Sunday, September 16, 2007

Business Management Principles..

Been staying awake the whole night for the past 2 days.. The 1st night on Thursday was because of me accompanying Robb to study as he had a paper on Friday morning.. As for Friday night.. I was for studying for my paper on Saturday morning.. Justin stayed awake with us as well.. So nice of him.. ^^

The BMP exam was not as hard as I expected it to be.. For someone who just studied last minute and having not enough sleep.. I was doing quite well I guess.. Managed to answer most of the questions except for 1.. I got 1 question wrong though but the point was I did more than I thought I would be able to do as my head felt heavy all the while.. Was feeling dizzy and sleepy the whole time during the exam and I can't think properly.. Oh well.. It's over.. 2 papers left.. XD

Slept as soon as I reached my room.. Never felt this tired for quite some time.. Got woken up by Justin around 3.00pm and then we went to Carrefour.. Bought quite alot of things again.. We were stuck in Carrefour after all the shopping as it rained quite heavily.. So we had our dinner in KFC.. Which took us a very long time queueing for our food.. It was "buka puasa" time for Malays and all the fast food chains were filled with people.. After filling our empty tummies we went to catch a cab back home.. It was still drizzling..

Well after that me, Robb and Justin prepared ourselves and headed to LaQueen around 10.00pm.. It was Justin's 1st experience going to a gay bar.. It was also my 1st time going to LaQueen as well.. The place is kinda nice.. Filled with macho and cute guys.. More than Liquid definitely.. But I don't really like the music there.. Neither does Justin.. The whole night was pretty ok until later on.. There's this guy.. A friend of Jackie's.. He was kinda flirting with Justin.. Maybe he was just being friendly as Justin was kinda bored there.. But still I was feeling a little angry with the way he approached Justin.. Kinda felt like he was harrassing him.. Or maybe I was just jealous.. Anyhow.. It was a mistake asking him to go with us.. Should't expose him to all those hungry, horny gays outside.. So.. For any of the gays here who wants a piece of him.. You have to go through me 1st! Cuz I'm not going to let my STRAIGHT friend of mine fall into your lusty hands.. Hmph~


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