Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Development And Management Of Visitor Attractions..

Phew~ This paper was way much easier than the previous one.. The tips that we had really helped a lot compared to the previous paper.. I know I shouldn't depend on tips but what the heck.. Most people do.. Why not follow the crowd.. XD Was worried like hell before doing the paper at 2.00pm.. Woke up early in the morning for breakfast with Robb and Justin at the nearby market.. Kinda like the Curry Mee there.. After eating we came back home and started studying.. Was trying to memorize those "important" points.. Well.. It all went well.. ^^

After finishing the paper.. I went to Low Yat with Robb, Justin and another 2 girls from my class.. It was the Sushi King RM2.00 promotion!! It didn't benefit me much though as most of the things I eat there costs RM2.00 itself.. Haha.. But for the others they took all those that usually range from RM4.00 to RM6.00.. Imagine how much they saved.. XD The girls didn't had much.. I ate around 10 plates while Robb had 11~ Justin only had a few as well as he already ate something before he came out..

Went to walk around Sungei Wang and TimeSquare after eating as we were too full.. Had to do some exercise.. XD I went to Borders and found some books that I'm interested in.. Can't afford to buy it though as I know I will be stuck to the book and not reading my notes for my exam.. Oh well.. Had to wait till after my exams before I go browsing in Borders again.. Books from Terry Brooks.. Can't wait to go there after my boring, sucky exams.. Bleks~

Anyway.. Came back around 9 something and went to Infinity to play Dota before coming home.. I have 2 days of rest until my next paper.. So can relax abit.. Hehe.. Well.. I guess that's all for now.. Kinda sleepy.. Miss all my didi's.. :) Nitez nitez..


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