japanese class. Had to wake up around 7.00am as the class starts at 8.00am. After 4 long hours in college, I was finally able to come home. My stomach was already growling like a lion as I did not had any breakfast. The bus that I came back with didn't help much. It waited at the bus stop in front of my college for nearly 30 minutes before it moved. This situation is nothing new for Tar College students as we were all used to the lousy service and timing from Metorbus. But there is nothing that we can do about it. :)

Everyone was kinda drousy as we all had to wake up early. One of my friend slept in the bus on the way back and I took a picture without him knowing. Hehe. Will ask him to look at my blog later on. The weather today feels nice. Not too hot and not too cold. Took a picture of the flat where I'm staying as well. Can anyone guess which one is my unit? XD

Came back home and ate my brunch. Nothing much to do after that so I went to read my book, The Heritage of Shannara. Around 3.00pm, me and my housemate went downstairs as it was about time to bring her baby home. No we're not referring to a human baby. She's not even married or pregnant. LoL. Behold..

Tada~ Isn't he adorable? Yes he's a he and he's just less than 2 months old. Baby is already getting used to us as he's been following us all around the house. No barks were heard from him yet. It's good though as we wouldn't want the neighbours to be complaining. It is nice to have a pet dog around the house. Wonder if Baby would be afraid of my Boi Boi. Hehe.

Anyway, still no sign of Justin. Wonder if he will torture Baby or not. Hopefully not. Oh well, got to go for dinner now. Chao.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Black Again..

Ah, I feel much more comfortable surrounded by a black background. Not that I don't like the previous layout. It's just that I feel much more at home with this colour and it suits my blog more. I took the picture above from Yahoo! where they were talking on a newly found black hole somehwere far far away.

Been bored almost to death these few days with no online games to play and not having Robb around till late at night. Felt kinda empty. Even my 2 inch thingy is not enough to satisfy myself. Don't get me wrong. I'm talking about a book. LoLz. I bought another one of Terry Brook's book few days back, The Heritage of Shannara, and have been reading it till now. I'm just halfway through though.

Took this picture few days back when I was walking to the bus stop with Robb. I kinda like clouds. At times they could mesmerise you with their unique shapes which are ever changing. But sometimes they're just plain dull. They can take whichever form that our mind makes us see, depending on our imagination. Sometimes you see it to be a shape of a cat, sometimes a car, or it might even look like a dick, depending on how you see it. Hehe.

My housemate is going to get herself a puppy this Saturday. A real puppy, not a soft toy like my Boi Boi. The thing is, she didn't mention anything about it to Justin, which is the one doing the sweeping and mopping most of the time. I wonder what would he feel about having another dog to mess up the place. Hmm. Anyway, nothing much happened today. Nothing much happens in my life anyway. Except for having Robb, which is the best thing tht has ever happened to me. XD

These are just random pictures that I have just uploaded from my handphone to my 2 years old laptop. The picture on top was took this afternoon on my way back from college. The bus was kinda empty so my friend made himself as comfortable as possible. LoLz. The steamboat was few weeks back in Sunway together with Robb, Eric, Jason, William, Frankie, and another Jason. Oh well, nothing much to talk about now. Just wanted to spare some of my free time while waiting for Robb to come back. Miss him so. ^^ Till then, さようなら(sayounara)。


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Random Craps..

It has been awhile since I've updated my blog. I guess by having Robb around, my time is spent either with him or doing something else. Now that he's back in Ipoh, I have time to spend on my blog as well as on other things.

I've been feeling so bored for the past few days as the server for a game I was playing was temporary closed. Since I had nothing else to do, I took out my book on Services Marketing, one of my subjects for this semester, and made notes!! This is only the 2nd week of my semester and I've already started making notes. It's unusual as never in my life have I been so hardworking, especially when it is just the beginning of the semester. Can't wait for Perfect World's server to open. :P

Remember the title of the post I wrote where I went to have my tooth pulled out? Wisdom minus one? I just remembered that in an episode in South Park, Eric Cartman has a Christian rock band named Faith +1. LoLz. Similar? Maybe I unconsciously got the idea from South Park.

As for college, life has been the same. But our course treasurer has been acting like a bitch over some small problem. Don't know what is fucking problem. He has been collecting RM30 from each person for every semester since the starting of our course. The money is used for our photostated notes. No one has ever asked him whether there were any amount left over each semester and he didn't even bother to do a report for us on the money spent. So for this semester, which can be considered our last semester, he still insisted on collecting RM30, which is quite a huge amount.

