Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Look..

Thanks to Jason didi.. Now my blog has a new look! With a condition that I update regularly though.. Haha.. Well.. I will try to update as frequent as I can after my exams..

Finals starting tomorrow.. Having 3 subjects taught by one of the lecturer that no one listens to.. It will be a miracle if all of us can pass any of her subjects.. There is no difference from reading the book ourselves to the way she teaches her subjects.. She is practically reading everything out from the notes.. And to think the format of the exam just changed recently.. I really believe a lot of people will fail this time.. Sigh..

Enough of exams.. Will just see how it goes.. Anyway.. I just came back from Penang.. It has been a long time since I've went back.. Didn't go out much this time though.. Just stayed at home doing a little revision and went out with my parents.. Oh and I got to know a good looking guy as well! Hehe.. Didn't get to eat much of my favourite food as well.. Oh well.. Have to wait till after my exams..

Oh.. It's not only my blog that has a new look.. You can say that I have a new look as well.. Just my hair though.. Hehe.. It is not as long as it used to be.. Not exactly very short as well.. Had to cut it due to some circumstances.. Don't exactly like it.. But don't hate it as well.. At least now it's not that hot.. Still curly though.. Sigh..

Exams not over and I'm already thinking of the holidays.. I only have 2 weeks of semeester break this time.. So don't think I can go anywhere else.. Would be hanging around back in Penang.. ^^ Ryan didi's birthday is coming soon too.. Sometime during the start of my new semester.. Might be going to visit him in Johor.. Might not.. Still planning with him.. Hopefully some travelling will be done.. Hehe..

Been thinking of going to Singapore during Christmas as well.. Need to get a passport though.. And budget my spendings.. If not I won't have enough cash.. Still uncertain.. Hopefully there is a plan.. Hehe.. Been 10 years or more since I've last set foot in Singapore.. Kinda miss the place.. Can meet up Jason didi as well..

I guess that's all for now.. Gotta continue with my revision.. Hopefully.. And not just hanging around in front of my laptop chatting away with my friends.. Haha.. Chaoz..


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