Monday, September 24, 2007

Queen Of Pain..

No.. I'm not going to talk about Dota.. I'm going to talk about the pain I endured just few hours back.. And hopefully that's the end of it.. I felt the sudden pain in my gums around 8.00pm yesterday.. It came slowly and lasted for quite a long time.. Started with a slight pain at the top right corner of my gums and slowly the pain becomes more and more intensed.. It hurt so much that my tears were flowing out and was shivering a little.. Never had I felt such pain before.. Well not that I remembered.. I guess getting burned by boiling hot water hurts so much more but then I don't really remember the pain I felt as I was quite young at that time.. Sigh..

The clinics were all closed so my mother had to take me to the nearest hospital.. The doctor didn't do much checking on me.. Gave me few painkillers (which didn't work =.=) and some medicine to reduce the swelling.. Went back home and had something light to eat before eating those pills.. After that I still feel the pain come and go.. Sigh.. Tried to sleep early but still woke up in the middle of the night.. Lucky for me that since I woke up till now Akasha (Queen Of Pain in Dota) did not pay me a visit.. XD I shall keep my fingers crossed..

Anway.. I've finished my last paper.. Tourism Planning.. And now I'm back in Penang shaking my legs.. Didn't do much though.. Had curry mee last night and then went to Batu Feringghi with Edwin to look at some CDs.. He bought some songs which only cost RM4.00 per CD.. ^^ Ain't it cheap? I bought my entire QAF here.. DVDs also cost RM4.00 only.. Went to meet up with another old friend of mine.. Eing Yung.. And his new gf in Gurney after that.. Really had a good chat with them..

As for Sunday morning.. I woke up quite early.. Went to have breakfast with my parents.. Was quite nice.. Been awhile since I've done this.. Hehe.. Went to Redbox with Ed, Ey, Boon and his gf after that.. Really had fun spending time with those who were once close to me.. Not really good at singing but it was the company that counts.. ^^ They went back after that and I took a walk around Gurney Plaza.. Went to the arcade as well to play my usuall game.. King Of Fighters.. Another one of my oldest friend came by later on.. He was the 1st person who I started to confide in about my sexuality.. We hardly chat.. He's a busy man.. XD But still our friendship stays.. We lingered around the place and then watched Perfect Stranger together.. The whole cinema was like empty! There were only 4 others in the cinema besides us.. Luckily it was not a horror movie or I would have been scared shitless..

Well.. We walked around a little after that and then went our separate ways.. I went home and that is when the pain started to creep up on me.. Don't know what went wrong.. Hopefully it is gone for good.. Might go see a dentist tomorrow though.. Maybe with Robb reaching Penang tomorrow I will recover straigth away.. Hehe.. Was looking around for a swimming trunk in Gurney.. Didn't see any that attracted my attention though.. But then.. What type of swimming trunks would look good on a guy with a body like mine anyway? Haha.. Maybe by getting a sexy one would encourage me to work out more before wearing it out.. XD Oh well.. Will continue to hunt for it tomorrow in Queen's Bay if Robb wants to go there..

And now.. I shall waste my time here.. Doing nothing in the middle of the night.. Nothing much to do anyway.. Can't sleep and no one is online to chat with me.. Anyone can give a suggestion? Porn maybe? Haha.. Nah.. No privacy here.. Online games.. Hm.. No point playing online games if none of my friends are in it.. Argh~ Shall listen to songs till the sun rises then.. Haha.. Buhbyee..

P.S. Miss all my didi's.. ^^


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