To cut things short, I somehow challenged his decision, pulling in other people to talk some sense in him, and now he's pissed off and wants to quit. He even changed his MSN's nickname, cursing about how cheapskate of us, spending lots of money outside but making noise on the RM30. HELLO!! It's our money, we spend the way we want, and not into your fucking pocket!! And who do you think you are telling us how to spend our money? We don't fucking print money like you. You're one lousy treasurer I tell you. Thinking only for yourself. Quit as you wish to, no one would care. It's your lost, not ours.

Enough about him. Sigh. I think I will go spend my time in Infinity playing DOTA since I've nothing to do. Till next time. ^^


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

2 Years Anniversary..

It has been 2 long years together with Robb and last Saturday marks our anniversay.. Both of us have been thinking of going to Chilis to eat for quite some time but never managed to do so until that night..

It was definitely a nice place to celebrate our anniversary as we had a very nice table beside the window.. We can see the park beside KLCC with its water fountain and the lights from the buildings around it.. It was a beautiful night.. Who could have asked for more.. Good looking companion.. Nice scenery.. Nice food.. Hehe..

Well.. Won't be writing much about it.. Took some pictures of the food that we ordered.. And this is the 1st time that I cannot finish such delicious food as the portion was huge.. The chocolate cake was simply delicious.. But too bad I cannot finish it.. Such a waste.. Sigh.. Oh well.. Will try to go there with more people next time so that we can share..

It's not like we get to eat there everyday.. Can't afford it.. Even for that meal of two it costs more than RM100.. If only we are richer.. Or some kind soul out there can treat us for a meal there again.. Hehe.. Oh well.. One could only dream.. And I guess its time for me to go dream now as well.. Goodnitez.. Love you Robb!


Monday, October 01, 2007

Wisdom Minus One..

Remember the visit from Akasha the Queen of Pain? Seems like one of the medicine that the doctor gave me was not only useless.. But gave me rashes all over my body as well.. Allergy most probably.. Got me scratching non stop for few days.. So uncomfortable.. Back to the point.. I went to the dentist and found out that it was my wisdom tooth that is causing all this trouble.. It seemed to be half decayed.. SwT~ So I made an appointment which is today to get it extracted.. It hurts like hell when it is being pulled out although the dentist had already put something to make my mouth numb.. It stayed numb till now.. Overflowing with thick slimy saliva.. (=.=)" Wonder how am I going to eat later.. Sigh..

Been missing out in my blog for a week.. Was kinda busy.. Robb came for 3 days and we went around eating delicious Penang food and watched Hair Spray.. A nice movie for those who haven't watch it yet.. Miss spending those wonderful time with him.. Now he's back in Ipoh and I will only meet him back in KL few days later.. ^^ After he went back.. I was stuck with reading a book that I bought in Borders for few days.. Another one of Terry Brooks' Shannara trilogy.. Got addicted to those stories since the The Sword of Shannara.. Hehe.. Gonna go look for more of them when I'm back in KL..

Anyway.. Went to Flame to eat steamboat with my family last night.. For those that enjoy seafood they should try it out.. It's very nice but expensive.. Not so worth it for me though as I don't eat much seafood.. I'm better off in some buffet steamboat where I can choose the food that I eat.. Hehe.. Talking bout buffet steamboat.. Looks like I can't go to Little Shanghai for my favourite BBQ steamboat since I will be back to KL this week and I don't think my gums will close up that fast for me to be eating such food.. *Sob*

Oh well.. I can come back anytime later.. Penang won't run away from me.. ^^ For you guys out there.. Remember to reach deep into your mouth to clean that wisdom tooth of yours if you have it.. Or just get it removed.. Especially those on the top side of your mouth as it is quite hard to see compared to the bottom ones.. Even the dentist says that those are useless.. Hard to clean as well.. Oh well.. Learned my lesson.. Painfully.. And to think my upper left wisdom tooth might need to be pulled out as well.. Not now though.. I had enough for now.. Love you dear! Muaks..


Monday, September 24, 2007

Queen Of Pain..

No.. I'm not going to talk about Dota.. I'm going to talk about the pain I endured just few hours back.. And hopefully that's the end of it.. I felt the sudden pain in my gums around 8.00pm yesterday.. It came slowly and lasted for quite a long time.. Started with a slight pain at the top right corner of my gums and slowly the pain becomes more and more intensed.. It hurt so much that my tears were flowing out and was shivering a little.. Never had I felt such pain before.. Well not that I remembered.. I guess getting burned by boiling hot water hurts so much more but then I don't really remember the pain I felt as I was quite young at that time.. Sigh..

