Friday, November 16, 2007


It has been raining these few days and the weather is simply comfortable and nice to sleep in. It makes people want to stay home and cancel their plans for the day. As for me and Robb, it means we get to skip classes. :P Talking about sleep, I have a habit of taking pictures of my friends when they are sleeping. It feels as if all pretence is lifted and all you could see and feel is serenity. But no one likes to have their pictures taken while they are asleep, especially girls. Even so, I managed to snap few pictures of them in slumber land. XD

This picture was taken during our course trip to Cherating. It was kinda boring as the journey was 4 to 5 hours long. As we need to wake up early and gather before departing, most people are still half awake. Half the people in the bus were sleeping throughout the entire journey. I stayed awake as I was too excited. Snap snap! :P

This is one of my classmate, asleep during lecture. I can't remember which lecture was it but I'm sure it was not a boring one. The early class and cold environment must have contributed to this act of his. Well not to judge but if he continues to sleep in classes he would have to work 10 times harder than anyone else as he's not really good in his grades. Oh well.

The picture on top is my housemate, taken before my attemp to wake him up. The one below it was taken during my trip to genting with a group of friends. Guess he's too tired from playing around the whole day. :)

I don't seem to have any picture of myself sleeping though. I couldn't snap a picture of myself when I'm sleeping right? Unless I was sleep walking or something. This picture should be the closest thing I have as I had stayed awake the whole night and felt like a zombie. Looked like one too. :P Oh well, I'm off to doing nothing again. Boring boring day.


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William said...

A lot people pantang le. THe last pic is cute. :)