Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Another Day.. Another Story..

*Yawnzzz*.. Another day of college life.. No worries.. No troubles.. No stress.. Or is it just me? Nah.. Went to my Japanese Language class this afternoon.. I'm glad I was transfered to the 3rd tutorial group with my friends as the previous Japanese Language Lecturer was a Malay.. And worse of all.. No one understands him and dislikes the way he teaches.. Poor poor students of his.. The new lecturer we had might be a little "cheong hei" but he's a good sensei as far as we know so far.. Well.. I've learned few phrases that will be usefull in class for the future use.. Or shall I say for everyday usage.. Hehe.. Never mind..

See what see? Nah!!

After our class.. We headed for Jaya Jusco in Wangsa Maju.. As soon as we walked out of the college we spotted a bus on the opposite lane and went in straight away.. Guess what? It turned right from the traffic light and headed for Genting Klang instead of Wangsa Maju.. What a case of blurness (is there such word?).. We got down on the next bus stop straight away and had to walk all the way there.. Pity us.. :-/

Nostalgic eh?

They looked so sad.. Would be better if there were leaves flying around.. Hehe..

After the usuall time wasting-asking one another of what to have for dinner we ended up in McDonald's.. Had Chicken McDeluxe as usuall.. Love it alot!! Tried to snap some pics again but no one wanted to join in.. So I ended up with few pictures of the burgers that we bought and also a smiley face made by me.. Sigh.. Was thinking of getting a picture of my gang in McD but as usuall.. They covered their faces or turned away.. Sad..


Girlz!! Grab your very own Malaysian made Justin Timberlake!! Kekeke..

Talking about McD.. I wonder why children love Ronald McDonald so much.. For me.. He seems kinda scary at times.. Reminds me of the clown IT a.k.a. Pennywise.. Flashbacks anyone? I think you see the resemblence.. Hehe..

Peekaboo! I see you! Muahahahaha..

Went shopping for ingrediants after dinner.. Spaghetti for tomorrow's lunch!! Huhuhu.. I wonder who will be the one cooking.. And I better remember to get some onions and garlics tomorrow morning before going to college.. Been quite some time since I've made my own spaghetti.. Would love to cook it when I have my own kitchen utilities.. Too bad till now the stove in my kitchen is left to rust..

Hopefully we won't be needing this..

Took few pictures of the new place I'm living in now.. Nothing interesting though.. Well.. I guess that's all for tonight.. Will update you guys about the spaghetti tomorrow.. Kekeke.. Hopefully it is edible.. And hopefully I have pictures of it.. ^^ Night night..

Zach a.k.a. Garfield

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