Tuesday, September 18, 2007

High Priest ~Shockwave~..

Where's my Ragnarok character when I need him! Miss my ~Shockwave~ so much.. How nice if he can cast Agility Up.. Bless.. Gloria.. Magnificat.. Kyrie Eleison.. Suffragium.. Aspersio.. Assumptio.. Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacrementi.. Impositio Manus.. Angelus.. All these wonderful skills on me during my exam in 3 hours time! Or just let me cast one simple Ruwach to reveal all hidden answers.. Hahaha.. Just hope they don't reveal hidden ghosts.. Haih.. Day dreaming.. Consequences of not sleeping for the entire night again.. Oh well.. Back to my studies.. T_T


1 comment:

pikey said...

sounds more like harry potter than ragnarok, hahahaha