Friday, September 07, 2007

Tourism In South East Asia..

My 1st paper for my final exams.. And already I have problems doing it.. No thanks to me skipping most of her classes.. But then.. Everyone skips all of her classes.. Oh well.. It's done.. 5 more to go.. Hopefully I can do better in other subjects.. Although I doubt that would happen.. XD

Nothing much happened after that.. Went to Sungei Wang as usuall.. Got my hair done.. Came back.. Bought some cheesy wedges for my lunch.. Yeap.. Very late lunch.. And now I'm back home resting.. Wondering whether or not I should go to Bed tomorrow night with Robb.. I'm not exactly a people's person.. And my appearance is another problem.. Don't know how to make myself presentable.. Hehe..

Oh.. Before I go.. Here's a picture of my so called shorter hair..

How's it? Nice? Ugly? No difference? Tell me ok? XD Tata..


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