Saturday, November 03, 2007

Paw Paw..

Started off early today to my Japanese class. Had to wake up around 7.00am as the class starts at 8.00am. After 4 long hours in college, I was finally able to come home. My stomach was already growling like a lion as I did not had any breakfast. The bus that I came back with didn't help much. It waited at the bus stop in front of my college for nearly 30 minutes before it moved. This situation is nothing new for Tar College students as we were all used to the lousy service and timing from Metorbus. But there is nothing that we can do about it. :)

Everyone was kinda drousy as we all had to wake up early. One of my friend slept in the bus on the way back and I took a picture without him knowing. Hehe. Will ask him to look at my blog later on. The weather today feels nice. Not too hot and not too cold. Took a picture of the flat where I'm staying as well. Can anyone guess which one is my unit? XD

Came back home and ate my brunch. Nothing much to do after that so I went to read my book, The Heritage of Shannara. Around 3.00pm, me and my housemate went downstairs as it was about time to bring her baby home. No we're not referring to a human baby. She's not even married or pregnant. LoL. Behold..

Tada~ Isn't he adorable? Yes he's a he and he's just less than 2 months old. Baby is already getting used to us as he's been following us all around the house. No barks were heard from him yet. It's good though as we wouldn't want the neighbours to be complaining. It is nice to have a pet dog around the house. Wonder if Baby would be afraid of my Boi Boi. Hehe.

Anyway, still no sign of Justin. Wonder if he will torture Baby or not. Hopefully not. Oh well, got to go for dinner now. Chao.


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