Saturday, April 18, 2009


Another day, another hour..
Your absence made my day so sour..
Waiting for the time to come..
To go home, where our hearts are one..

Longing for your lips on mine..
And your hugs warmly from behind..
Telling me that all will be well..
Shielding me from harm, you shall..

Gone were the days when I was free..
Doing anything, just being me..
Now all I can do is to force a smile..
And greet everyone that passes the aisle..

What is my direction I cannot see..
Drifting without oars, letting things be..
A wondering soul searching near and far..
For a sign, a path, a guiding star..



cookiedonut said...

omg... so sweet...

u can become shakespear II already

PianoBoy said...


but I guess it's the feeling of lost that gives you this inspiration, right?

Shiuji said...

what happen to u ah? tell me...