The clinics were all closed so my mother had to take me to the nearest hospital.. The doctor didn't do much checking on me.. Gave me few painkillers (which didn't work =.=) and some medicine to reduce the swelling.. Went back home and had something light to eat before eating those pills.. After that I still feel the pain come and go.. Sigh.. Tried to sleep early but still woke up in the middle of the night.. Lucky for me that since I woke up till now Akasha (Queen Of Pain in Dota) did not pay me a visit.. XD I shall keep my fingers crossed..

Anway.. I've finished my last paper.. Tourism Planning.. And now I'm back in Penang shaking my legs.. Didn't do much though.. Had curry mee last night and then went to Batu Feringghi with Edwin to look at some CDs.. He bought some songs which only cost RM4.00 per CD.. ^^ Ain't it cheap? I bought my entire QAF here.. DVDs also cost RM4.00 only.. Went to meet up with another old friend of mine.. Eing Yung.. And his new gf in Gurney after that.. Really had a good chat with them..

As for Sunday morning.. I woke up quite early.. Went to have breakfast with my parents.. Was quite nice.. Been awhile since I've done this.. Hehe.. Went to Redbox with Ed, Ey, Boon and his gf after that.. Really had fun spending time with those who were once close to me.. Not really good at singing but it was the company that counts.. ^^ They went back after that and I took a walk around Gurney Plaza.. Went to the arcade as well to play my usuall game.. King Of Fighters.. Another one of my oldest friend came by later on.. He was the 1st person who I started to confide in about my sexuality.. We hardly chat.. He's a busy man.. XD But still our friendship stays.. We lingered around the place and then watched Perfect Stranger together.. The whole cinema was like empty! There were only 4 others in the cinema besides us.. Luckily it was not a horror movie or I would have been scared shitless..

Well.. We walked around a little after that and then went our separate ways.. I went home and that is when the pain started to creep up on me.. Don't know what went wrong.. Hopefully it is gone for good.. Might go see a dentist tomorrow though.. Maybe with Robb reaching Penang tomorrow I will recover straigth away.. Hehe.. Was looking around for a swimming trunk in Gurney.. Didn't see any that attracted my attention though.. But then.. What type of swimming trunks would look good on a guy with a body like mine anyway? Haha.. Maybe by getting a sexy one would encourage me to work out more before wearing it out.. XD Oh well.. Will continue to hunt for it tomorrow in Queen's Bay if Robb wants to go there..

And now.. I shall waste my time here.. Doing nothing in the middle of the night.. Nothing much to do anyway.. Can't sleep and no one is online to chat with me.. Anyone can give a suggestion? Porn maybe? Haha.. Nah.. No privacy here.. Online games.. Hm.. No point playing online games if none of my friends are in it.. Argh~ Shall listen to songs till the sun rises then.. Haha.. Buhbyee..

P.S. Miss all my didi's.. ^^


Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I had a dream.. And in it.. Was the 1st guy that I have loved which lasted longer than the current relationship I am in now.. He was my best friend.. We're still friends now.. But I guess you can say we're not as close as we used to be.. In that dream.. I met him in a nearby neighbourhood around my house in Penang.. We were kinda shocked to see each other.. And then we just sat at that coffee shop and talk about what is happening as well as what has happened for the last few years.. Then we went back to my house.. Lying down in my room and continued to catch up on what has happened in our lives.. Just like the good old days.. But it was not about the past.. It was about the current and the future.. He asked me how my bf is treating me.. About my relationship.. What we do.. It was kinda like he had fully accepted me for who I am.. And not asking me to change back to normal as he did last time.. I even asked him if I've gained weight which of course he said yes.. Hehe.. It all seems so real..

Maybe that shows how much I've missed my friends all this years without even realising.. I hardly have any close friends like him now.. We used to study together during exams.. With him fetching me to school or anywhere else when I have no transport.. Or vice versa.. We even went to a temple to study during our SPM.. I guess he was always like a big brother to me.. I really missed those days..

I guess watching Queer As Folk triggered all this memories of mine which lead to the dream.. I've just finished the last season last night and honestly.. The series is one of the best one I've ever watched.. Maybe because it is related to the life people like us are in.. Or the bond of friendship that each of them have towards one another.. Which in turn made me miss my life during secondary school.. Although it had lots of bad memories but there were good ones as well.. And I guess the best part of my memory during that time of my life was him.. Hence the dream.. But then.. Dreams are just dreams.. It is never real and usually forgotten in an instant after waking up.. Just thought of keeping this dream of mine so that I have something to hang on to..

