Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I had a dream.. And in it.. Was the 1st guy that I have loved which lasted longer than the current relationship I am in now.. He was my best friend.. We're still friends now.. But I guess you can say we're not as close as we used to be.. In that dream.. I met him in a nearby neighbourhood around my house in Penang.. We were kinda shocked to see each other.. And then we just sat at that coffee shop and talk about what is happening as well as what has happened for the last few years.. Then we went back to my house.. Lying down in my room and continued to catch up on what has happened in our lives.. Just like the good old days.. But it was not about the past.. It was about the current and the future.. He asked me how my bf is treating me.. About my relationship.. What we do.. It was kinda like he had fully accepted me for who I am.. And not asking me to change back to normal as he did last time.. I even asked him if I've gained weight which of course he said yes.. Hehe.. It all seems so real..

Maybe that shows how much I've missed my friends all this years without even realising.. I hardly have any close friends like him now.. We used to study together during exams.. With him fetching me to school or anywhere else when I have no transport.. Or vice versa.. We even went to a temple to study during our SPM.. I guess he was always like a big brother to me.. I really missed those days..

I guess watching Queer As Folk triggered all this memories of mine which lead to the dream.. I've just finished the last season last night and honestly.. The series is one of the best one I've ever watched.. Maybe because it is related to the life people like us are in.. Or the bond of friendship that each of them have towards one another.. Which in turn made me miss my life during secondary school.. Although it had lots of bad memories but there were good ones as well.. And I guess the best part of my memory during that time of my life was him.. Hence the dream.. But then.. Dreams are just dreams.. It is never real and usually forgotten in an instant after waking up.. Just thought of keeping this dream of mine so that I have something to hang on to..

Sigh.. Oh well.. People have to move on.. :) Anyway.. Just finished my 5th paper yesterday.. Travel Agency and Tour Operations.. It was okay considering that we had tips to study.. After the paper.. I came back and crumbled onto my bed like a dead log as the night before I was studying and didn't had any sleep as usuall.. Seems like a habit for me these days.. Woke up around 5 something later on.. Still felt a little dizzy and weak but managed to make myself something to eat as my tummy was already buzzing like an alarm.. Nothing much happened later on.. Finished the last season of Queer As Folk and then had a losing streak in DOTA.. T_T Slept quite early as well last night compared to my usuall sleeping time these days.. Hm.. One last paper to go and then I'm going back to Penang.. Not sure when yet.. Would be writing less when I'm back there.. That's all for now.. Have a great day guys~



Robb said...

Miss watching QAF wit u~~ now what do we watch together le? mucks

Zach said...

we watch justin? :P