Sunday, June 25, 2006

Boring To Interesting..

It's been months again since I've updated anything.. Well.. One main reason is that I don't have internet at home and I don't feel like writting anything in the cyber cafe.. So here I am few months after the last post.. My hair is now starting to curl up like instant noodles.. Bad huh.. Can't wait to make it into bee hoon again.. Lolz.. No pics!!

I can't remember if I've mentioned this before.. I'm no longer taking Accounts!! Instead of that boring, lifeless course, I'm in Tourism.. Where work relates to travel.. Or holidays.. Hm.. Sounds nice? =P So far the classes are interesting and I'm even learning Japanese Language now.. Ohayo gozaimasu! Hehe.. My classmates are interesting.. All of them are younger than me.. They know my age.. But we mix like water and ribena.. Weird thing to say.. Don't mind that.. It is definitely more enjoyable than being with those group of people I called classmates in my previous course.. Hopefully with this new social group I will have a better determination to study.. Bleh..

Wouldn't you want to go to Dubai? Hehe..

Lets see.. What else.. I've moved into another new unit for more than 1 month already.. Same place.. Different block.. Been living together with Robb and it is great.. I couldn't ask for more.. Well.. Maybe some furnitures to deco the place.. But that is not important.. =D The landlord works in Shangri-La and might be some help to me next time when I finish studying.. Cool huh? The whole house is only occupied by 4 people including me and Robb.. The owner in the master room.. Me and Robb in one room.. The other guy, William, in another room.. Most of the time the landlord, Andy, is not around as his working hours are long.. So we have the whole house to ourselves.. Life is great!

Me and Robb had our ups and downs but most of the time we just end up saying sorry to each other and hugging each other.. I really hope this would last and prove to whoever that said that PLU relationships won't last.. Wahahaha.. One thing though.. I still don't have a digi cam or a camera phone to take more pics of me, Robb, the house, or anything else that matters.. Anyone wanna donate one to me? Lolz.. Just kidding..

I don't mind having one of this.. :P

As for my connection now.. I'm using Jaring's Wireless Broadband.. It does not need to go through a phone line unlike Streamyx.. But the price of the modem is expensive.. Now I'm still under a 3 day trial for this broadband.. If I'm not satisfied I am able to return everything without paying a single cent.. Hopefully I don't have to do that as I do not want to wait for Tmnet's Streamyx as I've lost all faith in them.. They're slow.. Not helpfull.. And yet they promote their products in such a way that their real quality is not even half of what they mentioned.. Lets just see..

Well.. I guess that's it.. Will have more to write soon I suppose.. Now I'm just waiting to go for dinner with Robb, my housemate and few of my friends.. So.. Hopefully I don't die of hunger till they realised it.. Haha.. Cyas!!

Zach a.k.a. Garfield


Cybertron said...

yar lor, can c ur much happier even though u din blog. so spank u. writing a blog doesnt means ur happy. its wat u do eh. instant noodles n bee hoon eh. cna eat gar. kakaka... i wan spagetthi.

ogenki desuka? (how r u?) learning a foreign language is fun.

relationship is not wat others said. its wat u both make it up. gambateh 2 u and ur harney.

speaking of making up, make dat internet line up la. kakaka...

Zach said...

Bleh.. Didn't know got ppl still reading my blog.. Haha.. My hair is edible.. Wanna try? Kekeke.. Got tagboard there ma.. Visit there also le.. =P