Sigh.. Oh well.. People have to move on.. :) Anyway.. Just finished my 5th paper yesterday.. Travel Agency and Tour Operations.. It was okay considering that we had tips to study.. After the paper.. I came back and crumbled onto my bed like a dead log as the night before I was studying and didn't had any sleep as usuall.. Seems like a habit for me these days.. Woke up around 5 something later on.. Still felt a little dizzy and weak but managed to make myself something to eat as my tummy was already buzzing like an alarm.. Nothing much happened later on.. Finished the last season of Queer As Folk and then had a losing streak in DOTA.. T_T Slept quite early as well last night compared to my usuall sleeping time these days.. Hm.. One last paper to go and then I'm going back to Penang.. Not sure when yet.. Would be writing less when I'm back there.. That's all for now.. Have a great day guys~


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

High Priest ~Shockwave~..

Where's my Ragnarok character when I need him! Miss my ~Shockwave~ so much.. How nice if he can cast Agility Up.. Bless.. Gloria.. Magnificat.. Kyrie Eleison.. Suffragium.. Aspersio.. Assumptio.. Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacrementi.. Impositio Manus.. Angelus.. All these wonderful skills on me during my exam in 3 hours time! Or just let me cast one simple Ruwach to reveal all hidden answers.. Hahaha.. Just hope they don't reveal hidden ghosts.. Haih.. Day dreaming.. Consequences of not sleeping for the entire night again.. Oh well.. Back to my studies.. T_T


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Business Management Principles..

Been staying awake the whole night for the past 2 days.. The 1st night on Thursday was because of me accompanying Robb to study as he had a paper on Friday morning.. As for Friday night.. I was for studying for my paper on Saturday morning.. Justin stayed awake with us as well.. So nice of him.. ^^

The BMP exam was not as hard as I expected it to be.. For someone who just studied last minute and having not enough sleep.. I was doing quite well I guess.. Managed to answer most of the questions except for 1.. I got 1 question wrong though but the point was I did more than I thought I would be able to do as my head felt heavy all the while.. Was feeling dizzy and sleepy the whole time during the exam and I can't think properly.. Oh well.. It's over.. 2 papers left.. XD

Slept as soon as I reached my room.. Never felt this tired for quite some time.. Got woken up by Justin around 3.00pm and then we went to Carrefour.. Bought quite alot of things again.. We were stuck in Carrefour after all the shopping as it rained quite heavily.. So we had our dinner in KFC.. Which took us a very long time queueing for our food.. It was "buka puasa" time for Malays and all the fast food chains were filled with people.. After filling our empty tummies we went to catch a cab back home.. It was still drizzling..

Well after that me, Robb and Justin prepared ourselves and headed to LaQueen around 10.00pm.. It was Justin's 1st experience going to a gay bar.. It was also my 1st time going to LaQueen as well.. The place is kinda nice.. Filled with macho and cute guys.. More than Liquid definitely.. But I don't really like the music there.. Neither does Justin.. The whole night was pretty ok until later on.. There's this guy.. A friend of Jackie's.. He was kinda flirting with Justin.. Maybe he was just being friendly as Justin was kinda bored there.. But still I was feeling a little angry with the way he approached Justin.. Kinda felt like he was harrassing him.. Or maybe I was just jealous.. Anyhow.. It was a mistake asking him to go with us.. Should't expose him to all those hungry, horny gays outside.. So.. For any of the gays here who wants a piece of him.. You have to go through me 1st! Cuz I'm not going to let my STRAIGHT friend of mine fall into your lusty hands.. Hmph~


Thursday, September 13, 2007

English For Hospitality..

Today's paper was very easy~!! The environment sucks though.. The whole college was out of electricity and we had to do our examination in the dark as the weather was cloudy.. And it was still early in the morning.. Sigh.. And I thought it would be cold in the room so I wore a long sleeve t-shirt, which made me feel so hot in the humid room.. Oh well.. Now that 3 paper's down.. I have 3 more to go.. And the upcoming one is quite hard.. Have to start reading.. Hehe..

Went to Sungei Wang again for my weekly appointment.. Had to change buses on the way there.. So troublesome.. Sometimes I just feel like burning down all of Metrobus' buses for being so incompetent.. They shouldn't be doing public transportation if their main goal of driving those vehicles are not for the convenience of the public.. Everytime they would wait in front of the college until the bus is packed like a can of sardins before moving.. They should follow RapidKL's system.. Just move from the god damn place if no one else is coming up.. Zzz.. Even on our way back from Sungei Wang we had to change buses again.. Sigh..

