Sunday, October 04, 2009

It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

Life has been dull for me lately, with my work being so routine and not much time to go anywhere else. Lucky for me, Nuffnang is organizing an event on the 23rd of November! The Nuffnang Blog Awards is going to be very happening and Krrunch as bloggers from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Australia will be gathering in Singapore on that very day! Bloggers who send in their blog entries about this stand a chance to be invited to this very exclusive and Krrunch event, so here I am trying my luck to change my boring month into a very Krrunch month!

Zuzu is not very accepting if there's something new or strange that he hasn't seen before. So whenever we buy something new, such as a new toy or a box of something, he'll be curious about it but in the same time act strangely towards that particular item. So when we placed a can of Pringles on the floor, Zuzu was curiously looking at it, and at the same time keeping a distance as if he were afraid of it. But once I opened the lid, he did what he always does when he sensed food.

He'll be all over you and trying his very best to make you feed him! You can ask him to do anything, well anything that he has learned to do, and he'll do it obediently. That was how he was taught to do the tricks that he knows currently, with food as his prize. Zuzu will look at you with his adorable face, practically begging to be fed. We had a very Krrunch time, playing with Zuzu and taking pictures of him while he was chasing after it.

Zuzu was all over the can of Pringles as he already knew that it contains food inside. It was truly a Krrunch night, as we spent precious time together, enjoying the moment. So here it is, my blog post for 'Its Krrunch Time, Get Playful' for the Nuffnang Blog Awards. Hopefully I can get chosen as it would really be Krrunch to be attending such a big event.


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Shiuji said...

LOL... zuzu so cute lo... haha.. esspecially the 1st photo... he scared the Pringles...