Friday, November 09, 2007

Food.. Food.. And More Food..

How should I start. Appetizers? Hehe. Robb and I got invited to eat in T.G.I. Friday's by Clayton last Wednesday. Somehow he got us a reservation to eat at Pavilion's soon to open T.G.I. Friday's for free! Can't remember the name of the dishes though. But I shall arrange them from the dish which I love best to the one's which are just so-so.

Well, after a very satisfying and filling dinner, we went for a little walk around Pavilion. Took this chance to look for a present for Jason as well since the intended present was not attainable. After awhile Clayton had to go so me and Robb continued our search. Didn't really know what to buy as I'm really bad in looking for presents. Found something for him a little while later but still not really sure whether he would like it or not. Oh well.

Had to stay back as a friend of mine is sleeping over at my place and he needs me to give him directions. So while waiting for him, we walked around again. Bought six donuts of different flavour from Big Apple Donuts & Coffee. They tasted ok, nothing special about it. After that, we went to McDonald's. While waiting I bought a cup of Coke and 4 pieces of nuggets which turn out to be 6 pieces! Lucky me. Hehe.

Waited till around 11.00pm before he arrived. Finally! Was getting kinda tired and thought of sleeping as soon as we reached home. But we got caught in traffic for quite some time, and made a wrong turning. So by the time we reached back home it was already midnight. Went for 3 hours of DOTA as well before sleeping. =.=

Woke up around 9.00am the next day. I practically had to drag myself out of bed into the shower as I was still very very tired. Well, we left to Jason's suprise potluck birthday party as soon as we finished preparing ourselves. Slept in the LRT all the way from Wangsa Maju till Kelana Jaya and then took a cab to Eric's place. Made my spaghetti over there but I don't think it went quite well. Oh well.

Had a short nap in his room after that as I was still quite tired. We practically spent our whole day over there and only came back around 8.00pm. Baby was already very hungry as no one was at home the whole day. Pity him. His owner went back to her hometown and left him all alone. After feeding him and online awhile, I slept straight away until this morning. And now I'm not feeling that well, running nose, dry lips and slight coughing. Guess I'll just stay home these few days.

Skipped gym for a week. Should I go today? Sigh. Lazy lazy.



Ah-Bong said...

no need gym.. stay eating and sleeping... yeeeeeeha!.. bleh bleh bleh :P

William said...

Aik. The template revert liao? Aiyoh... didn't get the chance to try out the TGIF.

Zach said...

Later I become fat pig.. =.=
Yea revert back to my old template.. More comfortable with this..

savante said...

DOnuts! I want!