Friday, April 24, 2009


"I think the hands represent the ability to do something, to act and change things for the better, even if the hands are small (even if your ability is limited). But more people together can change a lot. This is what i think the hands signify."

That quote was taken from YouTube where I found this video. I find it quite true that every little bit of help that we offer will change something, one way or another. Even so, most people have the mindset to keep to themselves and hardly ever lend a helping hand unless he or she has something to gain in return. Sometimes, I find it sad to be living in such a realistic world.

What's the point of teaching those morals and virtues to small children when grownups themselves do not practice it? It will only give them a sense of false security that the world is a nice and loving place to live in, such as in fairy tales. If it was taught realistically then they would be more prepared to grow up and face the world without much shock.

All around the world, there would be people in need of help such as the orphanages, old folks homes, and etc. There are still honest and kind people around who would do their share of helping around once awhile, but the amount is going down as time passes by. I would think it is because that people are less trusting now after being cheated by so many other fake organizations who manipulate their generosity.

I did once believe in all those people who came and ask for donations for whatever organizations that they're "volunteering" for, until I was influenced by Robb who doesn't give a fuck about it as he doesn't believe in them. He said I'm too soft hearted and always giving in to help people without the sense to say "no". What he said was quite true as I always ended up buying those things from people who claimed to be from some charity organization or from someone in need of help.

There was once when I was walking out to eat, one guy came to ask me for RM 5 to refuel his motorbike as he was running low and out of money. After much persuasion, I ended up giving him RM 10 as he said he would return me the change after refueling. I waited there for quite some time but he didn't show up and Robb was waiting for me for dinner so I just left.

There were few other incidents where I helped some stranger but Robb just said that I was conned. Oh well, I would like to think that I managed to help make some changes in another person's life. But if they're really cheating me then to hell with them! Sigh. I managed to shield myself from all those people asking for charity soon after as I've been living with Robb for so long. I can't afford to keep handing out cash as my own supply is going lower by the day.

After a long period of avoiding those things, I broke the protective shield last week and gave in to another guy who was asking me to help buy some cards for charity. Feels good to be helping out again, and hopefully that guy is sincere. Guess it's enough about me, what about you? Do you lend out a helping hand if you're able to?



cookiedonut said...

used to help all those organizations... but now...

if u wanna do charity but scared of being con... go to the charity's headquarter itself to donate or do volunteery work ^^ sure wont kena con!~

Robb said...

the only reason why u should do charity - avoid tax.

no other reasons. so charity w/o receipt = not valid. lol

maRCus said...

Charity is a good thing. But we also have to practise some caution. Best thing is, before give, pray in your heart, then give sincerely. In any case bro, God got eye see.

ps. kenot link back on your blog, so i had to paste this. =)

Willy's Diary said...

yaya agree with sotong LOL