Friday, June 05, 2009

Short Updates..

19/05 - Mother called to inform that my uncle had passed away. Took three days unpaid leave and went back to Penang right after work.

20/05 - Went to uncle's funeral and got to know that I was their godson. "Sent him away" together with their only daughter.

22/05 - Came back to KL. Unpacked, had a short rest, packed again, and headed to Genting Highlands for Robb's belated birthday. Stayed for a night.

24/05 - Back to work as usual. Brother came to KL to study.

03/06 - Watched Terminator with Jason and Marcus in Pavilion after work. Felt that Pavilion has degraded to Timesquare's status.

04/06 - Off day. Moody as I didn't get to spend much time with Robb because he's very busy with work. Slept early.

05/06 - Still moody. Didn't message me the whole day. Sent him a "I miss you.." message but only received a "Very busy.." reply. He'll be home late again today so had dinner with brother. Going to sleep early again.



Shiuji said...

Why you also moody ah? All ppl moody reccently...

I find Pavilion very nice ah... better then TimeSquare la...

maRCus said...

not degraded.. sunk. lol

ps. *smiles*

Kenny Japheth S.C. said...