Enjoyed lunch with my hubby though.. We had sushi again since it's the last day of the promotion.. Didn't eat as much as the other day but still enough to fill our hungry stomach.. I even get to eat my favorite Tori Karaage for the price of RM2.00 when it should be charged at RM3.00 as it was a custom order.. Must be my lucky day then.. Hehe.. There was even some guy that followed Robb from Sungei Wang until the SushiKing in Low Yat.. He was giving eye signals to Robb as well but dared not approach Robb to talk to him so he ignored the stranger.. Too bad then.. Robb's mine.. Wahaha..

It has been awhile since I've cooked spaghetti.. I think Justin missed it alot that's why he asked me to cook it for dinner.. Lucky for us that we had lots of spaghetti to spare so he gets to eat my spaghetti~!! Hehe.. Nothing great about it.. But still it was nice.. Anyone wants a bite? :P Well I better get going now.. It's kinda late.. Dunno what to do still but will be hanging around my laptop.. Haha.. Buhbye..


Random Post..

Just felt like sharing a clip I saw in YouTube.. It's about two hot guys from Desperate Housewives.. Hope you guys like it.. ^^


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Development And Management Of Visitor Attractions..

Phew~ This paper was way much easier than the previous one.. The tips that we had really helped a lot compared to the previous paper.. I know I shouldn't depend on tips but what the heck.. Most people do.. Why not follow the crowd.. XD Was worried like hell before doing the paper at 2.00pm.. Woke up early in the morning for breakfast with Robb and Justin at the nearby market.. Kinda like the Curry Mee there.. After eating we came back home and started studying.. Was trying to memorize those "important" points.. Well.. It all went well.. ^^

After finishing the paper.. I went to Low Yat with Robb, Justin and another 2 girls from my class.. It was the Sushi King RM2.00 promotion!! It didn't benefit me much though as most of the things I eat there costs RM2.00 itself.. Haha.. But for the others they took all those that usually range from RM4.00 to RM6.00.. Imagine how much they saved.. XD The girls didn't had much.. I ate around 10 plates while Robb had 11~ Justin only had a few as well as he already ate something before he came out..

Went to walk around Sungei Wang and TimeSquare after eating as we were too full.. Had to do some exercise.. XD I went to Borders and found some books that I'm interested in.. Can't afford to buy it though as I know I will be stuck to the book and not reading my notes for my exam.. Oh well.. Had to wait till after my exams before I go browsing in Borders again.. Books from Terry Brooks.. Can't wait to go there after my boring, sucky exams.. Bleks~

Anyway.. Came back around 9 something and went to Infinity to play Dota before coming home.. I have 2 days of rest until my next paper.. So can relax abit.. Hehe.. Well.. I guess that's all for now.. Kinda sleepy.. Miss all my didi's.. :) Nitez nitez..


Friday, September 07, 2007

Tourism In South East Asia..

My 1st paper for my final exams.. And already I have problems doing it.. No thanks to me skipping most of her classes.. But then.. Everyone skips all of her classes.. Oh well.. It's done.. 5 more to go.. Hopefully I can do better in other subjects.. Although I doubt that would happen.. XD

Nothing much happened after that.. Went to Sungei Wang as usuall.. Got my hair done.. Came back.. Bought some cheesy wedges for my lunch.. Yeap.. Very late lunch.. And now I'm back home resting.. Wondering whether or not I should go to Bed tomorrow night with Robb.. I'm not exactly a people's person.. And my appearance is another problem.. Don't know how to make myself presentable.. Hehe..

Oh.. Before I go.. Here's a picture of my so called shorter hair..

How's it? Nice? Ugly? No difference? Tell me ok? XD Tata..


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Spice Girls..

I am a Spice Girls fan ever since I was small.. Loved all of their songs and even bought all of their albums.. Original ones! Was quite sad when they split up and walk their own paths.. Been hoping to see them all back together again.. Oh well..

Just felt like sharing some songs with you guys.. Few of their best songs.. Enjoy.. ^^


New Look..

Thanks to Jason didi.. Now my blog has a new look! With a condition that I update regularly though.. Haha.. Well.. I will try to update as frequent as I can after my exams..

