Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore Experience

When I was small, me and my family would go to Singapore at least once a year to visit my grandmother, my uncle and his family. But since 12 years ago, we stopped going and I've missed Singapore since then. I don't quite remember the places I've been to but there still are some traces left in my head that I know of, such as Haw Par Villa and the famous Sentosa Island. Having a chance to go there again would be perfect for me to re-live my happy memories with my family there and also create new ones of my own. So if I were to visit Singapore again for only a day, I would have to plan it properly.

I would start off in the morning by visiting the Singapore Zoo, which is home to over 3,200 mammals, birds, reptiles and fishes. Since it's an open zoo, it is perfect for me to experience the rich lushness of the tropical rain forest with its thriving wildlife. Since I'm an animal lover, I would definitely enjoy it as Robb has been there before and he told me that it is nicer than the zoo in Malaysia. I would definitely want to see the white tigers there as I've always loved tigers.

Next up, I would like to head to Sentosa Island, and visit the Underwater World and the Dolphin Lagoon. I'm actually a water person, as in I feel calm and relaxed whenever I'm around watery areas, such as by the sea or even a swimming pool. I would love to watch the pink dolphins demonstrate their charms and skills, and if the timing is right, I would even want to swim with them as they have limited sessions as well. The underwater world would also be a perfect place to see what's it like living in the ocean, surrounded by majestic sea creatures.

Before heading back from Sentosa Island during the evening, I would want to visit the Sentosa Merlion. It is a stretched out 37-metre version of the statue by the Singapore River, which is lit up at night and shoots lasers from its eyes. There's an elevator up into its mouth where I can gaze out over the nearby Port of Singapore. The Merlion is the signature of Singapore, and I would think that one could not be considered to have visited Singapore if he or she did not take at least one picture with the Merlion.

Having spent the entire day outdoors with nature, it is time for some shopping at Orchard Road, the epicenter of Singapore's shopping and entertainment industry. I remember visiting Orchard Road during Christmas when I was small, and it was a very beautiful place. It would be nice to be here during Christmas season again, where the roads and shops will be beautifully lit and decorated. Clarke Quay is not to be missed as well as it is the perfect spot to hang out and chill while enjoying the night life by the river side.

There are many other places in Singapore that is a must-visit, but these would be my dream destinations if I were to visit Singapore for only a day.

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience.



maRCus said...

This post is for what? suddenly mengidam Spore? XDD

Zach said...

This shows you don't know what's happening in Nuffnang..