Sunday, October 21, 2007

Random Craps..

It has been awhile since I've updated my blog. I guess by having Robb around, my time is spent either with him or doing something else. Now that he's back in Ipoh, I have time to spend on my blog as well as on other things.

I've been feeling so bored for the past few days as the server for a game I was playing was temporary closed. Since I had nothing else to do, I took out my book on Services Marketing, one of my subjects for this semester, and made notes!! This is only the 2nd week of my semester and I've already started making notes. It's unusual as never in my life have I been so hardworking, especially when it is just the beginning of the semester. Can't wait for Perfect World's server to open. :P

Remember the title of the post I wrote where I went to have my tooth pulled out? Wisdom minus one? I just remembered that in an episode in South Park, Eric Cartman has a Christian rock band named Faith +1. LoLz. Similar? Maybe I unconsciously got the idea from South Park.

As for college, life has been the same. But our course treasurer has been acting like a bitch over some small problem. Don't know what is fucking problem. He has been collecting RM30 from each person for every semester since the starting of our course. The money is used for our photostated notes. No one has ever asked him whether there were any amount left over each semester and he didn't even bother to do a report for us on the money spent. So for this semester, which can be considered our last semester, he still insisted on collecting RM30, which is quite a huge amount.

To cut things short, I somehow challenged his decision, pulling in other people to talk some sense in him, and now he's pissed off and wants to quit. He even changed his MSN's nickname, cursing about how cheapskate of us, spending lots of money outside but making noise on the RM30. HELLO!! It's our money, we spend the way we want, and not into your fucking pocket!! And who do you think you are telling us how to spend our money? We don't fucking print money like you. You're one lousy treasurer I tell you. Thinking only for yourself. Quit as you wish to, no one would care. It's your lost, not ours.

Enough about him. Sigh. I think I will go spend my time in Infinity playing DOTA since I've nothing to do. Till next time. ^^


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