Thursday, November 01, 2007

Black Again..

Ah, I feel much more comfortable surrounded by a black background. Not that I don't like the previous layout. It's just that I feel much more at home with this colour and it suits my blog more. I took the picture above from Yahoo! where they were talking on a newly found black hole somehwere far far away.

Been bored almost to death these few days with no online games to play and not having Robb around till late at night. Felt kinda empty. Even my 2 inch thingy is not enough to satisfy myself. Don't get me wrong. I'm talking about a book. LoLz. I bought another one of Terry Brook's book few days back, The Heritage of Shannara, and have been reading it till now. I'm just halfway through though.

Took this picture few days back when I was walking to the bus stop with Robb. I kinda like clouds. At times they could mesmerise you with their unique shapes which are ever changing. But sometimes they're just plain dull. They can take whichever form that our mind makes us see, depending on our imagination. Sometimes you see it to be a shape of a cat, sometimes a car, or it might even look like a dick, depending on how you see it. Hehe.

My housemate is going to get herself a puppy this Saturday. A real puppy, not a soft toy like my Boi Boi. The thing is, she didn't mention anything about it to Justin, which is the one doing the sweeping and mopping most of the time. I wonder what would he feel about having another dog to mess up the place. Hmm. Anyway, nothing much happened today. Nothing much happens in my life anyway. Except for having Robb, which is the best thing tht has ever happened to me. XD

These are just random pictures that I have just uploaded from my handphone to my 2 years old laptop. The picture on top was took this afternoon on my way back from college. The bus was kinda empty so my friend made himself as comfortable as possible. LoLz. The steamboat was few weeks back in Sunway together with Robb, Eric, Jason, William, Frankie, and another Jason. Oh well, nothing much to talk about now. Just wanted to spare some of my free time while waiting for Robb to come back. Miss him so. ^^ Till then, さようなら(sayounara)。


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