Monday, April 13, 2009

Boring Life..

What I usually do during morning shifts..

0500 - Alarm rang, closed it and fell asleep.
0515 - Alarm rang again, fell asleep again.
0545 - Woke up to realize that I'm late, rushed to get ready.
0610 - Left the house to the bus stop.
0650 - Reached my workplace, still early. Zzz.
0658 - Punched in card and opened up Tower A.
0710 - Greet residents who were leaving for work.
0750 - Resident came to claim his deposit. Not good looking at all.
0820 - Called taxi for a resident who wants to go LCCT.
0830 - Taxi came, got RM 20 commission from him. Not bad!
0900 - Hungry, secretly ate some bread and Panadol to stop my toothache.
0930 - Accountant came to collect redemption tickets.
0940 - Helped her count money, lots of them.
1110 - Accidentally unlocked all doors, oops.
1130 - One Spanish guy came to pay his water charges.
1134 - Autopay for carpark jammed, customer paid at front desk.
1140 - Some guy came to complain about noise pollution. Has a huge bulge.
1200 - Went for my break, played DS and chatted on ebuddy.
1300 - Back to work.
1320 - A pretty young lady came to ask for a job.
1350 - Resident came to collect a parcel.
1430 - Resident called to inform of loss of access card.
1500 - Time to go home, but stuck there due to rain.
1530 - Went back.

Notice the time frame in between each happenings. I just sat there, opening the door whenever someone comes by using the computer, and stared at blanks with nothing to do. I miss my free time at home, and it always rains whenever my shift ends. Sigh.



cookiedonut said...

try learning day dreaming... it helped in spending free time ^^

Shiuji said...

erm... until now i still donnoe what you work as leh... blur blur blur blur...

wake up so early? poor you... *HUG*

Zach said...

cannot.. later day dreaming got ppl come then didn't realise.. will kena marah.. :(

Anonymous said...

Awwwww....hope sth exciting will come to u soon..take care ya..hope ur toothache wont hurt too much anymore..

maRCus said...

sabar bro... =D

you took 20 mins to get ready and ran to the bus stop? GENG. lol

ill call the dentist tmr k? hang in there..

Anonymous said...

Start to feel blessed because you have a job and paid.

aM said...

Bored but okay what Zach.... at least u don't have to work hard ooo

i l y n said...

hmm.. wat ar u workin as? concierge?

Zach said...

why so many anonymous.. use a name please..

Darren said...

bring a book or something~

Beowulf said...

Security Guard?

Hemsem Ahmike said...

Hey you should be glad to have a job. I really feel sorry to see many jobless nowadays. Be Glad :D

Binn said...

well that is what you do as a concierge... actually you should spend time on what you really like to do ya know... like meeting people or talking to people, or do you like the paper works and all... there is got to be something you like, and you are good in it... you can do it man, we(plus robb) will be here to support you,

well at least you still have robb, im practically armless, or rather naked...T-T

count anone said...

it's a very interesting job u have there coz u can learn lots of things from it unlike other jobs..
and u already do the job for 2 weeks which means u will get comfortable with ur job^^

furthermore...the organization is hiring u which means they believe U CAN do the job EXCELLENTLY..
BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and there'll be nothing impossible in this world(except being immortal)

cookiedonut said...

don't worry... every job has it's opportunity for you to stand out

it's juz that do you WANT to stand out or not at the first place

gambateh!! =D

KY said...

get a better job! :P

RO said...

Dear Zack

Reading your blog gives me an impression that you have very low self esteem.

I can offer you a thousand and a million advice on how you can improve your confidence in the things you do or how you can make your life happier.

But I am not going to do that because I am very sure the people who are close to you and who loves you would have given you those advices before me.

Without sounding like a nag, all I can offer to you is that no one and no one except YOU can make that change and YOU and only YOU alone can decide whether you want to be happy and live your life meaninfully everyday.

Anonymous said...

hi! got to know from robb's blog that u are v demotivated with your new job. tell me about it. nobody likes working, everyone is just making the best out of their job.

u have 2 choices now. u can either quit that job and find a better one that you like. or continue doing it and make sure u excel in it.

i totally understand how u feel. because i once hated my job too. however, i have grown to love it because i told myself that i will make the best out of what i have. i want promotion, i wan increment, i want to be happy with my colleagues... i worked hard on every area to get job satisfaction. am i satisfied now? yes. if i can do it, i believe u can do it too!

i am not gonna tell u whether u should quit or continue because it's your future and your choice. age catches up and time flies, pls do not waste your time ranting about life coz if u do that, one day u will realise that everyone has moved on except for you. it's not to late zach, decide for your self, there is no right or wrong decision on whether to stay with the job or to quit. most importantly is your attitude, u have to change, u have to learn how to develop passion for your job, otherwise, u will never ever be happy. take the initiative to improve and always remember, what doesnt break you will make u stronger! never give up ! take care!

Anonymous said...

u think this is hard?well, u can always choose to stop working, play all day and become a permanent unemployed.

Alan said...

Life is tough. But if you preservere till the end, it'll be worth it!

Willy's Diary said...

kesian... but don't worry lar. one day a leng chai will move in and you won't complain of bored again LOL

hungheykwun said...


if i have lots of blank time, i would load up the nds with ebooks and read, mayb do a parttime course, dont waste the blank time, u know what i mean?

Zach said...

I'm actually not supposed to be doing something else when working, even if I brought a book to read, I can't fully concentrate on it as I need to always be looking out to see whether is there anyone coming in or going out since I have to open the door for them.. I have my NDS with me but still it's not nice if someone sees it.. There is nothing to learn except for procedures such as what form to fill when they want to book for BBQ pit, tennis court, borrow umbrella.. etc.. Lol..

Anonymous: Did I say that it was hard? Did I say that I hated it? I just said that it was boring..

aconfusedboy said...

next time if possible i'll drop by and make it less boring for you? ;) hahaa

julian said...

Hi Zach - nice to meet you at the Bash :)

It does sound boring - but it doesn't mean you have to stay there forever. Use it as a temporary launch pad to get a more interesting similar job (e.g. receptionist in a big hotel), or start to look for other things that interest you (I've no idea what...).

The worst is the feeling that you will be there forever. I worked for a couple of years as a telemarketeer - I hated it more than anything! I finally worked out a way to move on, and now part of my job is to go to blogger parties! :D

Oh, and may I suggest you go to a dentist if you have toothache - the state ones cost RM5 only :)

Zach said...

Julian: so cheap? @@ I didn't know..

julian said...

Ya lor very surprising, but my mother in law went to one the other day and it's true!

There's one at:
Klinik Pergigian Kelan Jaya
Lot 38294 Jalan SS6/3A, Tel: 78045001.

and also at Universiti Hospital

they don't do appointments though.

[Q]-ben said...

just came over from robb's blog and saw this. well, try to make the best out of it. if you cannot take it, then look for something else. reality is, we all have to work. just look for something that'll give you satisfaction, and make sure you enjoy it.