Finals starting tomorrow.. Having 3 subjects taught by one of the lecturer that no one listens to.. It will be a miracle if all of us can pass any of her subjects.. There is no difference from reading the book ourselves to the way she teaches her subjects.. She is practically reading everything out from the notes.. And to think the format of the exam just changed recently.. I really believe a lot of people will fail this time.. Sigh..

Enough of exams.. Will just see how it goes.. Anyway.. I just came back from Penang.. It has been a long time since I've went back.. Didn't go out much this time though.. Just stayed at home doing a little revision and went out with my parents.. Oh and I got to know a good looking guy as well! Hehe.. Didn't get to eat much of my favourite food as well.. Oh well.. Have to wait till after my exams..

Oh.. It's not only my blog that has a new look.. You can say that I have a new look as well.. Just my hair though.. Hehe.. It is not as long as it used to be.. Not exactly very short as well.. Had to cut it due to some circumstances.. Don't exactly like it.. But don't hate it as well.. At least now it's not that hot.. Still curly though.. Sigh..

Exams not over and I'm already thinking of the holidays.. I only have 2 weeks of semeester break this time.. So don't think I can go anywhere else.. Would be hanging around back in Penang.. ^^ Ryan didi's birthday is coming soon too.. Sometime during the start of my new semester.. Might be going to visit him in Johor.. Might not.. Still planning with him.. Hopefully some travelling will be done.. Hehe..

Been thinking of going to Singapore during Christmas as well.. Need to get a passport though.. And budget my spendings.. If not I won't have enough cash.. Still uncertain.. Hopefully there is a plan.. Hehe.. Been 10 years or more since I've last set foot in Singapore.. Kinda miss the place.. Can meet up Jason didi as well..

I guess that's all for now.. Gotta continue with my revision.. Hopefully.. And not just hanging around in front of my laptop chatting away with my friends.. Haha.. Chaoz..


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another Boring Night..

It has been more than one month since my previous post.. Nothing interesting happened in my life as usuall.. Going to college.. Playing online games.. Eating.. Sleeping.. Etc.. Etc.. Etc..

The previous trip to Pantai Cherating was a waste of money.. The place we stayed.. Mercu Beach Resort.. Was no resort to start with.. Maybe I had my expectations up too much.. But for me.. The place is one of the worst resorts I have ever stayed in.. If Justin and Yi Kang weren't there.. I would most probably sleep in my room till the day we came back to KL.. Well nothing much worth saying.. It's already over..

Had been having assignments to finish up for the last few weeks.. Last minute work as usuall.. As for the grouping.. Well.. Everything as expected.. Same old.. Same old.. To think I would have learned to plan my work earlier and in a more proper manner.. Guess old habits just don't fade away.. Had to leave everything until the last few days and then rush everyone for their work.. Not like I can expect much from them anyway..

As for missing out on blogging.. It's not like I've been busy 24 hours a day doing my assignment.. More to playing online games 24 hours a day.. Or watching animes.. Queer As Folk perhaps? Might be I've lost my muse again.. It seems to keep running away these days.. Might be I'm losing my attractiveness that is why my muse keeps disappearing.. Most probably off to see another good looking guy..

Something is not right with me.. I feel like I've changed into someone that I can't even recognize.. Someone who doesn't even know what he wants.. Self confidence is always a problem for me... For I seem to have lost it somewhere during secondary school.. Never fully regained all the parts.. Sometimes it comes back by itself.. And sometimes it just disappears into the thin air..

"Is there such thing as eternal love in a PLU's life? Would someone endure the feeling of loneliness while waiting for his other half to come back? Is time an important factor in a relationship? There are so many questions in my mind and yet I can find no answers to them.."

I took that from a part of a post of mine which was deleted due to a person's request.. It seems those questions were never answered and it will keep bothering me once awhile when my mood seems to be down.. In the first place.. What is love? Does anyone really understand what is the true meaning of love? Or what it takes to love someone and to be loved by someone?

Sigh.. Why is it that I always feel so down in the middle of the night.. Is it due to the coming final exams in 2 weeks time? I should be revising my notes by now but as usuall.. I've been playing games and watching animes the whole time.. Felt like I'm someone with no social life and the only friend I have is my 2 year old laptop.. Sad huh? I wonder what happened to the me that was used to going out meeting new people and knowing more friends.. Maybe past experiences with some drama queens affected this? Might be.. Might not be.. Guess I will never know..


Saturday, July 07, 2007


Piles and piles of assignments waiting for me to finish them.. Some of them are easy.. Some hard.. But there is one assignment where I can't wait to do it..

