Monday, June 26, 2006

Chau Taufu.. Yueks!!

Never in my life did I ever think of trying out something as smelly as chau taufu.. And yet tonight I had a bite on that smelly thing people call food.. Argh!! Wonder how long will the memory of taking the first bite of it disappear..

Well.. Yi Kang came with his friend to fetch me and two other pretty girls (classmates) out to have dinner as planned.. We were suppose to eat somewhere nearby but halfway through the car ran out of battery.. It was still movable but it would be safer to bring the car back to Ah Chuan's (Yi Kang's friend) area in case anything happens.. And that happen to be in Kepong!

We drove all the way there and Dai Lou (Yi Kang) pointed out few places as this was his hometown.. We stopped by a cyber cafe and changed to another car (I have no idea whose car it was) before moving on.. It so happen that Justin is also nearby so we went to look for him.. After reuniting.. We went to a place which sells Prawn Mee (some place called Wai Sek Kai.. Dunno correct or not).. The place was nicely decorated but the inner part was humid so we sat outside.. Right beside the road and it was so much more cooling.. The Prawn Mee was nice but I forgot to tell the waiter that I didn't want any "tauge".. So I ended up picking it up one by one.. Hehe.. Serves me right for being picky..

After dinner.. We took a stroll at a night market nearby.. It was not as packed as the night market in Sri Rampai but still it was enjoyable.. The company was great!! =P As we were walking.. There was this smell that caught everyone's attention.. It was not a pleasent smell though.. It was the smell of chau taufu!! Well.. Mixing with a group of adventurous friends.. I bought 4 pieces of that smelly thing people call food.. The 1st bite goes to me and Stef.. Yuks!!! Ok maybe my expression was too much.. It didn't taste that bad but as I swallow it there is this smell that keeps bugging me.. Just not my type..

They should have put this for their sign board instead..

Cut things short.. All of us went back after the trip to the night market and now here I am.. =D It really is fun to be with those guys.. I wonder if they will be the same if they knew who I really was.. Hahaha.. That would be another post for another time.. Oh ya.. Thanks Ah Chuan for all the trouble driving us here and there.. I doubt he will be able to see this but still.. Thanks!!

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

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