Saturday, May 16, 2009

Money Money Money..

It has been quite some time since I've updated my blog and this was actually written in a notebook when I was working this morning. It has been quite a tough month for me as I was low on cash. Even though I had my first salary at the end of April, it was just enough to cover my fixed expenses and left me with little to spare. Not to mention Robb's birthday is coming soon. Sigh.

I can't blame anyone but myself for being idle for so long, surviving on nothing but my own savings. I was quite dry when I started to work as I had depleted most of my savings. Even so, I needed to spend on some necessary things before I started work. This job of mine requires me to wear a white shirt everyday. Sadly, I only had one white shirt, and it was quite old. It wasn't even bought by myself as some guy gave it to me after I helped him out few years back. I tried to look for a cheap one but ended up buying two from Seed as the ones in Jusco were either too bad in quality or too big for me. I managed to get a black slacks and a belt in Jusco which was quite cheap though.

The food around my work place ain't cheap either. One meal alone would cost nearly RM 10.00 and for someone who has a big appetite like me it is always not filling. I had to bring my own bread most of the time as I was really low on cash that time. Around two weeks after I started working, the sole of my shoes came off when I was on night shift. Had to spend again to get it mended.

When I was about to get my pay, there was a one day warehouse sales by L'oreal and Justin was working part-time there. They were selling Armani Diamonds for Men at only RM 150.00 for a 75ml bottle and the deodorant at only RM 30.00. As I kinda like the smell and it was very cheap considering the normal price for a 75ml bottle is at RM 240.00, I asked Justin to buy it for me. There goes a part of my salary.

Right after I get my paycheck, I sort of did a budget for the month of May. After deducting my rental, water and electric bill, phone bill, internet as well as estimated transportation costs, I was left with around RM 300.00 to survive the month. To make things worse, my upper left wisdom tooth went rebellious and gave me a hard time during work. I had no choice but to go see a dentist to have it exracted and sent to obedience camp. Due to this, I missed out on a day of triple pay at work as the dentist was fully booked for the week.

A sudden thought came to my mind on how I might be able to make my financial situation a little better. I remembered that TAR College students can claim back the RM 100.00 caution money that we paid when we enrolled into the college. So I went to the college yesterday to enquire about it as it was my off day. From my previous experiences with the School of Social Science and Humanities(SSH) office, I knew that their management was very bad as our school was always the last to receive our results, bills, timetables or anything that has to go through them. But what I found out yesterday was even worst! They told me that it would take one year for them to process the caution money. WTF? If they told me that they needed like two months or something then it is acceptable but one year? Why the fuck would they need that long? Zzz.

On another note from work, there was this couple who came by the counter few days back, asking us to waive her parking ticket as she is a resident here. The problem is, all residents here have their own car transponder for them to enter the parking lots without having to take the parking ticket, which she had forgotten to bring. Once the ticket is issued, they are bound to pay it and we have no say in this as it is under the developers jurisdiction and not us from the management. Her ticket was just RM 3.00 anyway but still she keeps on repeating that she's a resident and shouldn't be paying for it. Come on, you're staying in a service residence that costs around RM 1,200.00 per square foot and you make a fuss over a parking ticket that costs less than RM 10.00? How cheap can you be?

I really don't understand these people. Are all rich people so stingy? I wouldn't know. I'm neither rich nor do I have any rich friends. Don't think I would get rich next time either. Guess I'll never know.



cookiedonut said...

there's 2 kind of rich people: those who know how to earn lots of money, and those who noe how to save all the money...

guess the stingy fella is the second type XD

Roz./Ed said...

hihi, damn.. rm3 oso wan complain.. >_<

maRCus said...

come, join me make money together. in all seriousness.

Zues said...

Haha.. Finally you went to see dentist and have your teeth taken care of^^

Anonymous said...

i like this post of yours.after so long u didnt update now u write so much.must thank god for it........hahaha

btw from a few rich ppl i know yeah they r all stingy and i think thats how they become rich-saving every penny that they can

Zach said...

Well, what's the point saving on such minor things when they are already spending unnecessarily by staying in such a place? If they really want to save might as well stay in a cheaper place.

pikey said...

looks smart in the suit, and over time, u will get the hang of how to save money.... jz learn from experience..

Esther said...

You have such an interesting life. I'm so stressed with my exam and ur post cheered me up. Pls update more :)

Zach said...

Thanks.. ^_^
I find my life boring most of the time though..

beachlover said...

The 10rm probably didn't matter to the guest. It was probably the principle of it all.

Like if you spend 2 minutes arguing with a taxi driver who tries to rip you off for $5... you don't do it for the money, you do it for the principle (nobody wants to get ripped off?).

The customer doesn't understand how things work on your end (i.e. what can and can't be done)... they just want good service... it's annoying, but this is the reality of service industries.

Hope you find something more interesting soon before dying from boredom lol.

Try and be enthusiastic and as helpful as possible... you'll find something better quicker this way.

Danny said... is like this, when we need money the most..end up we dun have enough. But when are have more than enough..the situation is reverse..nth much to spend... :)