Wednesday, October 21, 2009

iPhone 3GS..

This is me, updating this short post using my friend's iPhone. Seems like almost everyone is using either an iPhone or a Blackberry these days. I can see my friends updating their status anytime, anywhere. Makes me feel like getting one too, but too bad, I don't think I can afford one.

The past week had been excruciatingly hard to go through. Time seems endless when Robb is not around. But I survived, and two days later I will finally be able to see the love of my life. I certainly can't wait for the moment where we get to see and feel each other once again. Till then, I guess I will just have to wait.



maRCus said...

aisey..i read your title.. ingatkan "Wow.. for once, not emo post.."

read read.. haisey! LOL

Zach said...

Hehe.. I won't deviate from my way of writing..

Anonymous said...

Ur 5800 also can do ma! U wan gravity? I got ahem *free* ahem one!

Anonymous said...

Add me MSN I send to u! =)