Thursday, September 13, 2007

English For Hospitality..

Today's paper was very easy~!! The environment sucks though.. The whole college was out of electricity and we had to do our examination in the dark as the weather was cloudy.. And it was still early in the morning.. Sigh.. And I thought it would be cold in the room so I wore a long sleeve t-shirt, which made me feel so hot in the humid room.. Oh well.. Now that 3 paper's down.. I have 3 more to go.. And the upcoming one is quite hard.. Have to start reading.. Hehe..

Went to Sungei Wang again for my weekly appointment.. Had to change buses on the way there.. So troublesome.. Sometimes I just feel like burning down all of Metrobus' buses for being so incompetent.. They shouldn't be doing public transportation if their main goal of driving those vehicles are not for the convenience of the public.. Everytime they would wait in front of the college until the bus is packed like a can of sardins before moving.. They should follow RapidKL's system.. Just move from the god damn place if no one else is coming up.. Zzz.. Even on our way back from Sungei Wang we had to change buses again.. Sigh..

Enjoyed lunch with my hubby though.. We had sushi again since it's the last day of the promotion.. Didn't eat as much as the other day but still enough to fill our hungry stomach.. I even get to eat my favorite Tori Karaage for the price of RM2.00 when it should be charged at RM3.00 as it was a custom order.. Must be my lucky day then.. Hehe.. There was even some guy that followed Robb from Sungei Wang until the SushiKing in Low Yat.. He was giving eye signals to Robb as well but dared not approach Robb to talk to him so he ignored the stranger.. Too bad then.. Robb's mine.. Wahaha..

It has been awhile since I've cooked spaghetti.. I think Justin missed it alot that's why he asked me to cook it for dinner.. Lucky for us that we had lots of spaghetti to spare so he gets to eat my spaghetti~!! Hehe.. Nothing great about it.. But still it was nice.. Anyone wants a bite? :P Well I better get going now.. It's kinda late.. Dunno what to do still but will be hanging around my laptop.. Haha.. Buhbye..


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