Thursday, January 17, 2008


It didn't start out quite right for me this year. Having my laptop stolen is something that will affect me for a very long time. Those who really know me would know that I treasure my laptop as if it was my second heart. All the pictures that I took and kept for so many years were kept in my hard disk. Not forgetting those animes which I spent so much time downloading were all inside my hard disk as well. Every single file that I kept inside my laptop is a part of me, and now, it's all gone.

The shock of losing so much in one single night, is unbearable. The worst part is that the door was not even broken! Somehow, he/she/they had the keys to easily walk into my sanctuary and take my most important possession. I was out of words when I woke up to find my table empty. I went all blank and cried.

No doubt I have my suspicions of who is responsible for this thievery. It all started few weeks back when Justin gave a girl his keys. The girl had been staying over for consecutive nights and was walking in and out of the house as if she were staying here for good. After Robb lost his keys INSIDE the house, logically she would be the first one to be suspected. I told Justin about it he defended his "friend" by saying that Robb might just had misplaced his keys. FINE. But I still told him not to let the girl stay over for so long as it is not her house. Justin PROMISED me that she will not come over to stay again and after that things just went on fine.

But on that night before my laptop was stolen, SHE appeared again. I was quite irritated as Justin broke his word, but I just let things be. The next morning, my laptop along with RM200+ cash was gone and the door was not even broken. Who do you think I would suspect? I don't believe in coincidences. If Robb's key were misplaced somewhere in the house, the only possibility is that Justin's friend duplicated his keys when he passed it to her! And there is also the possibility that the girl took Robb's keys when she came the other night! She can just pass the keys to one of her friends and come over to sleep to prevent herself from getting blamed.

I told Justin about this and he says I'm moody and emotional at that time and don't wanna talk about it. He still defends his "friend" and believes that I'm in the wrong to blame her. When I told him not to ever bring her over again or I would chase her out, he felt that I'm blaming him for my loss. Robb told me maybe Justin feels bad as me and the girl are both his friends and he doesn't know what to do. Well, he didn't seem like he feels anything at all except for when I talk bad about his "friend". He didn't even care about how I felt. If he did, well, he's not showing it.

Now I'm beginning to doubt if he even thinks of me as a buddy. Sigh. If that is so, there is no point of me having to ever talk to him again unless it is necessary. Exams are just around the corner and I'm still hanging around playing Perfect World to avoid thinking about those events that will make me moody. How am I to study? I am thankful though that I have Robb around with me. If things were to turn this bad and he's not in my life, I guess I would have broken down and drown in a sea of sorrow.

Another problem would be having to find a new housemate. Christy will be moving out at the end of January but she only informed me today. How the hell is she going to find another person to replace her on February? It would be hard for us to even help her get a replacement as most people will be going back to their hometown for Chinese New Year. Sigh. Even if we managed to find one, he/she/they might not even be compatible to us. It's just the beginning of the year and yet so many problems to handle.

Angry and sad..

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Mr Rainbow Man said...

it's never easy when you lose something so important in your life.