Why? Cuz..

We're going on a trip to Cherating~!! Ain't it great? This is the kinda assignments that I have been waiting for so long ever since I've been in this course.. It will be a 3 days 2 nights stay at Cherating.. I have no idea which resort we will be staying yet but more details will be given to us next week.. ^^ And it's only for RM160.00~!!

Hopefully it will be fun as the entire Tourism course is going.. Sounds big? Nah.. Only 3 classes all together.. LoL.. Will be taking lots of pictures.. I hope.. XD Till then.. I would just have to wait.. ^^ Adios~


Thursday, June 28, 2007


I am practically broke.. Pennyless.. And still in need of money.. Never have I felt so dried up before.. All this while.. Monetary issue.. Is not an issue to me.. I don't spend much.. I hardly go shopping.. Hardly go to the movies.. Hardly ever buy anything.. Except for food.. I like to eat.. I enjoy good food.. Thus most of my money are spent on places like Sushi King, Itallianies and so on.. Even so.. I would still have money in my bank and wallet after eating at such places..

But now it's a different story.. I can't even step a foot in those places without having someone to treat me as I can't afford it myself.. Where did all my money go? Some place which I regret spending.. Some place which practically sucked all my money dry and left me helpless.. And now I even need to rush those who owes me money to pay me back.. Even after they pay me back.. I still don't have enough.. Sigh.. Never felt so helpless before..

Robb was telling me not to think so much about this situation.. Instead.. Act on it.. I know.. It's no use being moody and whiny when things like this happen.. But for a person like me.. I have never worked before! It's not easy taking the 1st step out to work.. Even part-time.. You might say "Aiyah.. Work only.. What's the big deal? Scared of what?" Don't ask me that.. I don't have the answer.. I can never make myself to find a job all this while.. Maybe I'm a coward.. Maybe I'm just a spoilt brat.. But this spoilt brat was never in desperate need of money such as now..

I'm a big baby..

Robb's recent earnings were able to help me out in some way but I don't want to use so much money of his.. It just doesn't feel right.. Especially when it involves one big sum in one shot.. I'm not going to ask my parents as well.. They've spent too much money on me.. What am I to do.. I hate this feeling.. Why can't I just decide on going to work and stick with it.. Zzz.. I can never make a firm decision and stick with it.. Always lost and confused.. Why do I think so much.. =.="


Friday, June 22, 2007

What Will Be.. Will Be..

When I was just a little boy..
I asked my mother..
What will I be..
Will I be handsome..
Will I be rich..
That's what she said to me..
Hey Ming Ming..
Ming Ming..
Whatever will be..
Will be..
The future's not ours to see..
Hey Ming Ming..
Ming Ming..
What will be..
Will be..


Friday, June 15, 2007

Hard Times..

No.. Not the "hard" that you are thinking of in the dirty little brain of yours.. But difficult times.. Alot has happened since my previous post..

I went to Genting Highlands with Robb and few of my friends before my 4th semester started.. Came back to KL.. Results came out and few of my friends were required to repeat the subjects they failed and won't be able to proceed to 4th sem.. A misunderstanding between me and one of my close friend.. Changing servers to play in Maple Story... Another close friend of mine broke up his relationship of 4 years which I had looked up to.. And now.. Robb is down with dengue..

Sigh.. Robb was supposed to be discharged today.. But due to the low platelet count in his blood yesterday he had to stay for few more days.. I missed him so much.. Everday I go to the hospital and see him.. I feel so helpless seeing him bored to death as he has nothing to do there but sleep.. There is no TV there for the patience.. He can't read much on magazines or newspapers as it would make him feel dizzy.. He has practically nothing to do.. If I could afford it I would just go and get one PSP for him to play.. At least he won't be so bored..

Talking bout my friend who broke up.. It was him who suggested that and now his bf.. Or should I say ex bf.. Is devastated.. 4 years.. Can you imagine having someone to love for so long and in one blink everything changed? I couldn't imagine having to live without Robb even though we are just together for more than a year.. Maybe my friend felt that his relationship was more to the feeling of responsibility rather than love after having being together for so long.. Would it happen to my relationship as well?

Sometimes I wonder myself.. How could people like us stay with 1 person for so long.. It is typical for someone like us.. Especially when we are below 30.. To be wild and always eyeing at good looking guys.. Thinking of how nice it would be to have them on bed.. Admiring those with superb bodies.. Maybe this is why a lot of people are disgusted at gays.. For practically having mental sex with any good looking guy he sees.. And for changing boyfriends every few weeks.. Just like shopping..

So how does one keep the flame from burning out? I myself can't answer that alone as in my relationship.. Both of us are trying our best to love each other more each day.. It takes two to survive in a relationship.. Cuz if it was only one sided.. The boat would be unbalanced and it would sink.. Sigh..

Well.. I better be off for breakfast.. Wouldn't want to fall sick now especially when he needs me the most.. I miss you dear.. Get well soon..


Saturday, May 12, 2007


I'm home~!! Just came back from my 4 days trip to Langkawi.. It was quite a last minute plan when my friend Kenny suddenly asked me to visit him since I was on holiday.. So the indecisive me took few days to decide and finally agreed just one day before I head out to Langkawi.. :P So I packed my stuff and went to the Jetty on the following day..

Lucky the tickets were still available.. It was quite expensive though.. RM50.00 for a one way ticket and RM95.00 for a two way ticket.. My father then bought me the two way ticket and the date of return was left opened as I was not sure when I would be back.. I then parted ways with my father and head towards the boat.. It was just 8.00 in the morning.. Zzz..

The boat was neither big nor small.. It was not fully crowded as there were plenty of seats available.. Most of the passengers were tourists.. Only few of them were locals such as myself.. As I waited for the boat to sail.. I managed to take a picture of the sun rising up.. It was quite a sight.. Would be better if I had my sunglasses with me.. Hehe..

It had been quite some time since I've been on a ship so I was feeling a little sick from the waves outside.. Or maybe it was just because I didn't had any breakfast and was reading The Sword of Shannary Trilogy which I brought along.. Well.. The journey was not that bad.. Felt better after awhile.. Bored though.. Took some pics of clouds along the way.. No idea why but I seem to be facinated by them these days..

I reached my destination 3 hours later.. Sent a brief SMS to my mum to inform her that I've arrived.. Called up my friend Kenny who stays in Langkawi as well.. I had to wait until he finishes school before he can come over and fetch me.. That would be another 3 hours.. My tummy called out to me.. "Feed me!! Feed me!!" it said.. LoL.. I then followed the map which I got for free at the jetty and took a slow walk towards Langkawi Fair which is said to be Langkawi's largest mall.. I was like =.=" when I saw the building.. Took some pics along the way as well..

Had my breakfast in Langkawi Fair's McDonalds.. Seems like the price here differs from the McD's in other places.. Still cheaper than the ones in Genting Highlands though.. Hehe.. Had lots of time to spare before Kenny meets up with me so I took a walk around the mall.. Boring place.. =.= I headed out to the streets and took a walk to a nearby park.. Kenny arrived around 2.00pm.. That was the 1st time that I met him.. :)

Despite having to go to school everyday (he's just 16 year old) and helping out in his father's shop.. He willingly spent his remaining time showing me around the island.. It is an island full of beautiful sceneries.. A perfect place to relax and get away from the hectic life of KL.. The beaches clean.. The mountains tall and green with trees.. It has been awhile since I've enjoyed nature that much.. Especially the sound of the waves.. I won't write much about the places I've been though.. As I felt this trip of mine is more to visiting Kenny than to visiting the island..

Through the 4 days in Langkawi.. I've lived part of Kenny's life.. When he's out to school.. I would most probably be sleeping.. And after he comes back.. We would either go to his shop and help out if needed.. Or he would bring me out to beaches, waterfalls and also to look for his friends.. Sometimes I felt like I was disturbing his daily routine but he assured me that he enjoyed my company.. And I enjoyed his as well.. He's a nice friend..

I've got to know and understand him more as we chat quite alot.. He told me alot about himself as well.. Putting faith and trust in me like he would with his closest friend.. For that I am honoured.. Somehow he felt like a younger brother to me.. Well.. Enough about him.. Lets all wish him good luck for his coming exams.. ^^

Somehow I felt like I've strayed from my title.. Haha.. Doesn't matter.. It had been an enjoyable trip there.. The company.. The sceneries.. The lifestyle.. I wouldn't mind going there again to stay with him.. Hehe.. Hope he won't mind though.. XD Hard to find such a friend these days.. Especially in college where everyone wears a mask and strive to survive on his or her own.. Sigh..

There were more pics than those that I have posted above.. But I guess it's more than enough having so many pictures flooding my blog.. Would just keep it in my laptop and enjoy it myself.. Keke.. Anyway.. That's all for now.. Hope you guys like the pictures.. Oh one more thing.. I miss you dear.. ^^